The Coach's Tradition Part 3! - The Hotel


After the Coach returned from the bathroom he scooted past me and laid up against the window. We were both exhausted from our previous fun and passed out within minutes.

The bus came to a screeching halt in front of our hotel. We had a big day ahead of us tomorrow, but we still had so much of the night left. All the guys grabbed their bags from the bottom of the bus and the coach checked us all in. We sorted out the room keys, 2-3 guys per room, with the coach having his own room. I was lucky enough to only have to share my room with one other guy, who was my best friend James.

James was pretty much just like me. He was an inch or two smaller than me standing at about 5'10'', had short brown hair and a crazy body like me. Which wasn't a surprise considering we worked out together all the time.

The hotel we were staying in had doors that connected some of the rooms together. Me and James ended up next to the Coaches room, with a door connecting between us. It was a relatively small room, only had a bathroom, mini bar, and 2 queens beds next too each other, but then again what did we need?

After the coach had taken us all out to dinner we had to all settle in for the night. Coach has put a block on the porn channels on the TV...he knew someone would try and watch something, I mean we're 30 something teenage guys, what else would you expect?

At around 9 o'clock me and James were laying in our separate beds, watching whatever was on TV when we heard the coach turn his shower on. We laid there for a few more minutes before anyone said anything, then James said "Yo, Mark, we should totally pull a prank on the coach while he's in the shower!"

I smiled back at him, "What're you thinking James?"

"I have no idea," he told me, "What if we went in there and stole his suitcase? Or replaced all his underwear with a pair of ours or something?"

"Haha, he's not wearing my can swap yours with his if you so choose," I told him.

"Yeah...never mind, lets just go and grab his suitcase!"

So with that, me and James quietly went into the coaches room, closed his suitcase, and carried it into our room and shoved it in the closet. James looked around the room to make sure he hadn't already taken out a pair of clothes for when he got out of the shower. He didn't.

"I'll do you one better James, i'll grab his towel so he has nothing when he comes out"

"Do it!" he encouraged me. So with that, I trekked back into the Coaches room and slowly opened the door to the bathroom. The hotel had a dark shower curtain that you couldn't see through, so I quickly grabbed the towels from off the rack in the bathroom and ran back to our room.

"Yo he's going to be so pissed when he gets out of the shower," James said.

"Haha oh well, it'll be fun to see how he reacts."

Within 5 minutes the knob on the shower slammed against the wall and we heard the flow of the water turn off.

We heard a quiet "Are you k**ding me?" come from the bathroom, and then we saw the light coming out from the bathroom. I knew the coach was walking around naked in there now, his big cock that had been in my mouth a few hours early freely swinging.

Before I could even stop thinking about it, the Coach appeared in the doorway that connected mine and James' room to his. He stood there but naked with his arms crossed. Who's idea was this? Who thinks this is so funny?

James looked at me, completely shocked that the coach would just stand there butt naked, but I had to do something. I quickly lifting my arm and pointing my finger directly at James.

"James? This was your big idea? Give me my clothes back."

"Fuck no," James responded. I was shocked!

The coach walked closer to James' bed. "I'm not joking with you James, give me my clothes back."

"I'll make you a deal coach."

"What?" Coach asked James.

"Let us watch porn and we'll give you your clothes back."

"There's just one slight problem with that idea," The coach said to James, "The only TV that has access to porn is the TV in my room"

"I'm down for that if Mark is down for that," James said.

"I'm cool with that," I said to James.

James went and grabbed the coaches luggage from out of our closet and we followed the coach, still naked, into his room. He grabbed the remote and went to the on demand section, he purchased the first porn he could find and put the remote down. Me and James were already laying on his bed waiting for the porn to start.

"You could put some clothes on now," James said to the Coach.

"Nah, I think i'm gonna stay like this for a while now. I rather enjoy being naked, plus if you wanted to see me naked so badly, I shouldn't end the fun so quickly," the Coach responded.

As the porn was playing, I looked over at James and saw a bulge quickly rising in his shorts. I was only at half mast because of mine and coaches early fun. I saw James start to touch himself through his shorts, and after about 10 minutes he got fed up.

"Fuck this shit," he said, "I've seen you jack off every single day in the GYM showers, you've seen me, why am I holding back?"

With that, James quickly pulled his shirt over his head and pulled his shorts and boxers off in one quick swipe. He spit into his hand and started to stroke. I quickly stripped naked and followed his lead. He was really getting into it, rubbing his hands all over his body, sniffing his underarms. I was so proud of my best friend.

I looked over at the coach who was sitting in a chair next to my bed and his cock was rock hard. He gave a head nod and a wink gesturing his interest in James. With that, the Coach got up from his chair and went around to the side of the bed that James was on. While James began stroking with his eyes closed, Coach quickly swooped in and took James' cock into his watering mouth.

James opened his eyes and with a slight moan, closed them again, completely okay with what the Coach was doing. I watched them both and really started jacking off. My cock was rock hard throbbing in my hand. I was so turned on at the sight. Was this what it looked like when I fucked the coach? It was good.

"Fuck coach," James said, "You're so fucking good at sucking cock, I didn't know you were gay,"

"I'm not gay," the Coach responded, releasing James' cock from his mouth and then gesturing towards his wedding ring, "I just love sex, anytime, anywhere, with anyone."

"How long have you been sucking cock Coach? You're a fucking expert," James said.

"Only a few days," he responded, "Since your buddy over there turned 18," he said gesturing to me.

James was a few months older than me but was also still a virgin.

