Back in the Gents toilet with a girl

A long time had passed since my first sexual encounter in a gents toilet, then it was a f****y affair, besides I was young and all this was new to me but it had an air of excitement and held a particular sexual attraction, perhaps it was where men exposed themselves and it always drew me like a magnet.
Now here I was again, with a group of girlfriends, sheltering from the rain and downing a couple of bottles of wine, before moving on to the dance hall, a few blocks from where we stood.
This was an open-air section of town, the main gardens with the place of convenience tucked away at the back, where people could spend a penny without embarisment.
Our problem, whenever the need arose, was the ladies was closed, but the gents remained open, its as if the women of this city all stopped pissing at 17:00, but the men could, right up to 23:00.
I stood close to the entrance of the gents and even though no-one was entering or leaving, the familiar smells brought back that encounter, stirring and stimulating the visual, emotional, and physical sex, I encountered, that afternoon, that even today it causes me to intimately touch myself, as if controlled on automatic to its reserection in my mind.
I shivered in the sudden draft of cool air, a front normally followed by yet more rain, and standing here scantily clad in this sudden change of weather, I rocked ever so lightly on my feet, as the giddyness of the wine and fresh air started to take effect.
We were all feeling the effects and we were all high in both expectation and alcohol, yes like our male counterparts, we were getting pissed and wanted to fuck, later that night and compare notes the next day.
It was getting dark as the clouds started closing in on night and soon the only illumination was from the toilet attendants small room and even here the curtains were drawn.
We all thought that there was no-one home, as the banter of d***k girls was loud and dirty, and coupled with the clinking of glasses would have caused any consiencious attendant to show concern around his place of work.
After a short while we needed to pee but instead of using the gents two of the girls moved off to the side and squated down, pulling their knickers down their thighs they both released hot gushers, squirting backwards, much to the howls and squeals of delight from the others watching them.
They confessed to feeling revolted by the smell of the urinals, so pissing in the street with the rain providing the flush was more refreshing that a boggy old toilet.
I on the other hand was more induced to slip back into the gents and revisit my girlhood encounter and savour the smells and sounds particular to this environment.
In I went and into the first cubical I sat, leaving the door ajar, not caring if someone saw me and soon all the old emotions were flooding back and I slid forward on the toilet seat and slipped my hand between my legs and unashamedily started to caress my crotch. I was so arroused I could not pee and this in turn gave a mixture of pain and pleasure.
Soon I had a number of fingers deeply inserted, thrusting and twisting my poor orifice, in an attempt to relive the orgasm from so long ago.
I had to give up, it was not going to happen the drink had numbed my clitoris and the painful feeling to pee was becoming too overpowering, so I relaxed and soon I was providing a hot stream of golden shower, gushing with such f***e, it actually got between the seat and porcelin and flowed forward, drenching my legs and soaking my knickers, stockings and shoes.
'Fuck, fuck, fuck' I said repeatedly, realising I had just pissed all over myself. Thankfully my dress was high enough around my waistline so as not to get wet, but my thighs, calves, and feet including the clothes I wore on them were.
There was a puddle of my piss around the toilet seat and when I dropped my thong to the ground, what little material this item was made off, was full of piss.
I walked bare-assed to the sinks and holding my dress high, completely exposing my lower extremitiies, I ran my knickers under the cold water tap and rinsed them, than started to wipe myself clean on my thighs above my stocking tops.
It was only then I realised the girls were quiet, so I ran to the entrance and looked out, they were gone, the bitches had taken advantage of the lull in the rain and made a beeline for the dance hall, leaving me in the toilet.
In one way I was thankfull, as being caught pissing yourself was something that I could never live down, so it was better I cleaned myself and made the few blocks down the street myself.
I went outside adjust myself but left my knickers off, as they were still wet and as I rounded the corner I saw one of the girls, sitting and passed-out. She had decided to wait on me and passed out much the wear for drinking too much on an empty stomoch.
I noted there was still a bottle just opened so I poured myself another and sat on the brick wall, shivering as the cold found its way into my bare ass, through the thin material of my dress.
Suddenly a beam of light cascaded onto us as we sat, it came from the toilet attendants room and there he stood in the window, looking us up and down.
The curtains were drawn again and within minutes he was out beside us, a man in his 50's fat and uncouth, and he stood in front of me and said, 'Hows about you coming back in and cleaning up your mess?'
I was taken aback, he must have been there all along, hiding behind the curtains, listening and looking at our small group and more importantly, me, pissing myself, in his beloved cubicle.
I pressed my finger to my lips to shush him for fear of my friend waking-up and hearing of my unfortunate encounter with nature.
