When a girl meets a flasher OMG!

If women were honest, we would admit to enjoying a bit of voyeurism, a rogue wanker in the bushes, shooting as you pass him, nothing titillates a girls libido more, than a stolen glance at a man in full flow, especially something so sexual and in your direction.
I have had more than my fair share of stolen moments, partially because I hold no fear of men doing it in public, and because it turns me on, yes, I get an instant wetness between my legs, knowing a little response from me will make him cum.
If you study most of the videos in here you will see girls watching, making sure before they respond, like I do, to make sure the coast is clear, even offering their hand to assist him by giving him a quick wank and make him reach a full orgasm, then like me, slope off and do our own relief bit in some toilet, reliving the feel of his cock and the hot stream of sperm, which you helped to enticed from his tight balls, the very reason God made us, to entice out reproductive hormones and flesh to respond to such a display of the male penis, erect for us and on full show.
So when did I first encounter such acts of love and affection, (From the mans point of view), well, in school of course, not in the playground, but in transit from and going to school.
They say a girl has a weakness for a man in uniform, well I think a man has a weakness for a girl in uniform, especially wearing a school uniform, it appears to draw men into a world of the confused and curious female, the willing and overly hormonal girl, who doesn't see the laws laid down for her own protection, as doing just that, it's the flesh of men that excite us and we are drawn to them, to watch them, we want to go home knowing a man found us exciting enough to try and seed us from a distance.
I never saw my first encounter, he came up on me from behind, as I sat reading a comic on a park bench, the first I knew of his presence was when he groaned, over my shoulder, and a hot stream of sperm landed on my comic page, the shoulder and lapel of my blue blazer, and in my long blond locks.
I sat confused, it happened so quickly and his smell was so strong, the smell of semen in fresh air is so distinct, I could still smell him later that night as I relived the encounter in my dreams.
He fled the area leaving me still rooted to the bench, I was alone and as I gathered my wits I took heed of the off white trails of semen, soaking into the fabric of my blazer, the thin paper of my comic, and running down the back of my neck from my hair, he was a heavy cumer, and I bore the brunt of every drop produced and projected from his huge penis, that much I did see, he was a big man.
I reached for a hanky, which I did not have, so as no-one was around I took my knickers off and wiped myself down, strangely excited at seeing his cum on my knickers, toying with it on the crotch, thinking how much he would love to put it there himself.
I tossed my sperm soaked cotton knickers into the undergrowth, and made my way back to school, telling no-one of my encounter, instead toying with it in fascination, as if he were some sort of fairy-tale prince, which clearly shows a difference in attitude towards what we are taught and what our bodies enjoy.
Sitting in class amongst boys with knickers also threw up an interesting feeling, as I wondered what the boys would think if they knew I was unprotected and bare, clearly my whole demeanor was sexualized and I was in the mood for it, even if I did not know it, no wonder the boy sitting beside me was confused by the pressure of my leg against his, I was a very horny girl that afternoon.
Like all criminals who like to revisit the scene of their crime, I was also drawn back, I had decided to retrieve my sodden and sullied knickers, and as I approached the bench, my heart pounded and my tiny rock hard nipples were excited by the thin fabric of my blouse, silk of course, and as each step took me closer I had an urge to take all my clothes off and run naked, and hope he was in the bushes watching me as I did so.
I arrived at the bench and went behind into the undergrowth to retrieve my intimate clothing, but it was gone, how could it be I wondered, it was hidden from view, unless someone had saw me put them there.
Then I went weak at the knees, he must have been watching me, saw me take them off and wipe myself clean of his cum, and hide them, he has them, he has my knickers, and I honestly thought I was going to cum at the thought of him fondling them.
I looked around the sward of green and espied in the distance a small bundle of white, and immediately made for it. As I got nearer I saw it was my discarded knickers, they had been picked up and dumped there, but as I picked them up I realized that had been soiled again, they were absolutely soaked, the crotch in particular was soaked in sperm, so thick, that as I opened them up the thick ooze was evident, as if he had held them close to his penis as he released along the gusset line.
As I run my finger along the gusset I scooped his sperm into a pile into the palm of my hand, I held his precious life forging liquid in my schoolgirl hand, and as I put my sodden knickers in my pocket, I lifted my hand under my nose and smelt him, not caring his cum was touching my nostrils, I had seen girls doing facials on porn movies, now I was having my own little moment with stolen sperm, my pink tongue passing my pink lips and dipping into my little pile, I needed to taste him and taste him I did, as bit by bit was drawn back into the warm enclave of my mouth and swallowed, I licked my hand clean and rewarmed his life giving fluid in my tummy, I was digesting him and making him part of me.
I sat down and did what this story and encounter was all about, I lay back on the grass, opened my legs and masturbated myself, stuffing my sperm soaked panties into my vagina, and came with a resounding relief.
After having my orgasm, I still felt empty as if it was not enough, so I undressed in full view of the path, of course there was no-one there, but the surge of excitement I felt being naked,(My knickers were still inside me), made me what I am today, a flasher and a voyeur lover, and in this state of nudity I continued to masturbate to another orgasm, this time much fuller and more satisfying.
Having established my tastes in what turned me on, I became a frequent visitor to that same spot, eventually confronting the the guy who gave me my first taste of cum, my second tasting coming directly from his cock in my mouth, as we fucked on our second meeting, he was more surprised when as he approached me I stood up and raised my skirt, in a submissive action, we were alone and I bent over the seat, knickers down, and the rest is history.

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5 months ago
very good one, did this happen?
2 years ago
Good one - written so well, I was there.
2 years ago
Why do I detect a thread of truth running through this 'story'?
Anyway! No matter!
Loved it! :)
2 years ago
Very sexy story.
2 years ago
Wow, As a flasher for well over 25 years I can tell you I have had some interesting reactions to me pulling my cock out and cumming in front of women in public.Most get mad and leave but then you have the few who I just live for.
Great story!
2 years ago
u are the epitome of sex mariel
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
great as always
2 years ago
very hot bet you look so sweet and sexy in that school uniform, can see why he couldn't wait to cum all over you, such a turn on