My Husband and our cuckold relationship

As a younger woman I could pick and choose my partners, there were many offering and trying very hard, but competition was stiff (Pardon the pun), and many never had a look in from the onset.
Of course this would lead to name calling, 'Cock Teaser and Lesbo', were but two of the most common which you learned to take in your stride, but as things went, I had my pick, leaving the rest to ponder, what if only.
Now since my marriage, I find these old suitors making fresh inroads, via my husband, men I never considered desirable, even more so today, as their personal attributes have declined even more, while my own have remained highly desirable, but here lies my predicament, years ago I had the ability to see them off with the wave of my hand, but today I don't have that authority, that lies with my husband, and if he sees fit to invite these men back into our home, I accept his authority and entertain them, as a dutiful hostess, food and drink, but as my story unfolds, and my husbands darker side emerges, you will see his playing God between to people, orchestrating our movements as if directing some X-rated movie for his own entertainment, before finally releasing my old nemesis to enact his frustrations from all those years ago, all in the silence of my home, behind closed doors, and I submitting to the vile and nasty, without as much as a whimper or protest.
It was not too long after my marriage I soon discovered my husbands preferential answer to sex, he was to put it bluntly, 'A Wanker', in short he liked to Wank himself of to little fantasies involving me and make believe lovers.
He would go into chat rooms and chat to other men, pretending to be me and would encourage these men to email me, and I would in response, send provocative photos, tell them of my sexual fantasies, causing him wank to their responses in hot emails, leading to that inevitably of having me meet these men and let them fuck me.
The first time it happened I must confess he did it with such expertise, I was completely unaware that either man had met before, I believed it to be such a chance meeting, that I felt guilty the next morning at having let this stranger seduce me in my own home, never suspecting my husband was watching everything, and wanking himself to the live sex unfolding before his eyes.
Another ploy was the denial of sex for me, he would ignore me for months and would await the week before my periods, my most fertile of periods and most needy of attention, he would suggest a night out and style of dress for me, which bordered on the obscene, stockings without panties, which I went along with, thinking of the sex that would follow, not realizing another man had been lined up and was waiting in the wings to provide him with his live sex show and my inability to control my release, as he fucked me.
Letting another man fuck you and have an orgasm was the ultimate sign of a woman cheating within a marriage, and I passed this with flying colors, as the drink and need for sex was so overwhelming, my husband had me over the proverbial barrel, my body's cravings proving to be my ultimate weakness.
On the night of my second encounter, some three months had passed since the first, and the encounter of that night was still a dark secret that I thought only I knew about, so when hubby suggested something tarty for the evening, I was already wet with anticipation, having cheated with another man had in a sense, emboldened me, and I found some of my old self again, a slight sense of independence crept into me, and having downed my Gin and Tonic, I was in the mood to fuck, so I dressed accordingly, shaved and without panties, with a short black dress just covering the tops of a pair of black stockings, I felt slutty, and hubby nodded his approval, with his knowing smile, he knowing better than I did, it was not for him, but for another, who coincidentally, had suggested in one of his emails, I shave for him as he liked bare ladies, so hubby had maneuvered that little ploy, along with my stockings, lack of panties, and short black dress, this guy would think I was as he wished me to be, and I could not prove otherwise.
We arrived at the little country pub on the outskirts of our village, it was quiet and we found a little alcove off to the side, hubby ordered drinks and I had downed a few before John appeared.
By then. I was unsteady but totally relaxed, I was in high spirits and feeling very fruity, the knowledge of my sense of dress and an old admirer turning up unexpectedly, coupled with my re-found sense of independence, only added to his little scene that I was indeed pulling the strings, hubby sat quietly watching as John took in my dress and stockings, as per his email instructions, thinking me a true slut, I guess there is some truth behind getting to know your partner if you pay attention to detail, and hubby knew me well enough, hence the booze really started to flow, all we needed now was to get everyone back home so the fireworks could start in earnest.
By that time John himself was d***k, he was high in the knowledge he was going to have me, and his behavior was becoming more emboldened the more he drank, at one point hubby suggested we sit together for him to take a photo and John kissed my full on the mouth, while hubby sat with the camera, watching us freely give to each other, that moment cemented the evening, John genuinely believing me to be the architect of out liaison, and I feeling the release of sexual tension, suddenly realizing that John could possibly be another dark secret to be swallowed into my loins, I could feel a warm gush was felt between my legs on this realization, I stole a look at hubby, he seemed oblivious to all, I suddenly wanted to fuck, just for the sake of it, and reached under the table for Johns hand, guiding it onto the bared warm flesh atop my stockings, inches from my womanhood, which was open and wet, Johns fingers were inside me as hubby took the photo, I assumed, blissfully unawares John was possessing me under the table, my fattened clitoris being squeezed between his fingers, the pub seat being flooded by my lubrication, all I wanted was to get home and be fucked every way conceivable to man.
But hubby's ploy was to delay that, he knew exactly how both John and I needed sex, he wanted to prolong that urge, in short tease us, make us do more, show more in public, and as we drank our inhibitions became more relaxed and soon hubby was drifting into the background as our need for each other became more apparent, soon we were kissing more openly and fondling more openly, hubby was taking photos of my with my hand down Johns pants, fondling his cock, something I thought I was doing in total secrecy.
On the drive home John sat in the front with hubby driving, he was a non drinker as you might expect, and I sat in the back seat, boldly suggesting John join me, I was past caring about hubby I wanted sex and John cock felt nice when I fondled him, I could still feel it as I touched myself unashamedly in the back seat, inviting john to watch me, with my short dress raised high and my stockinged legs wide apart, hubby smiled as John reached through between the seats and did the honer, his finger substitutes bringing me off, which must have sounded like music to my husband as he drove quietly while John fucked me to orgasm, his cock replacing his fingers, as he climbed back and released himself into my warm womb, we fucked while hubby drove around and felt back as Johns balls smacked my bare ass, he even admitted to inserting a finger into me while Johns cock pushed in and out, marveling at his manhood stretching me and my own tightness around Johns cock, but he knew better than to interrupt two people fucking, that's personal and best left to them, and I am thankful to him he let us go all the way, now I understand his needs and he mine, so we are more open and willing, that's why I am in this site, and our home is your home, just as long as your cock is stiff your welcum.

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1 year ago
Wonderful story..You tell it so well but at the end I have to admit I could not stand aside and would have to join in that erotic fucking..!!
1 year ago
Excellent..The story is always important but it is the telling of the story that makes a good story superb. Kudo's..!!
1 year ago
2 years ago
Erotic.. Well written and I love how strong your relationship. I love this one. saving it on my favorite! Cheers!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Excelentand sexy story thanks!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very sexy story. Your husband is very lucky!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great story. A nice twist
2 years ago
just amazing a real turn on, your so naughty simply perfect
2 years ago
Once again, great story!
2 years ago
would love to come and spend the night mariel!
2 years ago
how can i get hold of your husband?