The Coach's Tradition - PART 5! Finally!

It has been a while since my last story which was two parts, and now we're finally on to part 5 of the long running saga! Sorry it took so long to make a new one!

To those of you who don't believe this is real, take it as fantasy, though I assure you it IS in fact real. Though obviously memories fade so the stories are all based on what I can remember happening.
Graduation day had finally come and me and James' walked down the stage and received our diplomas from the school.

I had a planned a graduation party at my house for the Sunday after graduation and invited the Coach, and of course all my buds from the football team.

Everyone arrived and my parents had a strict no u******e drinking policy, so they guarded the liquor. We were all sober but bored as fuck. While all the parents and f****y friends were all making small talk outside in the living area, me, James and a few of the other guys from the team snuck away to my room.

We were chatting for a bit and the topic of girls is never far from being discussed in any room full of guys. A few of the guys teased me because they knew I was waiting until I turned 18 (which I had this year) until I wanted to have sex. They didn't understand how I could want to wait. As far as everyone knew (besides James and the Coach) this meant I was still a virgin since I hadn't had a girlfriend since my birthday.

I was joking around and I said "Guys leave me alone, I got myself a nice girlfriend. She doesn't talk much and she obeys my every rule. I call her my hand and she gets the job done."

The whole room started laughing and one of the guys said "Yeah we've seen her going to work on you a few times in the shower" and the guys continued to laugh.

Thinking about masturbating in the school showers eventually brought my mind to the first time me and the Coach had an encounter in those same showers. I could feel a hard-on beginning to form in my pants and I said "Fuck you guys, get the hell out of my room"

Everybody got up and I told them i'd be out of my room in a second. I tried everything to get my hard on to go down but I couldn't. James new exactly why I wasn't leaving my room too, which didn't help the situation at all. After about 5 or so minutes without it going down I decided to just tuck it into my waistline and try to hide it and hope it went down on its own.

I was walking out the door when I realized I left my phone on my bed, I turned around to grab it really quick and when I turned back the Coach was standing in my doorway. This didn't help my boner situation at all. He was wearing black dress pants with black dress shoes and a light blue button up long-sleeve shirt with the top few buttons undone so you could see his ripped hairy chest showing.

I immediately and impulsively grabbed my cock and adjusted myself. Well the Coach could obviously see I was hard already and came over to me and grabbed me. He smelled a bit like liquor because he had been drinking a bit. I knew everyone was expecting me out at my party so I readjusted my boner and pushed past the Coach.

The night went on and the Coach seemed to be getting progressively more d***k, yet I hadn't seen him drink more than 1 or 2 beers. When the party had ended the Coach was still there talking to my parents and saying goodbye. Before he was about to leave my dad said "Jack are you sure you're okay to drive home? Why don't you let Mark drive you and he'll bring your truck back tomorrow morning"

My dad had volunteered me to drive my d***k Coach home.

The Coach handed me his keys and we headed outside. We both got into the Coaches truck and I turned on the car. Immediately once the doors were closed the Coach leaned over and grabbed at my crotch.

"Coach, don't you're d***k" I said to him.

"I'm not fucking d***k" he said, sounding completely sober. "I was acting d***k because I wanted your parents to ask me to spend the night, but you coming home with me isn't a bad deal either."

I smiled at him and rolled my eyes. I drove him to his house and pulled up in front of the driveway.

"Shit, my fucking wife is home" he said to me.

"It's fine Coach, we can do this another time."

"Fuck no," he said to me, "I heard you guys talking in your room earlier, I heard the guys talking about how you jacked off in the locker room showers and I was getting so fucking horny. I know you were too. I need this right fucking now. Drive around the corner that nature preserve is there, no one goes there at night."

I followed the Coaches demands and drove around the corner. He was right, no one really ever visited this nature preserve, and the parking lot was in a covered wooded area. I pulled into a parking spot and turned off the car. The Coach got out of the car and came around to my side. I opened the door and he grabbed me out of the tuck and flung me over his shoulder. I didn't object. He had never been this rough before and I liked it.

He opened the back hatch of his truck and threw me in the truck bed. The plastic was hard but I was too horny to care.

"Take off your fucking shirt" he said to me. I quickly pulled my shirt off and he lunged towards me and pushed me down. He immediately started licking and sucking on my nipples and kissing me down my abs. My bulge was throbbing in my pants and I was trying to detain it. As he kissed down my chest I could feel his own chest putting pressure on my cock and I was loving it. I grabbed his head and pushed it backwards. We were both on our knees and I was looking him straight in the face. I grabbed his shirt from the open buttons and ripped it open. A few of the buttons popped off and bounced around on the plastic bed of the truck.

