The Coaches Tradition

The story is true. Unfortunately I had a HUGEEE intro typed out, then I accidently exited out of this window, so now i'm just going to do a basic intro and get into the action.
I had just turned 18. I was a wholesome guy I wouldnt break any rules, so naturally I had waited until I was 18 to engage in any sexual activity.

My 18th birthday was a week ago and I was finally ready to be on my own. I had been captain of the high school football team since Junior year, and had been on varsity since freshman year. I was 5'11'', chiseled pecs, arms and abs dirty blonde wild hair and green eyes with a stubble beard and a smile to die for. Im the guy all the girls want, but can't have because of my abstinent waiting for legality ways.

Our school has a weird tradition, ever since the school first opened, the first football captain ever, Jack Brendel had gotten caught jacking off in the locker room showers. He was almost expelled but was let off the hook when he had won the state championship later that week. Ever since then, the school has kept a tradition that before every game, the team captain must masturbate in the locker room showers for good luck. Judging by the state records and our current state of being undefeated, i'd say that there's something to this tradition, so as the current team captain for the last 2 seasons, I upheld the tradition by loudly and proudly showing off my 6 inches in all their glory and masturbatory glory before every game. Most of the time the other players joined in as well.

Today after practice was over the Coach came over me, coach Brendel, the now 42 year old who has worked for the school for the last 24 years as coach, told me that "Since I was a man now" I should "prove myself" and run an extra 5 laps around the track. By time I had finished my 5 laps I was soaked from head to toe in sweat. My white shirt was pretty much completely see-through and stuck to my abs. I peeled it off of me as I walked towards the locker room, and waved goodbye to the other guys on the team who had already showered and changed by time I had finished. When I walked into the locker room I quickly stripped down to my jock strap and walked towards the shower. I stepped in, turned on the hot water and peeled my jockstrap off and threw it outside. The large communal showers were eerily empty. On the far end of the showers was a built in tiled bench, and most of the time when I had to masturbate before the big games, i'd stand up on top of it to show the world what being a team captain was all about.

Today was different though, this was the first game I was going to be masturbating before as a man. I could feel the manliness running through my veins. As I stood there underneath the hot water my cock got nearly instantly hard. It's like it knows, once we hit that shower, it's masturbation time. I was a man now though, and the showers were completely empty except for me. It was time to sit back, relax, and enjoy this masturbation session for once, and enjoy my body.

I walked over to the built in bench and laid down. I spit into my hand and began to go to work. As I stroked with my left hand, I used my right hand right rub up and down my body, first rubbing the washboard that is my abs, then moving up to my pecs, squeezing my nipples. I closed my eyes in the sheer ecstasy of it all. Stroking the 6 inch cock in my left hand, i threw my right hand behind my head revealing my hairy armpits. Eyes still closed, i leaned to my right and inhaled deep through my nose, taking in all the manly odors and pheromones. My hard, warm cock pulsing in my hand, my toes began to curl and my abs began to contract as I shot a hot and sticky load all over my chiseled chest. I laid there for a minute as my cock began to go limp and I removed my arm from behind my head.

I finally opened my eyes and looked my right only to see Coach Brendel standing there shirtless, rubbing his hairy chiseled chest and abs as his whistle still swung around his neck. His red school hat, faded from the sun still donned his head covering his short brown hair. His sport shorts and jockstrap were around his ankles, on top of his shoes still on his feet. He was stroking his cock, it was slightly bigger than mine, about 6.5'', and he was about 6' tall.

"It's about time you opened your eyes son, wouldn't want you to have too much fun"

"Shit coach, what're you doing in here?!?!" I asked, clearly puzzled.

"Remember that tradition, well, I meanly obviously your remember the tradition I told you, you just partook in it. Anyways, the point is that the tradition is fake. The team captains don't have to masturbate, it's my tradition, me masturbating before any big game is what's really bringing us luck. Before every big game I lock myself in my office and jack off."

"Fuck you Coach, you've been lying to us the whole time"

"Didn't hurt you, did it ? You seem to be enjoying yourself."

"Yeah, so do you coach, do you always spy on us masturbating in the showers?"

