My First Group encounter as a Student

So far I have covered a good age range, a range from a self discovery, branching out to my first experience, and perfecting the art of using my young body to its fullest potential, learning and pleasing, offering and schemeing, submitting and dominating, but most off all, sharing with all men to enjoy me to their fullest and learning to enjoy them as they give.
I am sure most men will agree that for all women like myself, sex is so easy to come by, after all, I only need to say yes and they are in.
The problem is that through time you need more imagination and this is where I strive most, creating the ideal situation for both me and the man, or men I choose for that evening, yes believe it or not, I go looking for sex, just like guys do, and sometimes I get into a pickle and finish-up getting more than I bargained for.
I love live sex, watching others do it. I get turned-on with the moaning and the sounds of intercourse, the cock going in and out and the smell, yes the smell, god I could wallow in the odour given off from the fuck.
I have participated in group sex on a couple of occassions, but the biggest ploy is to be in the room when my girlfriends are being serviced, lying there in the dark, listening, drinking in the strong odours, and quietly relieving myself in unison to the movements, and on occassions, join in for a quickie, a cock suck a ball bite or finger insertion.
I have been driving at closing time on my own, looking for d***ks staggering home, not legless, but suffiently d***k to be fully alert.
Now why, you may ask. Well I love to flash and get a reaction, so when I spot one I make sure the coast is clear, and do one of a number of things.
I will drive slowly past them and stop ahead, giving myself enough time to strip-off, get out of the car naked, and stand there waiting his approach, masturbating myself in front of him, trying to orgasm before he reaches me, and if not dive back in, lock the doors and continue playing with my pussy as he stands outside watching, begging to be let in, or whipping his cock out and joining-in.
In the later situation, I have been known to wind-down the window and suck him, taking a facial and cumming as he shoots.
Sometimes I just forgo stepping out nude and just masturbate with the light on, but I was caught on phone cam once and the guy found out who I was, by noting my licence-plate number and his friend at the licence place in Cardiff, gave him all my particulars, so guess who had to do some pretty nasty things to please this guy.
Of course I was still a student and my hormones had already been driving me to nymphomanic proportions, I could not stop myself wanting orgasms and sometimes I would have three men in one night, stopping for directions, and inviting the guy in for a quickie up some side street, with cum from a previous aquaintance still occupying my vaginal canal, so a lot of mixing was performed on such nights and the latest guy being so pleased with the amount of sperm on show, believing it to be all his.
I was taken to a swingers party one night, by a guy old enough to be my father. I had met him in a bar called the 'Pineapple' and after an evening discussing sex, he offered, and I accepted.
There were six couples, all in the same age range, so I was the baby and immediately the most popular, and the wives and partners of the men were all for their man having a pop at me.
So we all introduced ourselves to one another, and I am sure most knew each other from previous meetings, but like I said, an eighteen year old Sewish girl with a hot body, was going to abused before I got outside the front door again, so I was up for the nights entertainment.
All the women stipped-off to their undies in one room, and I was the only one in knickers and bra, all the rest were attired in sexy clothes and stockings. Realizing I was not showing myself to my full potential, the lady of the house gave my a peek into her undies drawer, where a suitable pair of netted black, slutty thigh high stockings were found unpackaged, and suitable pair of thongs, brand new and still in their original box, were offer and slipped into.
To complete my look I opted to go bare breasted, as my nipples were as large as my breasts and someone could hang a coat on one if he wanted.
The other women were a mishapen bunch all past the prime with bumps and rolls to hang onto, but a good laugh to be with and a lot of cock ahead to play with.
We came out into the living room, myself last to emerge, and the first thing I saw was that all the men were naked and all were in various stages of erection.
I being the new youngest and the newest girl, saw myself being thrust into the middle of the men, who then proceeded to savour the delights on offer, while the rest of the girls sat down and egged the men on to do things with their cocks to me.
I had never been in a circle with five naked men and I confess, looking back, it was a mind blowing experience. The guy who brought me stood in front and kissed me full on my lips, while both my hands held a cock and I tried to masturbate them in unison, but for some reason, I always got out of sync.
Then I felt one enter me and hang onto my tits as he humped like a man possessed. I was being kissed all aver and prodded by cocks, no sooner had one cum inside me than another went right in, it was just like one long fuck, with a slight miss of beat as they changed places.
I lost count as I was in a dream like state. I was experiencing the thickest penis ever to have opened me up when suddenly I was having my clitoris lashed by a very experienced tongue, and it was my first double orgasm, clitoral and vaginal, both exploding simultaneously, and causing my knees to buckle and I screamed my pleasure in the highest octave God gave a woman.
On subsiding I looked down to see one of the women pull off my swollen pussy, God she was good, my first Bi-girl on girl experience.
I am sure you guys wanking off reading this account will have shot your load by now so I shall sign off by stating all five men had me that night and I have never forgot that memorable night from a chance encounter in the 'Pineapple'.
Of course my landlord in Newcastle's Denmark street was waiting my return so thats another story for all you nice wankers

Love Mariel
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4 years ago
MarieL you are my Heroin thanks
4 years ago
another good story of your life thank you
4 years ago
your story made me horny as hell!!!
4 years ago
Wish your lived somewhere near me! Hot story...
4 years ago
can i have ago? lol
4 years ago
MarieL, you are just so hot!
4 years ago
wow this story is just too fucking hot