Having a Sperm breakfast in the park

If girls are all sugar and spice, then men are all sperm, well that's my take on it, from a feminine perspective, and who should deny me, after all, I have tasted the best of you, and that is a lot of cock to swallow.
I sat reading, it was a beautiful morning, the sun shone and the grass and trees all seemed greener, I scanned the immediate vicinity where I sat, from behind my polarized shades, it was then I noticed the color change, the hues of green masking the fleshy tones of man, a nude man, busy with himself, he was obviously enjoying my company, even if I was not supposed to know of his presence and as I sat there looking at him, doing something illegible, in the eyes of lawmakers, but not to my feminine eyes, no sir definitely not, his swollen cock had me transfixed, I was looking at it, focusing on the dark slit, the little eye which seemed to blink at me, blinking only due to his action of covering it with his foreskin, as his hand moved forward, then blinked as he pulled that sheath of loose skin back, forcing his pink to purplish knob to spring forth, into my feverish view, causing my heart to beat harder, my thighs to loosen and my breasts to swell.
I lowered my gaze onto his scrotum, his balls hanging and swinging, seemingly out of kilter, with his fist movements, perhaps his achievement in attracting me to see him, had him in a tizzy, in fear of my getting up and leaving him, to shoot into a barren void, he needed a female to view his seed shoot forth, this was a fertile and hot moment for him, he needed to seed me, and in some sort of primeval basic instinct, I choose to remain and accept his seeding, I was fertile soil and the moisture on my swollen lips was my reaction, I was self lubricating, swelling with hot bl**d, I did not know whether to curse my myself for hastily pulling on my t-shirt without my brassiere, before leaving the house, or secretly thank myself, as my swelling nipples responding in kind to his sexual swelling, my body screamed, 'Fuck me Sir', my legs unraveling in kind my 'Cunt', responding to 'Cock', as a woman should, my panties lying snugly on top of my brassiere, where they both were discarded and ignored upon my lack of dressing before leaving for the park, to find any man needing a woman, you see I awoke this morning in need, I think you men refer to it as being horny, and I knew men came here to show women their prowess, and as I looked around, I could see we were alone, so I raised my legs by bending my knees, setting my heels between the wooden slats, how could he fail to see how aroused I was, the sheen in the morning light told of my wetness, and as he approached from the trees, his cock and balls swaying and bobbing, I in my final act of surrender, put both my arms across the benches back and gripped the lower rung, his penetration was swift, and in what seemed like minutes, I saw his ass cheeks sway as he fled the scene of his seeding, my heart sinking as the swelling in me subsided, his sperm running into a small white puddle on the ground as it oozed from me, my warm lips cooling rapidly, now the heat had subsided.
It was swift but rough justice, I sat in this surrender pose for a few minutes more, perhaps others were watching and needed to join-in, on a good morning I could have three or four, but then again I had heard the term 'jail-bait' mentioned, perhaps they were afraid of being caught, 'Oh Well' I sighed, best go home and chalk this off as a quickie, A quick douche and school, there will be more mornings and more men, I curse the cunt who said, 'Sperm is good for breakfast'.

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2 years ago
I need to go to the park more often in the morning.
2 years ago
you can have my sperm for breakfast
2 years ago
well breakfast is the most important meal of the day, wish I could have you for breakfast, dinner and tea such a hot naughty women such a turn on
2 years ago
2 years ago
thats an amazing way to start the day mariel! hope to join u in the park for breakfast one morning