"Fuck no Mark, i'm not trying to get myself arrested here. The last person I watched masturbate was Dan Alberts before he graduated and you became captain. But I have to say, that was pretty fucking hot, I loved watching you sniff your hairy armpits and squirm as you came. Fuck."

And with that, he began to waddle closer to the bench I was laying down on. With a few more strokes and a "FUCK" he came. His cum shot out of his cock like a gun and splattered on the wall next to me. The secondary streams came out and landed on my chest, mixing with my already spewed cum. He fell to his knees from exhaustion next to me.
"Shit, that was one of the best orgasms of my life." he told me.
With that, he placed his hand on my abs and began to swirl it around in the pool of cum. He scooped up a little bit onto his fingers and moved his hand towards my mouth

"Taste it," he said with a laugh.
"Fuck no coach" I laughed back, "You taste it."

With that, he removed his fingers from near my mouth and placed 4 fingers full of cum in his mouth. "You don't know what you're missing" he told me, "Just try it"

With that, i put one finger into the pool of cum and licked it off. I sat up and began to gag, spitting multiple times onto the floor next to me "THAT'S DISGUSTING" i said.

"I guess it takes some getting used to..." he told me "So tell me Mark, which one of the bitches in this school gives the best blowjob, it's not secret that you're one of the most sought after cocks in this school"

"Honestly coach, i've never had any sexual action...i've been waiting till i was 18 and legal. I dont need to be getting into trouble"

"WHAT !?!? You've NEVER had a BJ !?!?" he exclaimed, clearly shocked, "they're amazing dude," he said, as he grabbed my limp cock with his manly hands, "lemme show you"

Before I could even respond he has position his head between my legs and taken my entire cock into his mouth. He was swirling his tongue all around around it and I could feel the saliva shooting out into his mouth. As things began to get wetter, my cock began to grow and he was f***ed to only take a few inches at a time. At various points in time I would grab his entire head and shove it down onto my cock until he gagged.
"Thats right boy, that's how it SHOULD be done, none of them bitches will ever let you get these hardcore blowjobs"
"Fuck..." I moaned "I never knew your were gay coach, you always seemed so manly I never suspected..."
"I'm not fucking gay boy, there ain't nothing gay about two men jacking off or blowing each other, it's when you get into the kissing and romanticizing that it gets gay. Otherwise it's just two men who know how to make each other feel good, nothing more than that. You know I have a hot wife at home, fuck that bitch nightly"
"Sorry coach I didnt mean to..."
"Don't worry about it boy, I know you grew up without a father, and i'm gonna be your daddy and teach you everything there is to know" he said, with a mouth full of my cock.

I threw my head back again and closed my eyes. My cock head started throbbing when all of a sudden the sucking came to a halt.
"Hell no, you're not coming yet" he told me "we've got a lot more to do"
With that, he stood up and sat down on the bench next to me. He leaned down and removed his shoes and socks, then slid off the restricting jockstrap and sport shorts. I could see his cock was throbbing and erect to it's full 6.5''. It looked kind of like mine, but it had veins popping out of it.
"You gonna suck it or what?" he said to me, "Don't be shy"
"I'm not really interested Coach, sorry"
"Come on Mark, lay down and i'll suck you, then i'll put my cock over your face and you can suck me"

Coach scooted all the way over to the edge of the bench and I layed down, my head nearly in his lap. He got up in his hands and knees and walked over me until his head was above my cock. He went down again sucking. His Hard cock was dangling stiff above my mouth. About and inch or two above, just hanging there. "Suck it.." he grumbled from his full mouth. I picked my head off the bench a little bit and licked the tip "ohhhh" i could hear from his end. I took a tiny bit in at a time and bobbed my head up and down. The warm sticky cum mixture still pooled up on my chest shook with every movement I made. He began to pump his hips up and down as his cock slid in and out of my mouth. I pulled my head back and turned to the side to tell him i wanted to stop.

