Dad, the perfect lover of girls

When my parents divorced in my early teens, my mother, with whom I stayed with, had voiced concerns about me staying with my father, but in reality, I felt she was over-reacting in a typical feminine way, angry for being divorced by a man, with whom she had had a liberal sexual marriage, and in doing so tried to punish him by denying him access to his c***dren.
Of course as time passed and I started to visit him frequently, his affection in me grew, and as I developed into a young woman, he took it upon himself to ensure my sexual potential was exploited to its fullest.
He would let me watch porn, to enlighten my knowledge of the joys of sex, titillate me and encourage masturbation, even let me choose my first sex toy, and even more importantly, tease his friends, 'Control your sexual lusts', he would say to me, 'Men will fall at your knees for a fuck', that I admit was a massive turn-on for me, and as it turns out, for dad as well.
Of course in order for me to feel relaxed, dad encouraged me to drink alcohol, so a good dollop of alcohol, a viewing of dads collection of porn, which we watched naked together, some stroking, then bed.
One night I asked dad when he was going to invite his friends over, he looked at me as I lolled on the couch, 'My little girl is growing up', I laughed, dad knew exactly what I was thinking, 'Time for cock sweetheart', my heart skipped a beat as he watched me masturbating, 'Go on baby let it cum', he encouraged, 'Daddy will bring some cock for you', that was all I wanted to hear as I convulsed into orgasm, all lanky legs thrashing wildly as I humped my vibrator, my ass pumping up and down as I came unashamedly in front of my dad, who watched my every vibration and twitch during my cumming, he stroked my breasts and tweaked my nipples, run his hand down my feminine six pack of a stomach, my hot breath fanning his erection, as I turned my face into his ball sack and f***ed my longish tongue to rake his scrotum, and feel the warmth of his semen ooze over my face and run into my ear, no-one could accuse this dad and daughter of not having intense orgasms, mine first, then his.
As a girl I was curious about anal sex, I had seen enough on dads porn, and all the girls on there were having mind blowing orgasms, with big cocks in their asses, but dad told me, most were make believe, as having my ass fucked was more of a domination thing for the man, and a subjective thing for the woman, which is true as life taught me, but as I found out one night, I had a strange orgasm being fucked in the ass, dads friend had a long cock, and as he fucked me, he was pressing on that most elusive of spots in a girls cunt, the supposed 'G-spot', he was stimulating it through my asshole, and made me cry out in sheer pleasure, even dad came as he watched his beloved daughter have her ass torn a new hole, by his eager perverted friend, who's own daughter provided him with her ass at an early age, so he was no stranger to enlightening girls to the pleasures of anal sex, the reason dad invited him to have me in the first place.
Of course mum never knew of my enlightenment to the perverted side of sex, I was at that age when most girls were just discovering the joys of their periods, and by the time they had graduated to their first tampon, I was entertaining triple penetration, and fatherly love.
With our periods, came the incredible mix of confusing hormones, the ones that made our pussies tingle and yearn for the fleshy rods of men, our preference of dirty old men, as they had that curious mix of experience and desire, desire for our young bodies that made us feel special and wanted, but experience that the young bucks lacked, and most surprisingly, most had juicy fat cocks to suck on and they had lots of patience, never forcing, just letting us approach them in our own time, and mount them when we were ready fuck.
When dad first suggested I start to bring my horniest girlfriends home I knew he wanted some action himself and I admit to feeling those pangs of jealousy, but I knew there was a wealth of tight young flesh gagging for cock within the bounds of our school, dad had every right to sheath his cock in some, so I started to bring me friends home, much to their delight, one girl in particular, who is a top model now, loved dad so much, she boasted she would be my mother some day, despite the vast age difference.
'Miss C', now an established actress, never did become my mother, we still laugh at it, but like me, she still loves the old cock, and we openly entertain together, even though she is married with k**s of her own, I guess its something in our Scandinavian, and Teutonic genes, blond bombshells that love fucking and stepping into the world to continue with everyday life, as if nothing ever happened in our drudgery.
Dad always was concerned about 'C's' sex drive, which was enormous, she was anti-condom, a bareback girl, like myself, but we differed in our approach, I out of a sense of cleanliness, always practiced, front then back for release, she on the other hand went for ass first, then front for release, dad was convinced she wanted to be fertilized, impregnated, but she never knew he had had the snip and fired blanks into her, but still she always enjoyed her weekly sessions, and even today, offers dad, now in his seventies, a blowjob, whenever she visits.

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2 years ago
The sentences are so long, with improper punctuation, that they are almost a paragraph in and of themselves. Makes for a confusing, and very hard hard, story to comprehend.
2 years ago
very good !!!!!
2 years ago
another fantastic recalling of ur amazing past mariel!
2 years ago
2 years ago
awesome...I love your writing and views on life
2 years ago
its a very confusing story, jumping from one place to the next, needs to have a set timetable, id give it a 3/5
2 years ago
confusing story?
2 years ago
very naughty you and miss c sound like you had lots of fun together over the years, and your dads one lucky guy having his daughter and her hot sexy friends for pleasure, such a turn on
2 years ago
can I have Miss "C"s phone No