Flashing, cumming, and much more

I was looking through the Video section on 'Public Masturbation' and I had to laugh, in particular at the girl who just could not stop watching.
I have been 'Flashed' so many times, I have lost count, not to mention, dropping my pants and flashing ot lifting my top and showing.
Most times for me it's impulsive, an on the moment spur to a sudden urge to show.
My first ever flashing experience was in the local park, across from my school. I used to go there at lunchtime and lie on the grass, whenever the sun was shining.
There was a playground there with swings and a roundabout, and I was sitting on the roundabout, going around when he came and sat on the park bench directly oposite me.
I was straddled between two sections, with the pole between my legs, hard up against my knickers crotch, like most girls do, as when these things are spun hard, you have a tendency to be thrown off.
In all honesty though, I had spun it prior to getting on so it really was not going that fast as it passed him sitting there.
As I moved past he waved a little wave and I in return, waved back. He was wanking himself with his other hand and I just looked, in fact as I moved out of line of sight, I looked back at him and maintained eye contact until I came around again, so like the girl on the bus in the video, I wanted to look.
As my reward for showing interest, he got up, looked around and came across to me. Holding the spar, which ran between my legs he steadied himeself, and with a smile on his face he commented that this was for me, and ejaculated a hot stream of sperm right onto my hair, face and down the front of my blouse.
I sat rooted, and as it went into my eye and started stinging I wiped with mt sleeve. There seemed a lot to clean and I thought he had pee'ed on me, but when I looked up he had vanished and I went back into the school and washed the stuff off.
In another experience, I was in Greece and sunbathing in the nude, lying face down on my beach towel, with the Sun tanning my back and body.
I could see the people moving along the beach and watched one man in particular, he had an erection and it was bobbing up and down as he walked and he would reach down and give it a few jerks, as if maintaining his hard-on.
He walked behind me and I lay motionless still looking at the next man still some distance off, when I felt something wet, splat onto my bottom, at the top of my thighs.
I turned slightly and was horrified to see him alonside me, half crouching and almost touching my bottom with his cock, he was ejaculating onto me, and pointing his penis right at my crotch aiming to land his semen where it could do the most damage.
I was struck dumb, words escaped me at what was happening. Everything around me was normal, yet here was this crazy man wanking onto me and no one had even noticed.
He was fat with a big moustache, very hairy, like a gorilla and a huge fat cock now dangling inches above my hip.
He was saying something in Greek, smiling and talking in smooth dulcet overtones. His hand was steadying himself on my hip and he started to stoke my bottom, wiping his sperm, most probably massaging it into my skin.
I shook him off, not making a scene so he stood up, blew me a kiss and walked off, while I wiped his sperm off.
In another instance we were all at a festival in our town, which had a lot of beer tents selling wine, which I had consumed quiet a lot during the course of the day.
I needed to pee so my girlfriend an I went off down to the river and went behind a tree, and dropped our shorts and started peeing.
Suddenly a man popped out from behind the tree, cock in hand and brazenly said, 'What a pair of beautiful young cunts, mind if I join you? My girlfriend burst into a peal of laughter and asked him if he planned to pee or wank?
'Well girls I am so fucking hard looking at your cunts I cant pee, but' he continued, 'I will fuck you then pee' and with that he was pounding his meat with some f***e, while we sat there, somewhat unladylike legs open squatting and showing our dripping pussies.
He moved towards me mouthing something really dirty and suddenly I was being drenched in his cum and as I had dropped my face into my hands, he was shooting his sperm down my back and onto my hair.
My girlfriend was laughing at the spectacle and the sound of her made me look up only to have his cock into my face at which I moved my head back only to get as far as the tree trunk, so he managed to get it into my mouth, and despite my efforts to push him back, he was burried balls deep into the back of my throat.
He pushed back from me towering over us still squatting with our knickers at our ankles, 'Just go now' my friend pleaded, you have had your fun, but he had not, he needed to do one more thing, and now his erection had abated, he pissed, and he aimed for our exposed knickers crotches.
I just sat quietly, in fact we both did while he peed on us, hitting our thighs, knickers and pussies, then he was gone as quickly as he had arrived.
