An early morning sex object, myself of course.

One guys wrote to me and said he gets so hard, whenever he reads a woman's account of her getting horny and wanting to get a man to fuck.
I know I dont speak for all women, but as desirable objects for sex, especially in the early mornings, it does something to our libidos, and God help any husband not on the ball, as there are many options in the path of his wife's trip to work, and some of them are bigger, fatter, juicier, and downright more pleasurable.
Once I got a taste of an opportune liaison, I went looking for it again and again, trying to make it look accidental, as if the man had all his Christmases rolled into one, but as I stand next to and brush against men, my mind is in a whirl, 'Please touch me', it screams, and my bum presses against a hand, hoping the thin cotton dress and no underwear, efficiently conduct the heat generated from my crotch, along with the soft yielding curvature of my bum cheeks against his hand.
Some shyer men realize the connection and work a single finger ever so slowly, like testing the water with their big toe, and even after pressing harder against his protuberance, they still insist on this tippy-toe approach, whereas, at the other end of the scale, their fingers are happy to trace the outline of my by now quivering buttocks, and even rub my bum hole, while I stand quietly, shielding him in his pursuit of sexual exploration, albeit, fingering a mans wife's anal cavity.
Of course careful thought goes into this illicit liaison, like a large zipper placed directly above the object he caresses, a small piece of wool tied though the slider hole, on the zipper, reminds him just to tug on it to release and open the thin fabric, exposing the warm flesh and the joys of toying the crinkly bum hole entrance, to which by then I try to ease you inside for the journey ahead.
Some men have sufficient experience to slide their hands between a woman's legs and feel the heat generated by her Cunt, not to mention the sweet lubrication, ever present, for ease of access, forbidden by law if married, but if the zipper is low enough, ie comes to rest below the curvature of the bum cheeks, then access by Cock, is as easy as taking it out and slipping into something warm.
I have had some memorable Fucks on the way to work, aided by the clickity-clack, of the wheels going across the track, others just cover my bum with cum, and zip me up, to leave the absorption to my thin cotton dress.
I remember on one opportune journey I was so hot for sex, one guy got in behind me and did just that, relieved himself on my curvaceous cheek, then re-zippered me to my frustration.
Upon alighting the train I went straight into the waiting room and headed for the toilet, went inside, removed my cotton dress, sat bare-assed on the porcelain and started to relieve myself, smelling the semen stain on my dress, for inspiration.
In my fucked-up way I failed to notice a couple of important things, one, was that I had wandered into the Gents section, two, as I went at it female style, my foot was showing under the next cubical, and my passion for relief was so strong, I was emitting a constant stream of pleasurable noises, thus attracting men to my actual goings-on.
As I frigged furiously I opened my eyes to see two men, one either side of me in adjoining cubicals, looking down on a women in the final approaches to landing in heaven, I stopped, game up, and leant forward and released the snib that held the door closed.
Looking back up at the astonished men I lay back and continued, while they took the invitation of the unlocked door, and came inside to join me, needless to say, sitting naked on a man's cock in a toilet, can be deemed dirty sex, but being double penetrated in such a position, did bring instant relief, and as I sat across from my husband and studied his face, it all seemed so easy, when he inquired, 'Did I have a nice day', especially since my crotch was still dripping from the semen of two strangers, from both holes, 'Yes Darling, I had a wonderful day', and I meant every word of it.
100% (9/0)
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3 years ago
mariel the world would be a better place if there were more women like u in it!
3 years ago
nothing hotter then a horny women getting pleasured such a turn on
3 years ago
wow. your stories are always awesome.