Oh! What a Ride, Bus that is.

Sitting in the back seat of the airport express bus allowed me to relax for the first time in six hours. The flight was uneventful but tiring, and now I was making my way to the city hotel and some well earned sl**p.
The flight uniform attracts admiring glances, but for some people uniforms do that and strange to say I have never felt inclined to admire one.
Bus journeys are boring affairs, especially from rural airports, and can last up to one and halve hours, just like this one will, but at least it's not full, so I can ease off a little and spread out.
A fat balding man comes onto the bus and is talking to the driver, we are ready to depart and the back of the bus is empty, so it would be nice to have him nearby in case I get too bored.
Anticipating his casual look-around for a seat I adjust my skirt to show more flesh, just enough to arouse his interest.
I sit head down pretending to read a magazine watching him walk towards me through my blond locks of hair, now hanging over my face, mentally encouraging him to keep walking and come closer.
Suddenly his is in front of me and I look up and smile demourly, he flusters and puts his small lap bag in the overhead locker as I return to my reading.
He sits in the seat oposite, with a good view of my legs and I am satisfied with my mental encouraging him to choose that particular seat, but in reality, seeing a beautiful stewardess sitting alone in the back with her skirt carelessly exposing more thigh than considered decent in public, was more the reason, but who cares, the journey was starting.
We turned out of the airport in a series of tight manouvers and I adjusted my sitting position by raising my legs onto the seat and sliding my bum in towards the bulkhead, resting my head on the window, closing my eyes and pretending to friegn sl**ping, that way I would not be aware of what I was showing, and he would be free to do what he felt nessessary to do.
The seat back hid me from view from the rest of the bus, so my neighbour opposit, was in a privaleged position and I was getting into one of those moods where he would not regret choosing that particular seat.
I was of course toying with him, a feminine ploy bored woman do to make life interesting, and give us confidence in our daily bored existance, and with that acknowledgement and justification I raised my left leg up enough to let my skirt slide up and expose my stocking tops, plural if you include my inner thigh on my right leg.
This really was a pose of gross indeceny, even for one man, my only regret was I was wearing my knickers, but never mind, they were part of a lacy set, and the front panal was see-through, though to be honest, it was a tad dark and they were black.
However, judging by his sudden change in demeanour, he was seeing more than he had ever thought to see.
I continued in my pretense of sl**ping as the bus sped through the dark countryside, my raised leg wavering in unison with every bump in the road, finally coming to rest on the back of the seat in front, conveniently exposing the 'V' of my crotch and the pale skin overtones beneath the netted black lace panal, that covered my cunt.
I felt the cool air from the conditioner blowing across my exposed crotch, and now in such a position, surely he must respond with some action of his own, as I watched him through my thick eyelashes, partially closed but sufficient to see his every action.
He had now turned to face me adjusting his position in his seat so he could observe me face on, with his inner leg turned under him, but his squeezing of his penis and balls through his pants, meant that I was continuing to control events, and for that I felt I needed to take him to the next level.
My next adjustment was more calculated as it was more revealing as I dropped my raised leg to the floor, while raising my other leg and twisting my body slightly towards him, to give him a more open view of my open crotch.
I was sufficiently aroused by my actions, and I could feel the warmth and flow as I openly secreted vaginal fluids, as one normally does in readiness for intercourse, and I suspected enough would be secreted to reflect and glissen, through the see-through panal on my knickers, as the bus passed each road light, illuminating my invitation to him.
My pale buttocks were exposed to him as the thong-like knickers dissapeared into my cheeks and as I felt my vaginal fluids run down and gather in my anus, I started to clench my vaginal muscles and work my bum cheeks, all in full view to him, surely now he would intervene and put me out of my misery.
With one look down the bus and back to me lying spread-eagle in the back seat, he undid his flies and pulled his cock out, gave it a few quick jerks to get it to full potential, got up and sat down on the seat in front of me.
Suddenly his hand was on my inner thigh, running the length of my stockings and onto my silky soft flesh, coming to rest on my crotch, warm and wet, slippery and open, into which he inserted a finger and twisted it around, feeling every fold of sensitive flesh, designed to envelope and hold a mans cock, teasing and massaging it to deliver the seed of life.
I slid further down the back seat, with my ass now in full view of the drivers rear view mirror, but I was too far gone to care.
He had pulled my stockinged leg wide open into his as he wanked off, and as if on cue, he came on my inner thigh between my stocking top and wet pussy, which I had now taken over and was masturbating with such gusto, but we were pulling into the central terminus, so I missed out as the bus came to a hissing halt.
I sat upright and readjusted my clothing and my sex partner smilled and made his way off the bus.
I waited until all were off before rising and making my way down the isle.
As I got to the door the driver appeared at the bottom stop with my carry-on bag, 'This is yours Mariel' he asked, startling me somewhat, until I realised my name tag was attached.
I smiled and said sure, reached out to take it but he held back, 'Just a minute Mariel', he uttered, 'There is the fucking you were doing in the back seat, all caught in the internal video, which I conveniently turned on', he said this in a triumphant tone, and I knew I had really fucked up this time.
What would it take for me to get myself out of this prediciment, I soon found out and submisively found myself going home with this older guy to spend a night being subjected to BDSM and machines designed to fuck a woman silly for ever, while sucking his willy, licking his ass and balls as he spoon fed me his sperm, no wonder the next day I walked with a strange gait as both my anus and vagina have never been so abused.
Was this a true story, Yes it is, and in keeping with a girl who just cant say NO, so all you kinky guys take note.
91% (26/3)
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3 years ago
thank you Mariel... because of you, my bus ride after my flights will never be the same!
4 years ago
Your my hereo MarieL some day we have to get together and have some fun. thanks
4 years ago
yes i am going to read all of them you hot naughty kinky lil'lady
4 years ago
god i had such a great wank reading this! more please!!!
4 years ago
great story, the long bus drive interrupted by sex is about the only advantage of flying budget airlines, wish it happened to me!
4 years ago
Another great story. Always enjoy reading your little adventures.
4 years ago
why cant i bump into a woman like u on a bus? u truly are one of a kind great story cant wait to read more!
4 years ago
lets have some more like this....v horny
4 years ago
Knickery Bum! Had another wank at your expense, hope you don't mind !!
4 years ago
Very hot, with this unexpected turn at the end ... which promises more of Mariel's story to come ;)