The Coach's Tradition Part 4! Part A!

This is the 4th part in an ongoing series. This is all true.
After the long night that Coach, James and I had, we all took a long hot shower, and James washed us all up and down.

A few days had passed since we had come back from states, and the Coach and I hadn't interacted as much as we both would have liked. James had called me up a few times late at night and we would have some phone sex, but since we both lived with out parents, it was hard to find a time when we could actually meet up.

Since our football season was basically over, our practices had also slowed down a bit, but finally we had a practice, and it was a hell of a good one.

Our training mainly consisted of time in the weight rooms now that we had no need to work on drills. Since James and I were both seniors now, we had no real reason to even continue practicing with the team, as our season was over, and there was no next year for us on this team. There was on thing that kept us working with the team though, the Coach.

Since our workouts were always high intensity, and the school weight room was pretty private, it wasn't uncommon at all for any of the guys to take off their shirts when they got too sweaty. It was basically just an extension of the locker room. The guys could do and say whatever they wanted in here freely, and the Coach was no exception.

After about an hour of solid working out the rest of the team had packed it in for the day. While some of the guys were walking out, the Coach made an effort to speak loud enough and say "Hey Mark and James, can you guys stay back a few minutes and help me finish these last few bench reps" so that no one would find it suspicious that we were staying overtime in a workout where we were not required to be in the first place.

The Coach was laying on the bench press machine shirtless, his gym shorts were stuck to his thighs from sweat and hiked up above his knees so that you could see his thighs. His short haired chest was glistening with the sweat of his hard work and his nipples were perked up. His arms were up in the air because his hands were gripping the bar and you could see the hairy bush that was underneath his arms. From feet away you could smell the stench that they were giving off. The dirty fucking stench of that hot man sweat.

I got behind the bench and was spotting the Coach as he did a couple of reps. Every time he lifted the bar up and down I could see those sweaty hairy pecs of his pumping and flexing. My cock had started to get slightly stiff in my pants. The Coach had finished his reps and told me it was my turn to lift. As I laid flat on the bench, you could see a little bulge starting to form. I wasn't ashamed and I wasn't trying to hide it at all. The Coach went around the backside of the bench to spot me, and I could tell he was more focused on one bar rather than the other.

As I finished my set I put the bar down on the rack and laid there for a second. Before I could even make a move, the coach was leaning over the bar and rubbing his hands across my chest. My shirt was still on but was sticking to me from being soaked in sweat. He massaged my chest for a few minutes before he made his way up to the collar and pulled tightly in opposite directions, ripping the shirt straight in half. Now with my shirt ripped open, the Coach leaned further down and started licking my nipples. Instantly they became erect, and so did something else.

James was a few feet away on another weight machine just watching the whole thing unfold. Before I knew it, James had gotten up and walked over to the edge of the bench. His pulled his t-shirt off over his head and shoved his face into my crotch. I could hear his muffled sniffing and moaning from where I was. The Coach finally stood up from sucking on my nipples and said "Stay down". I obeyed his orders. His quickly grabbed the weight bar that was blocking him from getting to me and threw it to the floor with a crash. I tilted my head backwards to see what he was doing, and I saw that he had stripped off his gym shorts and kicked them to the side. I saw his hard erect cock sticking out from the top of his jock strap, and he crawled forward on top of me, moving his head towards my cock, with his cock hovering right above my face.

The Coach and James both had their heads shoved in my crotch, sniffing and licking my cock through my shorts. I felt James' hands around my waist and I lifted my ass off the bench a little so he could pull my shorts down. My cock, finally free, and raging, sprung back and smacked the Coach in the face. Immediately I felt his large and rough hands grip my cock and his wet warm lips around the head. As the Coach bobbed up and down on my cock, I could feel James' tongue swirling around my balls and sucking them into his mouth one at a time.

I reached my hands up around the Coachs waist and I pulled his ass towards me. His hairy ass cheeks felt great on my hands as I smacked and rubbed em. I moved a couple fingers towards his hole but despite his numerous poundings he was still too tight to fit into without lube. I brought my left hand down to my mouth and sucked on the middle finger for a few seconds. After it was soaking wet I brought it back to the Coach's hole and stuck it in. It went in about two inches and I felt a walnut sized lump in there and heard the Coach let out a groan of pleasure. With my finger still inside him, I pulled him closer to my face and with my free hand pulled his jock strap to the side where his cock came flying out and smacked me in the face. I grabbed it with my free right hand and put it in my mouth. I bobbed up and down on his cock as my middle finger pumped in and out of his ass.

With my cock deep down the Coachs throat I could hear him mumbling groans of extreme pleasure. As I pressed against his prostate gland I could feel his ass tensing up around my finger. I opened my throat as much as I could as the Coach began to move his hips. I pulled my finger out of his ass and he began to face fuck me. Because I was laying down his cock went deeper down my throat than it ever had before. His moans turned into screams of joy and as James had now started sucking on my cock, my muffled moans had turned into whimpers. As the Coach started to pump his hips faster and faster his body was starting to tense up. I knew he was going to cum. The last and only time I had tasted the Coachs cum was the first time we fooled around in the shower, and it had made me gag.

"I'm gonna cum boy" he said to me now, "I'm gonna cum down your throat"

"Fuck Coach no" I mumbled with his cock in my mouth, "I hate the taste of cum"

"You're gonna fucking learn to like it" he yelled back at me.

He leaned in closer to me so that I couldn't get away from him, his cock was pounding my mouth so hard I was starting to become short on air.

"Oh fuck baby, here it fucking comes, i'm gonna fucking cum Mark" he said in ecstasy, and then he pulled his hips just enough so that only the head was in my mouth so that loads upon loads of cum unloaded straight into my pallet and all over my tongue. There was no way I could escape the taste. As the cum pooled up on my mouth, my taste buds kicked in, and the cum tasted different this time. It tasted sweet with a hint of salt. It was delicious and I didn't regret taking the load at all.
TO BE CONTINUED IN Part 4 Part B! Find out how this one encounter ends by rating this one a 5!!
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2 years ago
I could do with some Coaching. Great story.
3 years ago
Like this Part. Hope Mark isn't longer a Virgin in the Next Part.
3 years ago
Very hot gym encounter