Mariel needing sex in a hotel

I threw my small carry bag onto the bed and plumped down into the chair, suddenly I was feeling tired.
The room was small, typical fare for a budget airline and their employees, just the basic of comforts, a bed, washbasin, and TV, and at that last thought, I reached for the remote, and flicked on the TV.
The screen burst into life, surprisingly at two in the morning, but it was after-all your early morning porn movie, just phone down for full connection and a small payment of course.
I laughed at the thought of the guy who just checked me in, he was lusting as I bent over to sign the registrar, I wonder what he would have done if I called and asked for a porn movie.
I tossed the remote onto the bed and raised my legs, resting them on the edge of the bed, letting out a long-drawn breath, I was already bored and as my eyes settled on the small white fridge, a nice G&T would go down a treat I thought, and I got up and made my way across to it and opened the small door, happy to see that there was Gin available, but I shuddered momentarily at the thought of the cost, but only momentarily, as I cracked it open and began to pour it into a glass, one that was meant to serve as a mouth-rinse, I then topped it with a small can of tonic, and raised it to my mouth and drank heartily.
Feeling the drink hit the right spot, I sat back down on my seat and continued to view the TV, finally settling for the porn channel, but was immediately frustrated with the lack of content, as it was meant to entice you to want to see more, and it was doing just that, as I was wanting to relax with a good bit of strong porn.
I finished my drink and went back to the fridge and replenished my glass, this time walking back to the chair I stopped in front of the full mirror on the wardrobe, and admired my reflection, 'Not bad', I thought, as I turned left then right, my cheap uniform not really emphasizing my womanly curves, so I put my glass onto the small cabinet and peeled off my skirt and top, 'Now that's more like me', a smile broke out across my face, as I stood in my lacy brassiere, tight thong, and high-top stay up stockings, with just an inch of flesh between them and my crotch.
As I admired my own reflection I was feeling horny and frustrated, I was as usual getting turned on by my own reflection, that's why I dress like this, my high sex drive, but the frustration stemmed from the fact it was so early in the morning, and all the cock was asl**p, I touch my perfectly formed 'Camel Toe', as this thought flashed through my frustrated mind.
I picked up my glass and drank deeply again, I was fueled with alcohol and deep need for an early morning fuck.
Emboldened by the booze and my need I picked up the phone and called the front desk, it rang and rang, finally he answered it, sounding sl**py, 'Hello can I help you', 'An understatement', I thought, 'This is Miss Jones', I answered seductively, there was a momentary silence before he coughed and replied, 'I know, I just checked you in', it sounded as if he was trying to be friendly, after all he did mentally 'Jump my bones', during the check-in process, or so I thought.
'Can I order some more Gin and Tonic', I queried, 'Sure I have some down here at the desk', he fired back, obviously keen to have me bending over for him again.
'What about you bringing it to my room', I replied, studying my reflection in the mirror opposite, I wondered what he would do if he could see me like this, and a horny pang tore through me, 'I will open the door like this', I thought, as he interrupted me, 'How many bottles', he asked, 'I think two more should hit the spot nicely', to which just said OK and put the phone down.
I walked back to the mirror, touching and patting myself, my heart was pounding and the urge to fuck was incredible. I looked down at my crotch, the outline of my pussy was so pronounced, had my thong been flesh colored, I was convinced I i would look naked, from a distance, but black was so cool.
I run my fingers along the 'V' and felt the sensations, soon a complete stranger would see me dressed like this, and I felt a surge of warmth push from my pussy, I was wet and getting wetter.
There was a quiet knock on my door, at first I was not sure that it was, then he knocked again and I nearly jumped from my skin, I looked into the mirror once more and suddenly noticed, as if for the first time, my black brassiere was netted, and the pale skin beneath shone through with a translucent glow, but more importantly, my hard pink nipples stood proud and strained against the black netted material, 'Oh Fuck', I thought, suddenly I felt cheap and dirty, but the excitement and need for sex drove me on, and I stepped towards the door, just as he knocked a little harder for the third time, 'Cumming', I called out, and the spelling is correct, as I felt moments from having an orgasm.
'Fuck it', I thought as I touched the handle, too late to cover up now, my finger enveloped the wooden handle and I turned it and watched the door give way, as if in slow motion.
I continued to open it until my head could peek round and see him standing with a tray with my drinks on it, still in their little bottles, and I watched his face as more and more of me came into view, 'I hope you don't mind me being in my undies', I made light of my near nude appearance, suddenly I felt warmth and more relaxed now I was confronted by him, I felt a surge of power as he was clearly dumb-struck, I felt in control, 'Did you always imagine stewardesses dressed like this under their uniforms?'
He was not replying, just staring and I turned away from him and deliberately walked to my bag and my purse, accentuating my walk, as I just knew he would be watching my ass cheeks gyrate with the little piece of black material, that served as my thong disappear high between them, making my whole ass bare to him.
At the chair I bent over, keeping my legs straight, enabling him to view my crotch from behind, opening my legs enough for him to see through the gap and my pussy lips, by now I had lost all my inhibitions and I was going to go all the way.
I fished in my purse, the idea being to give him time to see my offerings, after which I stood up and turned, only to find he had followed me and sat on the edge of the bed, directly behind me, leaving only a matter off a few feet from his eyes to my cunt.
'How much do I owe you', I asked him while thinking, 'I bet he was close enough to see how wet I am'. I was holding cash in my hand, 'No need', he replied, 'I can put it on your bill'.
At this juncture we had reached a pregnant pause, neither of us speaking just staring, my crotch withing touching distance, less than two feet from me, I was swaying, gently rocking on my feet, each sway getting closer to his face, then I realized I was visibly panting as he stared into my crotch.
He raised both his hands and they came to rest on my hips, and he gently tugged me towards him, I shuffled and suddenly I could feel his hot breath on my tummy, then his lips and his tongue as he traced a line from my belly button down my V, and then he was sniffing my cunt and all my odors, and at that point I looked down at him and only then realized I was holding the back of his head, pulling him against me.
His hands ran down the backs of my thighs, then back up and across my bare bum cheeks, he hooked onto my thong and pulled it down across my ass and left it mid thigh, at which point he returned to caressing my bum and thighs, only now his tongue was rasping my clitoris, and I was arching into his face, rubbing my crotch into him, making every curve of his feature a point to grind into, then thankfully, my thong dropped to my ankles and I stepped out and opened my legs wider, 'Put your fingers in me', I moaned, I just needed that full feeling to cum as his tongue was doing a brilliant job on my clitoris, I would suck him dry once I came I thought.
My pussy was filling up nicely, he was going in and out with consummated ease, there was no resistance as I humped on him, 'Oh Fuck me', I moaned over and over, louder and louder until I exploded, my knees buckling as I fell forward, thankful his insertion was still fucking me, as I think to lose that rhythm during my orgasm would have killed it midstream.
I lay on the bed face down, my heart pounding, my pussy aching in a nice way, still full, my closed thighs holding him in place.
When I recovered my composure I realized he was not inside me, and as I turned on the bed to face him, he was sitting looking at me, I sat up and looked between my legs, 'wtf', I thought and I stood up realizing whatever he had put inside me was still inside, 'What do you put into me', I asked him, curious bur a little concerned, he smiled, 'Mr Schweppes', he replied, and I suddenly realized he had shoved the fucking tonic bottle in my cunt and I took all of it with ease.
He had fucked me with a bottle, small though as it is, still fucking a stewardess with one, well I thought he deserves recognition for that sly endeavor, so once we got it out and dried it, I duly signed the label and dated it, he compared the authenticity of my signature and I sat on it and let him take a photo for proof, which this site removed due to its indecent nature, or so I was told.
However make a comment and leave you email address and I will send it to you, remember you must comment and leave your email in order to receive one from me personally.
He then undressed and went to work on his cock and balls for over an hour, needless to say I had a long lie-in the next morning