He nodded with a sense of victory and stood up and started to make my way back, when he said, 'I take her inside and make her comfortable'. I stopped and looked back as bent down and scooped her up, like a rag doll, and started to carry her into his little room, she continued to sl**p in his arms.
The room brought back my memories as the bench he laid her on was similar in size and shape, I had knelt on, as I looked out at the men using the urinals and letting my grandfather and his friend take me from behind.
The memories and the emotions sent a warm flowing from my crotch to the rest of my being, suddenly it was so real again and I felt I was reliving the dream.
I sat on the armchair as he stood over the sl**ping form of my companion. 'She's a little beaut', he said turning to look at me, 'Mind you sweetie, you're a catch yourself' and as if to emphasise his sentiments he clutched his crotch, taking a handful of his pants as if it were his penis, to show his pleasure at our presence.
I knew what he meant and made no comment, except to ask for another wine from the bottle I was carrying.
'That's the spirit' he said, 'I like a girl who knows what it's about'. 'I am sure I dont know what you are talking about' I replied, not totally convincing myself either, as I was in the throes of reliving a sex act about to be re-enacted and I was in no rush to end it.
He sat down by her head, his drink resting on his leg and his free hand tracing the outline of her face and neck.
'What do you think?' he asked me, his eyes fixed on mine, 'Lets go into one of the cubicles' I retorted, and stood up, resigned to my needs for this uncouth fat lump of a man, and walked to the room door, expecting him to follow me.
'Wait' he said, 'What's the rush?', and turning back to my unconsious friend said, 'Let me warm up with this one and you'll get the juice to finish' and without further ado, reached down and eased her dress all the way up to her hips, exposing her scanty thong, as the only means of protection, from such an assault, that was now about to take place.
Like a rabbit caught in some headlights I made my way back to the seat and settled-in to watch him fuck my friend, making no effort to protect her as I was as turned-on by what was unfolding before me as he was, about to deflower her youthful body.
He turned her into the wall and eased he bottom out over the edge of the seat, pulled down her knickers sufficiently to clear her bottom and vaginal area, then kneeling on a spare cushion, opened his flies and eased his pants down, exposing his fat bottom to my lustful looks, eased himself fully into her streched cunt and started fucking her.
'Fuch she's tight', he said thickly, savouring the feeling surrounding his cock, tightly encased in feminine muscels, holding him tightly as in a vaccum. each thrust drawing her flesh in and out, as it clung around his shaft, easing with each thrust as her moisture coated his shaft making the pleasure for both unbearable.
I dropped my dress and standing in stocking and belt walked over beside him as he was now relaxed and humping her with more even and deep strokes. He reached behind me and stroked my naked bottom and kissed my bald venus mound, reaching in and holding my vaginal lips apart buried his tongue into my clitoris, and I stood there, eyes closed, holding his bald head tightly against my crotch, I moved in unison with his thrusting tongue.
In order for easier access to my inner soul I lifted a leg onto the bench, now I could feel the f***eful lapping and licking of my vagina with its lips being pulled apart, and as I looked down on him I could see he had stopped his fucking motion inside her, as she was sufficiently consious and was now riding his shaft as if her life depended on it.
Suddenly he jumped up, and without warning I found myself across my friend, our breasts being crushed together as he had buried himself inside me, he was in the final act of cumming and I was to be the recipent of his seed.
The feeling and the f***efulness was exquisite and I repeatedly said over and over for him not to cum, as I was about to do so myself.
I moved and his hand held me by my hair forcing my head down onto her vagina and I was burried in the muskyness of her aromas, and as she moved and he thrust me deeper into her wet vagina, I found myself performing an act of cunniligus with my first girl and experiencing a triple all around orgasm for all participants in this sex romp.
87% (52/8)
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2 years ago
you are so liberated with your sex life
4 years ago
You know MarieL I'm falling in love with your exploits you have had one great sexual affair after another you have made me cum over and over again and I love you for that thanks
4 years ago
i have read this one and the one you posted after it we here in the US do not have attened wc's and it seems thar no one goes near the ones in our city parks but they all have that same smell and i remember all of the fantacies i would have about meeting girls/women in them thank you for the memories
4 years ago
Love this one and had I been there I would of cleaned you off with my tounge , not only from your pee but then eaten our creampie afterwards
4 years ago
Fab story...would be a great experience
4 years ago
Good job Marie, can't wait to spend time with you, love, ND2
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
hmmmm very hot story.
4 years ago
Women like it too!
4 years ago
great story
4 years ago
damn hot story
4 years ago
Great story, Mariel. I love the premise, peeing in the mens lav and getting fucked and sucking your friends pussy. Makes me so hard. Thanks.
4 years ago
another hot & sexy story. keep them cumming.