On another d***ken night out I finished up having sex standing up against a slotted wooden fence.
I was d***k but I really wanted to be with this guy as he pussed all the right buttons, so when he steered me up this darken alley I knew it was for sex, so I was up for it.
What I did not know was his uncle wanted some pussy that night and I was the girl he wanted, but I certainly did not want him and told him so.
So up against this fence I pressed, now stripped naked, and being fucked much to my delight. I felt his cock slip out and he fumbled to put it back inside me, but in he went and suddenly he was at it with renewed vigour and I was singing his praises when he popped out again.
As I was on the verge of have an orgasm I reached inbetween us determined not to loose the feeling, grabbed his cock and tried to mount it but he started cumming, so dutifully I held him tightly wanking him and pressing into my pussy, so both of us could benift from it.
I was grinding onto his shaft, riding the length when I suddenly realsied, this cock I was pleasuring myself on came from behind me, it was coming from behind the fence, his uncle was fucking me and I thought it was him.
When I tried to protest he just made off and left me standing there feeling used and whats more I discovered I had sperm running out of my pussy, sperm he had ejaculted into me within the first throes of fucking, so both uncle and newphew emptied their balls in me that night.
I stayed over at another girlfriends house one night, I was just sixteen and I was being given copious amounts of alcohol that night, so much in fact I passed out.
During my dreamlike state of mind I could feel my clothes being stripped from me, nice and gently like, almost erotically.
I was nude and I was enjoying the voyour like state of mind I was in and suddenly hot breath could be felt on my nipples, tummy and pubis.
I was having my sexual fantasy of being in a hotel room with three older men, wanting to take their turn with me, one doing it as I watched the other two nude, and in line stoking their penises wanting me.
This feeling was esquisit, one was humping me with slow long strokes and my legs high on his shoulders, another was doing something similar with his cock in my mouth and I could feel my anus being tongued as the penis in me drove me to distraction.
These men were cumming and being replaced by other men, keeping me happy on the road to my own release, which was almost there. I had lost count of the ejaculations I had succumed to, at least four in the mouth and six in my pussy. I was still moving in unison with another lover when a bright light was being shone into my eyes, and as I slowly came out of my dreamlike state of mind, I realised it was the Sun, it was morning and whats more I had been pleasuring myself, possibly masturbating and as I felt myself, I was embarrised at how wet I was.
I needed a drink of lemonade or something. The taste in my mouth was horrible, probably from all the different drinks I had been consuming last night.
So out of bed I got and suddenly realised I was naked and as I looked more closely, I was damp and wet, I was covered in ejaculate.
I sat down heavily onto the bed as the sudden realisation hit me I was not dreaming, I was being gang-banged and cumed-on big time, and whats more I realised, in my dream I was up for it and actually enjoying it.
Nervously I made my way to my girlfriend bedroom and peeked in. She was sl**ping and as I approached the bed I could see the telltail marks that showed she too had had sex.
I woke her up, she streched, asked the time and said, 'I never knew you could fuck like that'
'I dont remember a thing' I said in my defence, 'Tell me what you know' I demanded. Looking me straight in the eye she said, 'You fucked my Dad and my uncles', continuing with, 'Welcome to the f****y'
I sat there flabergasted and shaking my head, trying to remember.
Suddenly she piped-up, 'I think you fucked the whole team, all f******n of them' she continued, 'You look like you have had a sperm bath'
In the shower shortly after that her father came in and peed into the bowl, flushed and opened the shower door and came in beside me. 'You are hotter than my own daughter' he said turning me away from him and entering me from behind.
Suddenly the elusive orgasm that escaped me in my dream came, as did he, thereby cementing me into folklore as the 'Debby does Dallas girl of the North'
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4 years ago
Thank you you had me jacking off through the whole stroy I finally came thank you again MarieL
4 years ago
got to luv you girl thank you
4 years ago
Very hot.
4 years ago
4 years ago
And he's not the only one!!
4 years ago
another amazing story that leaves me hard as a rock and wanting to fuck u senseless!
4 years ago
Superb tale