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1 year ago
Fabulous story! I'd love to see the pic:
Thanks Sexy! You rock!!
2 years ago
I just love bottle stories yours was hot please send pics
2 years ago
Fuck it, I will just add ALL your stories to my favorites :D
2 years ago
Absolutely great story and pics. I would love to see the pic this site errsased.
2 years ago
mmm, that was hot... i wish i could find a stewardess like u....
3 years ago
i have your picture in my favs please add me
3 years ago
great story Mariel, i just wish you would agree to meet me in a hotel
3 years ago
Yet another awesome story from a fabulous looking woman. I've never fucked a woman with a bottle of Schweppes but with a champagne bottle oh yes. I'd love to see that picture -
3 years ago
great story please send me pic
3 years ago
just so hot and sexy such a turn on
3 years ago
awesome story I'd love to see that pic
3 years ago
so hot mariel! i wanna see that pic!
3 years ago
Hey Marie

Absolutely loved the story. You should follow up with part 2 or extend it and give some details about the next hour.

I like your writing style as well as the content....


3 years ago
Awesome hot.

3 years ago
really raunchy story ! would love to hear what he did to you next !
3 years ago
AWESOME honey I loved it !
3 years ago
Great Story, i could feel the sexual tension growing the more i read, and picyured what you body looked like. Amazing story, and very erotic scene. Top marks ;) ( .Y. )

Sorry, email is:

would love to see pics!
3 years ago
Great Story, i could feel the sexual tension growing the more i read, and picyured what you body looked like. Amazing story, and very erotic scene. Top marks ;) ( .Y. )