He stood up on his knees and said "You done ? Eat my ass"

Out of nowhere without even thinking twice I picked my head up, spread his hairy ass cheeks and began licking his asshole. He threw his hands behind his back and grabbed my head, shoving it on his ass to make sure I got all the way up in there
"Yeah, fuck me with your tongue boy, fuck yeah that feels amazing. Shit, my hole is so wet that feels amazing."
He finally released my head and told me to stand up. As I stood, the pool of cum began to drip off of my chest and down my thigh. He went back down on his hands and knees and told me to fuck him.
"Stick your fucking big cock inside me Mark, i want it deep inside my ass."
"I don't have a condom coach, or lube"
"Fuck the condoms, fuck the lube" he told me "grab the cum dripping down your leg, it's the best natural lube there is"

With my cock in my left hand, I used my right hand to reach down and scoop some cum dripping down my inner thigh. I slapped it onto my cock and began to rub it on. I took a little more cum from my legs and rubbed it onto his hairy asshole, now wet from both my saliva and cum it was looking more and more ready for me.

I was nervous, I had never fucked anything before. All I knew about fucking was that my penis was supposed to go into a hole, and my coaches was going to be the first hole i ever penetrated. I scooted myself forward to make sure I lined up perfectly with his ass and began to push my cock in.

"Fuck yeah," he said, "keep going, use that manly seed of ours to get inside me"

I kept pushing until about 4 inches of me was inside him. His hole was tight. Probably the tightest thing to ever touch my cock, and i could use a pretty rough grip on myself sometimes.

"You ever done this before coach?" I asked him.
"Fuck no boy, you're the first thing to ever enter my asshole."
"It feels good coach, it's really tight"
"It feels good on my end also, that big cock is pushing on my prostate, it feels amazing"

I began to slide myself in and out of his tight asshole, making it bigger and bigger as time went on. Faster and faster I went.

"FUCK YES MARK, FUCKING POUND THAT ASSHOLE. YOU'RE A MAN NOW MARK, SHOW ME HOW YOU FUCK LIKE A MAN. OH FUCK MARK THAT COCK IS SO BIGGER IT'S GONNA TEAR ME APART." he would yell at different times. After being inside him for about 4 minutes, I knew I was going to drain my balls again any second.

"Fuck coach, your ass is so tight i'm going to cum."
"Cum inside me Mark, it feels so fucking good inside me, don't take it out until you cum"
"FUCK COACH" I began pumping faster, "Oh fuck coach it's so FUCKIGN tight, OH FUCK YEAH, OH FUCK, OH FUCK," then finally, I had the most intense orgasm of my young life. For the next 15-20 seconds I must have spewed more cum than I had in my entire life combined. I slowly removed my cock from his tight ass as a shiver ran down my spine. I collapsed on the bench next to him and he sat down next to me. He put his right arm around me while he jacked off with his left hand. He started to stroke faster and faster
"I'm gonna cum Mark"
"Yeah come on coach, cum for me"
"Oh fuck Mark, you pounded my ass so fucking good"
"Fuck yeah coach, fucking CUM"

With that, Coach Jack Brendel shot his hot sticky load all over his hairy chiseled chest. The cum getting stuck in the hairs as it began to run down. There must have been 8 ounces of cum on his chest.

"Holy fuck" he said, "that was the best fucking orgasm of my life"

I looked down at my watch. It was nearly 6:00.

"Fuck coach, i've gotta get home and eat before the game at 7:30."

"Hurry up and go Mark, I don't want to see you be late. I have a feeling this might be our best game ever."

I quickly rinsed myself of the cum and ran out of the shower. I turned back before I turned the corner and I could see the coach scooping the cum out of his chest hair and eating it.

This was the first of the coach and mines adventures ! There are a LOT more. If you like and favorite this one, you can be sure you'll get more.

Also, I like to c2c on Skype. So let me know if you want too ;)
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11 months ago
But good false story
11 months ago
Not true.. 6pm game starts at 730 u r not going home to eat... u r dressing getting ready for walk thru n stretching ...
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That story made me blow my load all over myself. Damn I wish I knew a coach like that when I was in high school. Or a coach like that now :)
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made me hard a wet and oozing precum. now i need a release that was so hot
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wish I was there
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Hot story ! every male in the country should do this on the DL
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Freakin hot story
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excellent story.
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awesome .... i loved it , wish i could have witnessed
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Look forward to reading the rest....
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Great story
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That was awesome. Very hot
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Wow, Mark, You write a great story.
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Thanks for the hot spunk-read! Did the job for me. Can't wait for next story.
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