"Fuck, Mark you've been playing around with the Coach and you never told me about it?"

"I didn't think it was the best thing to spread around..." I responded, confused at what to say.

"I'm your best friend dude, you're supposed to tell me these things!" he said to me, "Coach, get up on the bed, I want to suck your cock."

"Don't be selfish James," I said, "Everyone lay down in a triangle. I'll suck you James while you suck the Coach and the Coach sucks me."

Everyone agreed and got into position. I had never thought of James this way, but now I was sucking on his cock. His cock was a little bit smaller than mine, at least it looked that way. Where I was 6.0 he might have been 5.8-5.9. Nothing drastic. He was really well shaved as he always was and I played with his balls as I took his cock in my mouth.

"You're not such a bad cock sucker yourself there James," Coach said to him, "You must have done this a few times."

"It's actually my first time coach," he responded.

"Fuck guys, you boys are turning me on so much," the Coach said.

"Mark," James said to me, "I want you to fuck me,"

"Y-y-you do?" I said to him, shocked at what he had just said.

"I'm gay Mark, do you realize how many times i've thought about doing this with you? But i'm scared, so go easy,"

With that, I stood up on my knees on the bed and James bent over. The coach moved his way over to in front of James' mouth so he could be sucked.

"Wait Mark," Coach said, "I don't want you to kill the boy, go grab the lube from out of the front pocket of my luggage"

I hopped off the bed as quickly as I could and grabbed the bottle of lube that Coach had conveniently stashed away. I positioned myself behind James again and squirted the lube onto his hole. I used my finger to rub it all around and pushed a little bit inside. I squirted more lube onto my cock and rubbed it in.

"Ready?" I said to James.

He nodded in approval with Coaches cock still in his mouth.

I began to push my cock into his tight hole. It was even tighter than the first time I fucked the coach, probably because he was younger. As soon as I got my head inside he began to moan.

"Fuck Mark, i've waited so long for this day"

I pushed in further. Load, muffled moans were coming from his cock filled mouth. I pushed in deeper until all 6 inches were fully inside him. He turned around to look at me and tears were coming from his eyes. The coach pulled his cock from his mouth.

"Fuck, I don't know whether I love it or hate it. It hurts but it feels so fucking good," James said to me, "Just fucking drill me until I cum."

I grabbed onto James hips and started to plow him. After about 2 or 3 minutes his ass loosed up a lot.

"Holy fuck that feels amazing now Mark," he told me, "Keep going."

"Fuck yeah, my cock feels so fucking good in your tight hole," I told him, "You should have told me you wanted this a long time ago, we were missing out!"

I continued to plow his ass. In and out, faster, then slower, then faster again. The coach grabbed James' head and started skull fucking him. James was gagging and drooling all over the bed, then finally the coach released him. James was gasping for air.

"I want your cock in my fucking ass," the Coach said to James, "I want you to use nothing put that spit your drooling as lube,"

Still fucking James, James got onto his knees and reached behind and grasped my head with both hands in order to keep his balance while I fucked him. The coach scooted his ass up into James' crotch and I stopped fucking him for a minute.

James started drooling all that extra saliva he had from being skull fucked all over his own cock. He lubed his cock up really well with his saliva and then stuck his cock into the coach. We were all line up in a fucking train. Me in the back, James in the middle, and coach in the front. James had the best of both worlds, he was being fucked while also fucking.

The coach let out a slight moan when James' cock went fully into him. Every time James thrusted outwards from the coach, his ass went down deeper on my cock. Moans filled the entire room as everyone was thrusting back and forth.

"Fuck me James," the coach said, "I want your young fucking cock deep inside my manly asshole"

"Fuck coach, you're so fucking hot," James responded.

"Take my big cock in your ass James, take your best friends big cock deep inside your ass, pounding your prostate," I yelled at him, "And fuck that fucking coach. Make that man into our bitch, punish him for all the extra work he's ever made us put into a game."

"Ohhhh fuck guys," James said, "I'm gonna fucking cum"

As soon as I heard him say that, I quickly pulled out of him and he quickly pulled out of the Coach. The coach rolled onto his back and started to stroke his own cock.

"Cum on my hairy chest boy," he said to James.

James grabbed the coaches cock in the same hand he was stroking his cock and stroked both of the cocks together.

"Oh fuck that's so hot boy, fuck yeah you're gonna make daddy cum,"

With a huge moan, James shot about 8 streams of cum glazing the coach from neck to belly button. He released the coaches cock and the coach scooped up a load of James' cum from off his chest.

"Watch this boy," he said to James. He took the cum from his chest and used it as lube to to stroke himself. "Fuck yeah," he said, "Oh fuck your cum is gonna make me cum, oh it's such a good lube, it feels so warm and sticky all over my cock," and with that, the coach ejaculated all over his chest. It wasn't much because this was the second time today, but it was still a decent amount of cum.

"Your turn Mark, give it to me," Coach said to me.

I positioned myself over the coaches chest and stroked myself hard and fast. "Holy fuck, ohhhh fuck yeah i'm cumming," I shot my load all over the coaches chest, and his body hair was covered with thick layers of cum from 3 men.

James leaned down and started lucking the cum from around the Coaches cock. "Mmmm," James said, "so fucking tasty,"

All 3 of us lay in the coaches bed exhausted from what had just happened.

"I think i'm going to need another shower now," Coach said.

In response, James said, "I could wash you, I could wash both of you,"


END OF PART 3! If you want a part 3, comment and rate this chapter a 5!!!
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