Cars, s****rs and b*****rs, great fucking

The lightest muscle in a mans body, is his cock, even a dirty thought can make it stand.
I was saying that with my friends when we were just 12, twelve years old and we knew men got erections, but the gravity escaped us, it was the fun of it.
I was one of the girls that pulled her knicker front down to show boys my pussy and let the older boys cum, through masturbation, onto me. I was facinated by this hot stream streaking across space and landing on my vaginal region and feeling it seeping into my knickers as I walked home.
I must have held some kind of unwritten record for a twelve year-old girls vagina coated in so many sperms, just as well I did not start ovulating till later in life, of course we were all young so mabye the boys sperm were still inactive, if thats possible.
Point is, in Sex, its not the penetrative intercourse that's the be all and end all, it can be the lead-in and the situations one finds oneself in, the pleasure of giving, even allowing a stranger to finish what could be classified as ****, finish his dastardly deed, can be a thrill, a thrill of him achieving absolute pleasure from your motionless body, after all, what feels better than natures Orgasm.
Just like the girls quote on cocks, the men have similar quotes on us girls, quotes like, 'Every girl fantisizes about ****,' or, 'Once you get it inside them, they will let you finish', in my opinion have some truth, as Sex is powerful, and a penis is an assault with a friendly weapon.
Yes I stand with my hand up, I admit to allowing men in certain situations, to go the full way, without resisting them, the reason being, everything was a mixture of the giving of absolute pleasure to someone who never expected to receive it and the feeling of him inside me doing it.
In another way, I was deriving pleasure from him receiving it, a kind of positive feedback, and I am a sucker for a good cock, especially one inside me, stretching the very fabric and elasticity of my vaginal walls.
Off course the attitude to sex of the person being pounded counts, and as I have a healthy sexual attitude to all matters sexual, I am less likely to cry ****, if I am getting something out of it.
I think the above suggests the majority of unreported **** falls under this catigory, but the violent cases one reads about, is something completely different.
Well now I have got the lecture and blog out of my system, I am sure you are sitting with your cock in hand waiting on my experiences to thrill you from the female perspective of fucking, something I am sure you want to do to me right now, so without further ado, let fuck guys.
I have stipulated in many stories, how wine loosens my legs, but vodka and whisky, makes them fly open, and if in commando fashion dress that night, you would have an extra pair of pinkish lips to kiss in passion.
Unfortunately, going commando only started in my adult teen endevours, aided and abetted with other equally horny girls, looking for cock action, on our weekend nights' out.
So this night found me in a pair of tight knickers, silky and sheer, not see-through, silky to the touch, and due to my skirt being short, they were touched frequently, throughout the night, driving up my desires and priming me for cock.
Dancing was thigh humping, rubbing my crotch against the guys leg, looking for the elusive orgasm on the dance floor, something I could achieve with a pair of tight knickers with the gusset slading across my clitoris, as I moved side to side in a rocking motion on my partners thigh.
The trick being you could get off without surrendering to a fuck later on, so guys with large thigh muscles, got the most slow dances.
My problem was I was drinking Vodka and my poor old clitoris was numb, so I was in a dillema, I wanted a fuck but was too d***k to enjoy it, I am sure you guys have felt the same.
Fuck #1 happened in the back of the ride back to the party at a pick-ups house and the guy who relieved himself inside me was my best friends boy for the night.
She was d***k and had passed out and he sat between us. In the front was the designated driver, this guys s****r and her boyfriend sat in the front seat, I was the spare girl for whoever needed some fun.
During the drive with his hand casually d****d over my shoulder he soon found his probbing fingers inside my bra, teasing my erect nipple until it just popped-out of my halve-cut bra. I distinctly remember seeing his s****r adjust the rear view mirror to watch us then wink to her b*****r.
This occured just as he dipped his head down onto my nipple and as her boyfriend turned to view me in the process of being exposed, she thumped him on the leg and told him to face the front.
'I'll take the long route back' she called over her shoulder and laughed, clearly here was a s****r aiding her b*****r in getting the most from females, providing him with feminine pleasure and as I was now receiving his attention, what did I care.
With his mouth firmly chewing on my exposed nipple, my legs were wide apart and my hand was down the front carressing my clitoris, unashamedly, as my inhibitions had gone and I publicy masturbating, without shame.
The car pulled into a wooded area and his s****r got out, rounded the front and in front of the headlights stepped out of her knickers, and got into the passenger side and mounted her boyfriend, facing us. As I looked at her she was bouncing on his lap waching me and her b*****r sucking my titty, and suggesting to her b*****r to rip my knickers off and fuck me.
On saying this as crude as you like, her boyfriend gave a discerable groan, to which she abruptly stopped and warned him not to cum, as she was enjoying the show in the back seat.
As his hand now supplanted mine over my vulva region I raised my ass of the seat to rid myself of my knickers, and suddenly she reached back and took hold of them, pulling them free of my body and promptly placed them on her boyfriends head, rubbing the saturated gusset into his nose and mouth. 'Taste her', she ordered, and then reached back between our legs and eased her long middle finger into my exposed anus, all the way up to the hand, feeling and rubbing her b*****rs cock through the thin membrane that separated my anus from my vagina, she was stimulating and masturbating him inside me.
He was grunting like a prenant sow, telling her to rub harder and I have to admit I was getting something very strange from the experience, it was intense and double penetation and more importantly, from a girl and a s****r to boot, wierd, exotic and the fucking horniest feeling ever.
I came with a scream, loud enough to wake the dead, all my orifices clenching down on the finger and cock of my lovers, 'Good girl' she kept saying over and over, then she came, then her boyfriend, and without wasting a stroke, she pulled her finger out of my convusing asshole and pushed it hard up her b*****rs, and he respended with his rendition of, cum all yeah faithful.
The four of us lay panting and recovering, when suddenly, my friend awoke, said, 'WTF' turned and nodded off again.
We all laughed and we girls then got out to scoop the cum from our cunts and wipe our crotches. 'You felt good', she said as we cleaned, adding, 'You must have had a beaut?' refering to my orgasm. 'Different and unusual' I relied, you always stick your finger up peoples asses, I added with a laugh, yes she said, occupational hazzard, I am a Doctor she said and Bi-sexual, so no offence meant, just want to give the most pleasure.
She certainly was different, a very dominent alpha girl, and a lot of juicy exploits in her surgery, she confessed to me later in bed, yes I slept with her that night and she watched her boyfriend pleasure himself inside me as we kissed, but I am sure you will want to hear more about her and I, not to mention my girlfriends sex that night, so readers keep in touch with Mariel and I will spill the beans on how we can be more aluring and dirtier then men and do the most outrageous things for sex.
89% (68/8)
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4 years ago
great read very horny
4 years ago
your stories are so great thank you
4 years ago
loved it
4 years ago
i wish my sister was that kool! ur life amazes me they should turn it into a movie but they would never be able to put it in theatres
4 years ago
Thanks Mariel now I've got to go and wash up had to jadk off while I was finishing your story thanks
4 years ago
Mariel, love your true storys, and you nailed me on the head in this, Daddy
4 years ago
Great story!
4 years ago
this is the best on here by far
4 years ago
pretty good story
4 years ago
4 years ago
wonderful, quite tantalizing and cock rocker.keep it up
4 years ago
tht was a great story
4 years ago
That was great. I always go to your site first for stories. I know if you have written one it will be a cock hardener and this is no exception. Thanks. You are awesome.
4 years ago
great story and yes i want to hear more!!!