"You're so fucking hot boy" he said to me. I left his shirt on but ripped open as I reciprocated and kissed him down his hairy ripped body. I spent extra time circling his hairy nipples with my tongue as they got rock hard. I worked my way down and licked around his belly button and eventually licked down his happy trail. I sat up and grabbed at his bulge with both my hands. He was rock hard and I could feel the heat radiating through his pants.

I unzipped his nice dress pants and pulled back his jockstrap. His cock was the hardest i'd ever felt it in my hands. I gave a little lick to the head of his cock and his whole body seemed to quiver. I spit in my hand and rubbed it up and down on his cock (which was poking out of his zipper). I finished stroking him and he sat up, hard as a rock and grabbed my waist. He pushed me backwards and pulled of my pants. I breathed a sigh of relief as my cock finally got set free. He grabbed at the opening of my boxer briefs with both hands and ripped them open leaving a gabbing hole in my underwear. My cock was now completely free and he dove head first into my cock. My body immediately began pumping in and out of his mouth. His mouth was so warm and his stubble felt good on my crotch area tickling my balls.

"Fucking suck my cock coach, you're so fucking good" I said to him "Yeah fucking take it deep like the little bitch pig that you are"

The Coach continued to go to town. I felt like I was already going to blow my load after about five minutes so I stopped him and pushed his head back. I got the Coach to bend over on all fours and I rubbed his ass through his pants, putting pressure on his hole every few seconds.

"Fucking put it in me, put your fucking cock, or a finger, or something inside my fucking ass. I need to be fucked so bad" he said to me.

I reached under him and stroked his cock with one hand as I unbuttoned his pants with the other. I pulled down his black dress pants and shoved my face into his hairy jockstrapped ass and licked away. I heard his moans as they progressively got louder. My cock was dripping with precum.

I reached in the coaches pocket and grabbed his wallet. I shuffled through and found a condom. I ripped it open quickly and rolled it onto my cock. I stroked myself as I continued to eat the coaches hairy ass out.

His hole was puckering and he was begging for my cock. I stood up on my knees and put my cock to the coaches ass and pushed in slowly. As soon as all 6 inches were in I began to pound him. The coach started moaning louder than I had ever heard him moan before.

"Give me that fucking cock, fucking pound me Mark that's so fucking good fuck yeah"

I was pumping in and out of him as fast as I can as he was screaming. I swear his wife must of heard us around the corner. After about 10 minutes I felt myself about to explode. I quickly pulled out and flipped the coach over onto his back. I ripped off the condom and sat on his muscular chest.

"Give me that fucking cum, yeah boy fucking stroke that big cock and give me that sweet nectar"

I couldn't hold back any longer. I stroked my cock a few final times and blew my load all over the Coaches face. I could see all my cum stuck in his stubbly beard.

"Fuck yeah, that's so fucking good." he said

I reached back and grabbed a hold of his still rock hard cock. I stroked it and watched him squirm with my cum dripping down his face.

"I'm going to fucking cum mark" he said to me "Fucking stroke it like that yeah, ohhhh fuck yeah, oh fuck, ahhh fuck shit yeahhhhh" and he blew his load all over his hairy chest, some of it landed on my back, as I was still sitting on his chest.

I rolled off to the side of him and we both laid in the truck bed for a few minutes before cleaning ourselves off and heading back to his house. I dropped him off and went home.

Would like 20 comments on this and i'll post part 6! Opinions are very important!
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1 year ago
lucky boy lucky coach got me wanking
1 year ago
I'm about to fuck each would with your coach and you fool around with a very cool story I have been a dick of the firm as a rock and covered in grease
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great story, I cant wait to see what happens over the summer break
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Shit that was hot!! More! ;D
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Excellent. Your story keeps getting hotter and hotter.
2 years ago
Good Job.....
The first time a condom is used though..... why is that?
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great job with the coach taking charge, when is the coach gonna have his turn on the young ass of yours
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as it began i thought that the coach is going to fuck you! :) he seemed so horny ;) great stories!!! thanks
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Great! You must go on.
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I hadn't looked for a while. It was another great installment. Hope that more follows.
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Very much worth the long wait. Amazing again!
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young bois & balls full of cum....fuck....give us more boi cumming
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This is another hot story from you. Thank's for sharing.
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very good, like it. enjoyed the others as well so hot