The Tease Part 1

Hi everyone, my name is Mariska. This is my first time writing a story so please forgive me if I misspell anything or I do not use the proper tense or phrase. If you come check out my profile please read it in detail. Feel free to help in anyway. Thank you

I am a bit hornier than the average young woman. And I do at times like to go out and tease a few men. On this set day I was wearing a thin white cotton shirt without any bra, and a short blue flowing skirt with pink, silk panties. I loved to go out knowing men would ogle at me and think of fucking me silly. And at times a few women have also suited me on the street. For the foot and hand fetishists I had done my toes a multi-coloured pattern. On one half of the toe nail I painted it purple while the other half was done green. My finger nails were done red. I always like to switch up my colours for variety. My entire body was always smooth and soft. I never really had to shave my legs or anything as most of my body was hair free naturally. My breast size is about 36 C cup. My bosom is soft milky white while my nipples are light pink. My brunette hair normally hangs a little below my shoulders.

It was a sunny, beautiful Saturday morning out in the park. The breeze was blowing cool while the birds chirped away in the trees. Strolling through the park sipping my morning cup of coffee with my book in my hand I came across a bit of a secluded area where there were benches to sit and relax. I scanned my surroundings and made my way to the farthest bench. The park was large and mostly circular, the benched area was like a small cul de sac surrounded by tall bushes. One way to walk in and out. It was cozy and comfortable. As I settled myself I dove into my novel, getting lost in the romance and passion of the words leaping out at me. I was like many a woman. I had needs/fantasies most times they were only fulfilled through the erotica I could find in romance novels.

Lost deep in what I was reading I was a bit startled when a mature gentleman bellowed "Good Morning" towards my direction as he gave me a slight nod. With a bit of a startle looking up for a few seconds and looking at him I responded with the same greeting with a short but sweet smile. He sat himself down directly opposite me, shifted around and opened his news papers up and began to read his daily articles.

I returned eagerly to my book as the passion I read about also grew inside me. A hot steamy fuck session is what I was reading about, a young country girl was being taken powerfully and roughly by an older stronger man. As I read the details I began to get more and more turned on. My face became flush as my imagination ran wild, my body became more heated, I could feel my tight snatch getting hotter and juicier as my nipples began to harden.

I heard a bit of a grunt and looking up at the man opposite me I noticed he quickly darted his eyes away back to his papers. My heart began to beat faster, "He is checking me out" I thought to myself. This only sent me over the edge even more as I got even hornier. Looking him over once more he looked to be about mid 60's possibly a grandfather. His hair ashen hair was combed neatly all the way back. His beard was neatly trimmed. A bit of a tall, broad man. He looked to be like a man who had worked hard all his life and even for his age still had a good bit of strength in his body. A checkered shirt and blue jeans with tan moccasins is what he wore.

For some strange reason the story I was reading about reminded me of being in this position with this older man.

To be continued...

Mariska x0x0

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1 year ago
I could read easily. And what a start to the story. :P
1 year ago
excellent reading ! I am so glad i found your profile ! you are a very interesting woman !
1 year ago
The hotter your tight snatch got and the harder your nipples grew the hornier you made me.Just the thought of sucking on those hard nipples as your tight hot snatch is forced open by my throbbing cock and feeling the heat inside you as you slide down the shaft until my balls were hard up against your perfect ass cheeks the harder you made my cock got until it was becoming so unbearable i was forced to look at you hot sexy body as i sort to relieve the pressure that you words had built inside me.

To be continued
1 year ago
I can't wait till you continue....
1 year ago
Love that teaser !
Makes me very curious !
1 year ago
Please, keep going...
Grand daddy has a hard-on!
1 year ago
Hello miss!
As a first timer novelist I'd say you are brilliant! Not simply the story but the way you write, i.e. your style is quite far above the average! may I recommend that you have a look at porn editors' web sites? This might be your carreer!
1 year ago
keep going please......
1 year ago
nice start and well written... :)
1 year ago
mmmm...looking forward to the juicy part!! btw, You are very sexy
1 year ago
How does the end of the tease happen? Keep the story going. You are doing good so far. You left it off at a good part I think.