The boy in my car (finallity)

I switched off the engine and the car glided to a stop. The rain had started again and the trees were rustling in the wind, giving both a cozy and frightening atmosphere in the car, mixed with the highly charged feeling of impending sex.
He was transfixed with my body, marvelling at the softness as he roamed around feeling my breasts and nipples, the firmness of my stomoch, giving way into the sensual curvaciousness of my pubes, which I have thankfully shaved and now resembling a prepubertal girls vagina.
I leaned back with my hands tucked behind my head and sliding forward in my seat, so my whole nakedness was exposed to his gaze and open to his touch.
I felt so powerful in those opening moments and kept murmouring,'Good boy' working my passions as my ass was now involentary humping as he touched me on my clitoris, 'Suck on my nipple Baby, suck mommies titty' I purred as I turned towards him with my offering.
He was biting down hard on the rubbery engorged nipple, causing both pain and pleasure, which was nice as his being there was for my use and I needed this boy to perform and release my pent-up sexual energy.
I reached down to his pants and rubbed along his crotch. The feeling I craved was there in all its youthful endeavour, he was rigid and this sparked an ever greater urgancy in me to get on top of it and fuck this little nerd to death, like the infamous 'Black Widow', suck the life f***e and cum from him.
The windows were fogged up with the heat being generated, so I whispered somewhat imaptiently, 'Get naked boy' and as if to emphasize my determination, started pulling his clothes from him.
I think he was in some kind of shock at the ferocity in which I attacked him, in fact I suceeded in pulling his sweater over his head and down the back of the seat with his arms still locked into the sleeves, leaving him imobilised and appealing to my wicked nature as I made my way onto the prize I so desired, his cock.
Two fingers and his button was undone, the zipper fell open with the slightest of touches and his underpants elastic were soon sliding across the back of my hand as it slid inside and tangled with his bushy pubic hair, thick and silky, like his cock as I eased him out into the air and my waiting mouth.
Lots of meat here, I thought, as I took a deep intake of air and eased him into my open mouth.
My teeth slid over the bulbous knob and closed around his 'Glans Penis', securing him in place and preventing him from pulling out, as my tongue savoured and cleaned him for penetration, by swirling and lashing his cock head with copious amounts of saliva and tip-tonguing to keep him firm.
Cupping his testicular sack I squeezed his balls with a sadistic pleasure, enhancing my dominance over this poor nerdy c***d of the computer age, gasping and shuddering with a real live woman munching on his genitals, Fuck what a way to lose your virginity.
I drove his cock deep into the back of my throat and by controlling my breathing, was able to mesh my nose inbetween his pubic hair and run my tongue under his balls, I think this was the deepest throating I gave myself and remember thinking, 'This boy will never be cock sucked like this again'
I decided this cock lashing was taking him to the verge so I withdrew rather sloppily, leaving enough spital to coat his cock and ease him in where I wanted him, and as his bulbous head ploped out of my mouth I continued rising from the drivers seat, letting my coat slid compleatly off my shoulders, and straddled him with ease, still secured in position with his top and sank down on his rigid cock, marvelling at the ease it slid-into me, coming to rest atop his balls as they crashed into my crotch.
I sat there for just a moment, feeling the length of his shaft by squeezing my vaginal muscles and holding him by his hair, pulling his head back, and sinking my teeth into the nape of his neck.
Using my hips I started buckling on him riding him as a cowboy does breaking in a wild horse, moving his cock in wild circles pushing my vagina in circular directions, relishing the feeling and girth, starting slowly with my humping and rising to the tip then crashing down with f***e onto his balls, swollen and bruised on top of his thighs, which I held firmly between mine, in order to keep them there.
Wanting maximum cock movement in my vagina I reached feverishly down the side of the seat to find the knob, to ease the seat back down and get him horizontal.
I suceeded in getting him partially down, enough to fuck him more with ease and started to bang my ass onto his balls with such f***e he was crying out in pain with each determined thrust, inceasing in frequency as I built to my orgasm.
At the end as I went into orgasm mode he lay rigid with streams of tears flooding from his closed eyes, his cock equally rigid, in fact it resembled me fucking a dildo, but what the fuck, I was cumming and the noise I was making, helped to make him remain rigid until I collapsed in a heap on top of him, panting and sending rivers of water down the insides of my cars windows, Now that is how to fuck a hot woman.
I dismounted him and felt a sudden emptiness as his cock disengaged from our copulation. He was still hard, but in a state of shock, not really knowing what had hit him and possibly left him wondering if fucking was as intense as this.
I sat back in my seat and put my stockinged legs onto the dashboard, 'Did you cum?' I asked casually, 'No' he replied dejectedly, 'then wank it, cum on my breasts' and as if to emphsize my offer I reached out and took him firmly and started jerking on him.
He rose and knelt on the seat, took his cock and started wanking at my face level, 'My tits' I said as he was aiming at my face, but no sooner was the words 'Tits' out of my mouth, when his first burst hit me between my eyes, the second, released with less pressure, my mouth and the third on my chest above my dissapointed tits, which got nothing.
My left eye stung with the acidity of his thick globous sperm and the seminal fluid was inside my mouth causing the familiar salinity taste down the sides of my mouth.
I was in an awkward position with my legs up on the dash over the wheel and although the telling makes it seem a lond drawn out affair, it all happened within minutes, so quick in fact, he had time to manouver his cock into my mouth after the final pumping from his ball sack.
I relaxed once he was in my mouth and gave him what he was obvoisusly fantising, a facial and a swallowing with a cock clean after.
He got out of the car and started to pull his pants up and I, squinting out of one eye with semen running down my face and upper body, started the car, sitting nude my stockings only I shouted out to him to close the door as it was fucking freezing.
He closed the door continuing to adjust his clothing I threw the car into gear and took off leaving him with only a memory of what transpired.
'Little fucker' I thought out loud and laughed as I sped along the main road leading to the centre of town and my place of abode.
Indidcating I pulled into the side of the kirb to put my coat on and was stunned as it was not there.
He must have pulled it out as he emerged from the car, so resigned to driving naked home I reversed the indication and pulled of back to my bed, wiping his sperm on the way and mentally ticking the box for my first virgin bagged and tagged.
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3 years ago
wish I was the boy x
4 years ago
sorry this is the follow up to "replying to what happened next"
4 years ago
the follow up to this great story is called "the boy in my car" a must read!!
4 years ago
Sometime eventhe hottest loose ther things well thats I came again your are fantastic MarieL
4 years ago
yes but have you ever been the experienced one and felt like you were bagged and tagged by the virgin
4 years ago
enjoyable lesson for him
4 years ago
4 years ago
great story!
4 years ago
u have a gift with words because i cant read ur stories without gettin harder than chinese algebra
4 years ago
Many thanks for that cock raiser.
4 years ago
How many more virgins have you bagged and tagged?