Coaches Tradition - Part 4 - Part B!


The cum was pooling out of my mouth as the Coaches big cock began to twitch as it started to go limp. As he pulled his cock away from my lips I closed my mouth and reached up. I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck and pulled his head towards me in for a kiss.

I opened up my cum filled mouth and stuck out my tongue signaling what I wanted to do. The Coach open his mouth and shoved his tongue down my throat quickly and passionately. As our tongues battled it out his warm and sweet cum floated back and forth between out mouths and he showed no signs of disgust.

James' hands were both wrapped around my cock and he was stroking them fast. His mouth couldn't be felt so I knew he was watching me and the Coach. After about two minutes had passed the Coach pulled away from me and stood up, most of his cum now in his mouth. He quickly spit all the cum on to my chest and took his big muscular hairy hands and rubbed it all over my pecs and abs.

When he had finished rubbing me down I sat up and looked at James. He was still kneeling at the end of the bench and I could see he was stroking his rock hard cock. He looked at me and I could tell he wanted me to fuck him. He stood up and leaned over the bench I was sitting on and starting stroking my cock. Before I let him continue any further I stood up and went behind him.

His ass was so muscular and round and I spanked it a few times. I spit on my cock and moved it in around his hole. I spit into his hole to lube it up and pushed my cocks head against it. His hole wasn't budging. My chest was still dripping in the Coaches cum so I scooped some up with my left and rubbed it onto my cock. I pushed my cock into him again and this time my cock slid into him with ease.

I got two inches in and I heard a moan coming out of his mouth. The Coach aggressively grabbed his face with one hand and shoved his cock into his mouth to stop the moaning. James worked on the Coaches half limp cock as I pounded his tight firm ass.

"Oh fuck James," I said to him, "You're so fucking tight buddy."

He grabbed the Coaches cock with one hand and pulled it out of his mouth and stroked it.

"Fuck dude your cock is so fucking big b*o," he said to me, "Why the fuck didn't we do this years ago, we've missed out on so much"

"Shut the fuck up," the Coach said and he slammed his cock into James' mouth again.

"Ahhh yeah, suck the Coaches cock, yeah boy suck my fucking big hairy cock you fucking whore" the Coach said to James.

"Ohh fuck James, squeeze my fucking cock with your ass, oh fuck yeah b*o thats so fucking good. You like the way I fucking pound your ass, yeah buddy take that cock."

I pounded James' ass hard and all the way deep as the Coach face fucked him until he was gagging and drooling all over the workout bench. When I felt myself edging closer to coming I started to slow down and pull out.

"Fuck Coach, James has been a bad boy come teach him a lesson," I said as I pulled out and swapped positions with the Coach. I put one knee on the bench and shoved my cock into James' mouth. He looked up and me with a smile on his face bigger than i'd ever seen. Like he wanted nothing more in the world than to pleasure me.

"FUCK YOU JAMES, FUCKING TAKE MY COCK" the Coach yelled at him as his started to fuck his ass, "I saw you fucking goofing off here in the weight room today. None of my athletes are allowed to fuck off during practice and training! Now you're gonna pay"

"Yes sir!" James yelled back with a mouth full of my cock.

The Coach continued to pound him and yell derogatory statements at him. "You didn't want to work out? Well how's this workout! Fucking tell me boy, you like this fucking workout?"

"Oh fuck Coach this workout is fucking amazing," He said, "I'll never workout again if you f***e me into this workout"

"Yeah you'd fucking like that wouldn't you you little slut?" he said back.

"Hey, who you fucking calling a Coach," I said, joining the convo. I stood up and walked behind the Coach spitting into my hand and rubbing it on my cock.

The Coach continued to fuck James as I cam up behind him. I threw my arm around his neck and put him in a choke hold. His cock was still pounding in and out of James as he turned his neck around to look at me.

"Don't you EVER," i started, "EVER fucking talk to my friend like that you filthy cum whore," I finished as I spit in his face.

I pushed his back and the f***e threw James flat against the bench and the Coach on top of him with his cock still inside. I quickly put my hand behind the Coaches neck to hold him down. I bent my knees and shoved my cock deep into the Coaches ass. I removed my hand from the back of his neck and let him rock back and forth on me cock while he fucked James. All at once all our moans began to fill the gym and after only a few minutes I came inside the Coaches tight hole. Soon after I pulled out the Coach came inside James hole. When James was finally free from being fucked his stroked his cock until he came all over the workout bench.

We all grabbed our clothes and ran to the locker room and hit the showers.


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2 years ago
Nice Read.....
3 years ago
Just finished reading all 4 parts and I must say that every part is better than its predecessor.
Very well written, detailed and very, very hot!
Thanks for writing, I cant wait for part 5!
3 years ago
Your stories are so hot
3 years ago
Amazing, can't wait for more!
3 years ago
Thank you! Your stories are worth waiting for.
3 years ago
Great but it's been a while!