My teen legs were in held in stirrups

I suppose the moral of the story is to men who fancy a bit of fresh pussy, is fuck a fat girl.
Fat girls suffer from low self-esteem, and as most perverted psychologists are willingly tell you, they masturbate a lot, just like monkeys in the zoo. Now when I say perverted, what I really mean is that they take advantage of a young girls situation and always ask them about their sexual activities.
I should know as I have been 'Grilled' by a few, who like to seat you on a chair in an open space, where they can fire questions at you and watch you squirm, and the whole fucking saga is sanctioned by law, their reports depend on your willingness to divulge your innermost secrets, your masturbatory traits and frequency, what you were thinking as you fingered yourself, and what you really wanted as an ideal sexual encounter.
Boys, as I found out later, were asked completely different questions, no the girls had to talk about fucking and being used by f****y members, even if such a thing never happened.
But I divulge from my main theme and my hang-up with psychologists, ramming a fat bitch is good for a quickie and light relief, what about a girl with a body to die for, a girl with a masturbatory habit that borders on the unnatural, a girl who needs to do it every morning, in the afternoon and again in the evening, sometimes six times a day, and every time she does it she cums, now that's one hot cunt, dont you think, and whats more exciting for you, is that girl is me, and as I write I am thinking about you reading my thoughts, and its making me wet, so wet I want you to come and fuck me, which I really know is difficult, so I shall yet again tell you a story, and just hope you join me for a mutual girl wank and boy wank, better still, let me make you an offer, lets swap telephone numbers and talk to each other while we pleasure ourselves, I can be very dirty-mouthed for a girl and holding the phone inches from my lips, you can hear my breathing and wetness when I transfer the phone down between my open legs.
Fat Amy was f******n, poked fun at by most of the senior girls, and poked sexually by older men who liked to have something wet and warm attached to their cocks, instead of cold air, when they spunked.
Amy was a pretty girl and could be a looker if she lost weight, I would like to add it was just puppy fat, but I cant, she ate all the wrong food types, simply because she was fucked-up as a k** by bad parenting, so Amy, as far as we were concerned, was on her own, we as developing adolescents, were only interested in our own needs, and that included boys and men.
Amy's other trait was her tats and piercings, she visited back street tat shops where old men stuck needles into her fat flesh, and possibly gave her one, without her feeling them inside her, relieving themselves in a teen bod for free, well actually, she paid them for the tat or pierce, which they might put down as their fee for fucking her, well that's my take on it, as I know one of them tried it on me, trouble was I had a brain and could suss him out, long before his dick was.
Now why did I go into such a place I hear you all think, a young nubile girl, 5' 10", long limbed and tight breasted, shaved and blond, and on that day in particular, horny as a rabbit in heat.
I knew of the reputation and the law breaking some of these old men practiced, girls of all ages were going in for close examinations and the thrill of taking their cotton knickers down to let them smell you, their faces inches from your pulsating cunt, their grubby fingers opening you up and feeling behind your pubic bone, 'Just to see if you are fleshy enough to take a needle', was his bullshit excuse to me, his finger fucking lasted all but three minutes before I had my orgasm, all the time his eyes peering over every inch of naked flesh, exposed to him freely, every goosebump visible, even the ones on my hard pinkish nipples, yes I had opted to be completely naked for my internal, my vaginal secretions giving away my willingness to be finger fucked, my ass bouncing on his seat as I humped those inserted fingers, I wondered how many he had brought off, besides myself and fat Amy.
My legs were in stirrups, held open and high, giving him free access to my open crotch, he spoke gently as he moved in and out of me, I guess some girls want to stop after they cum, it pains them to continue, but others like myself can go on and do it again and again, so he moved slowly in and out and sat there eyes closed and let him experiment, 'Your tighter than most girls Mariel', I looked into his eyes and smiled at the compliment, 'Prettiest one I have ever seen too', he continued, his two fingers rubbing behind my pubic bone as if to be seeking out my elusive 'G-spot'.
I moaned a little louder, a genuine moan, there certainly was something there and it brought intense pleasure, 'You like that sweet cheeks', I moaned a little more as he touched me deep inside, noting his 'Sweet Cheeks' comment coincided with his fingering of my asshole, there was little to no resistance in that forbidden hole, I had unwittingly self-lubricated that dry orifice, my over-productive pussy glans poured sufficient fluid to lubricate all my crotch and now the old mans dream hole was being attacked, and I responded by sliding down the seat so my bum-hole was over the edge, I could see he had his cock in hand, a matter of inched from his finger half buried inside me, 'Do you want to put it up me', I asked him with hooded eyes, I was willing to fuck him and asked more out of exasperation and desperation to do it, my girlish patience being tested as I hung in limbo waiting for it to happen.
He withdrew his finger, the wrong one, my cunt twitched as he continued to rub inside, my ass opened as he pushed easing inside and stretching, not as painful as I had imagined, but he rose to push all the way, withdrawing his pussy fingers he rose and began to fuck in earnest, my legs strapped by Velcro, my ass being ****d, a word I use to emphasize his determination to do it, he was in to the hilt, never was a girls hole open to such ferocity, I think the seat had shifted back some two feet from when his pushed inside me, such was the f***e of his thrusts.
I went to school the next day and the day after, unable to function down there properly, my ass hurt after my brutal encounter, Oh! and before you make any comments as to my earlier reference to sussing him out before his cock was, I did, I just never said I wanted him to stop, now you know.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Naughty, wish it was me
2 years ago
Fantastic story mariel!
2 years ago
very hot such a naughty turn on, and if you ever want some phone sex just let me know would love to talk dirty with you so we can both get off
2 years ago
Nicely written Mariel. You're one helluve sexy chick.