In Flight Experiences

Being a stewardess you get to see, hear, and experience all the hype about the desire to be a member of the 'Mile High Club'.
On international carriers you get many opertunities to participate as there is a 'Lights Out' time where some crew and passengers get some shut eye, thereby leaving time and space for the remainder to get it off, and become a member.
Many dont talk about it because they are married or have boyfriends, but the urge and desire are there, simply because its part of the job and part of folklore associated with the job, girls become women, and women become hotter, from their encounters.
I have caught two guys humping, actually seeing the cock in the others ass, two girls getting head and passengers getting head or a hand job and getting hot pussy, myself offering that little ploy myself.
Walking the isle on an inward bound flight from Singapore to London, I caught a teenage boy jacking-off to a hand-held device, showing porn.
The isle was dark so it was easy to spot him through the illumination from his 4" screen and badly placed blanket.
His pants were at his ankles and his bare ass was visable, side on, as the blanket had shifted to expose hid flank.
He was in the second back row, beside the galleys, and only a girl was on the same row but across the isle, streched out and sl**ping.
I switched off the gally lighting to low and stood back and watched this k** masturbate.
Being alone at the back aforded me the time to relax and observe, and as he whacked away, his penis would come into view as the blanket slipped with his energenic pumping.
Being the girl I am I decided to help the boy along, parially through impatience and being bored, but an equally building desire in me, as my juices were flowing and I suddenly wanted some cock.
Sensing his inexperience, I hastily took my panties off and scrunched them into a small ball, took a deep breath and walked out the few steps, and towered over him, at the end of the row.
He looked at me nerviously and I idled in beside him, taking the seat next to him, looking intently into his eyes and smiling.
I settled into the seat and leant across to him reaching out to the hand-held device, and turning it to face me, not threatening, just motherly, and causually watched for a moment at the hardcore fuck scene, unfolding before my eyes.
'Hmmmm Nice' I said, still with a warm smile on my face, 'See if you can finish before I take action' I said with intent, and in doing so pressed my warm panties into his masturbating hand, 'I want to be able to put these on when I come back, prefferably wet, if you catch my meaning' and kissed him on the side of his cheek, tenderly but passionately and meaningfully.
I slid back out and moved back into the galley, observing that all this was done without notice.
I stepped back into the shaddow of the toilet and continued to observe the boy, who looked back nervously at me watching him. He smiled and started wanking again, this time in full view, for my benifit I guessed, noting he had pushed my panties down into his crotch, under his balls, where they nestled absorbing his sweat for me to smell later in bed.
Looking out from my corner I noted there was nothing happening with the other passengers, the isles were clear and my co-workers were in the central gally, so taking the opertunity and turning back to the boy, who was watching me intently, I pulled up my skirt and showed him my nakedness and stockings, it worked as he spurted cum, like a fountain, from such a young vibrant penis.
I came out of my hiding place and slide back in beside him, 'Welome to the Mile-High Club, sweet boy' and kissed him again on the cheek.
'I thought you had to fuck someone?' he asked enquiringly, 'You came with a woman, did you not?' I retorted, and reaching in to retrieve my panties from under his ball sack.
He relaxed as I withdrew them onto his bare thigh and spread them open and gently wiped his sperm, scooping the globular mess into the crotch piece, where my vagina could absord until I removed the before bed, in 4 hours time.
Satisfied I had scooped up the bulk of his ejaculate, I looked arounf for the final time, seeing all was still clear, I dropped my head onto his lap and getly suckled his penis and dropped my tongue between his legs, lapping his testicles in appreciation and showing him that mature ladies know how to impart pleasure, something I suspect to this day, he has never experienced and always remembers.
I reached down and slid my panties on, pulling my skirt all the way up exposing my hairless vagina to his gaze, 'Touch it', I offered and held his hand, guiding his fingers in between my swollen and wet lips, pushing his fingers into my cunt and holding his wrist as I masturbated to my own relief.
I pulled my knickers up tight into my crotch, fitting the gusset in between my lips and ass, all in his full gaze and for maximum absorbtion, explaining to him that the act we both just performed was against the law and for my part I was risking pregancy, and would live with this until my periods said otherwise.
I left him somewhat bewildered by this confession, but the whole exercise was about my being fertilized by his ejaculate, something my submissive psyche imagines all males want to fuck me for.
'I will fly anyware for cock', is something Cameron Diaz said, in an interview about her sex life, and she is also very beautiful and desireable and 'I am a sucker for a good cock' is another girly saying, this time from the movie 'Bonfire of the Vanities' by none other than Melanie Griffith and the list goes on and on, proving again that beautiful women crave cock.
Anyway I am getting sidetracked but this little encounter for you is just a starting point on all your pretty stewardesses who serve you with a smile and thinking 'How big is his cock' and ' If he only knew I was naked under my uniform'.
You see guys, if you want to fuck a girl, just tell her you might be surprised at the response you get.
There will be more inflight stories, meantime have a good wank
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4 years ago
Well thats what I'm talking about
4 years ago
i guess i am reading these backward as i started at the most recent one and i am enjoying them
4 years ago
You are so fucken hot! That is the shit men dream about... a woman not afraid of her sexuality is just HOT!
4 years ago
your story has my cock driping for you panties
4 years ago
guaranteed he told every single one of his friends about that encounter and not one of them believed a word he was saying! amazing story
4 years ago
The boy also became member of the MarieL hot club! Although she's generous with her love, it's still much more exclusive ;)
4 years ago
Will do, thanks for another great story.
4 years ago
tanks babes i think i wil have a gud wank. love ur stories.
4 years ago
WOW! I wish I was on your flight, only thing is I would want to fuck my hard cock inside you and make you cum down my shaft. Looking forward to your next story. xx