A MILF waiting for her son in her car

I went to pick-up my son the other day as he left his junior high school, and as I sat in the car a couple of youths in the same age group came past my car.
I was smoking as they approached and as I blew some smoke out the window, it attracted their attention.
They stopped their horsing around and noticed me sitting in the car, puffing away casually and had a short discussion with each other before gathering enough confidence to approach the car and confront me.
'Any chance of a cigarette', one asked me, and as they were about ages with my son, I queried if they were old enough to smoke.
'Fuck lady, I just asked for a cigarette, not a fucking blow job', he retorted. I had to laugh, as such a comment coming from one so young seemed comical, 'Watch your mouth', I replied, trying to appear in control, as I would when dealing with my son.
'Fuck you bitch', was the mouthful I got for my efforts, 'Yeah, fuck you Cunt', the other joined-in with his bit of adolescent machismo, I laughed again, but this just seemed to encourage them, and they continued with their steady stream of expletives.
I casually looked around and noted we were alone, my reason for doing so was because these boys were tickling me, meaning I was sexually in tune with their excitement.
'Calm down boys, here have a cigarette', and I offered the packet out of the window, all they had to do was approach and take it from my outstretched hand.
As one approached I eased my dress higher to expose my highs and stockings, something he immediately noticed as he sidled up to the car door, 'Thanks', he said, his eyes glued to my legs, then traversed up my torso before coming to rest on my face, 'Your very pretty', he commented, 'You in your twenties', he added, I smiled at his comment, suddenly feeling flattered this teenage boy found me attractive and young to boot.
'Your friend smoke', I asked him, he shook his head to indicate he did not, 'You waiting for someone', he asked, drawing on his cigarette and coughing, I looked at him, fresh faced, he had not even started to shave yet, 'This your first time', I asked him in a seductive manner, realizing my question had a strong sexual overtone to it, drawing my tongue across my lips as I asked him, 'What do you mean', he replied, clearly flustered with my intimidating question.
'Why smoking', I teased, my eyes dropping to his crotch as I said so, and to add more to his obvious discomfort, I lifted one of my knees as I put my foot on the well in the car center, alongside the gear stick, knowing full well my bare upper thigh would be exposed to him, clearly outlining the fact I was wearing stockings.
He coughed as he saw my panties, and what they barely covered, as they were of a sheer black mesh type, so I knew he could see the outline of my pussy, but I cared not.
His clear discomfort emboldened me, I felt a surge of power, this boy probably jacked-off to images of what confronted him right now, I looked at his crotch again, then around again to make sure we were still alone.
'Can I suck your cock', it was out before I could help myself, their youth excited me, suddenly I felt my age but I knew I could teach them a thing or two, I was in heat and wanted to fuck them, get naked with two k**s and have fun.
I could clearly see he had an erection and this bolstered my confidence, 'Get in the car', I ordered, but he stood stock still, frozen to the spot, and as I realized I was becoming aggressive, due to my rising feelings, I tried a softer approach, 'Call your friend over and we can go for a ride', and as I said it, I reached out of my window and touched his cock through his denims.
His friend had stayed about five meters off, sitting on a low wall, and when he saw what I was doing he approached the car.
By now he was hard against the car door as I fondled him, and his friend came alongside. I stopped and switched to him, noticing his zipper was already down so taking his cock out was a breeze, he was bigger than I thought, like a fully grown man, and within a few minutes he was in my mouth and I was blowing him like a pro.
The first boy had broken from his captivation and went around to the passenger door and got into the car. On hearing the door close I turned to face the boy I was sucking from the window, thereby offering my ass to the boy now undressing in the passenger seat.
Within minutes he was inside me fucking me like a horny man should fuck a horny woman, he was grunting and as I felt behind me I realized he was completely naked.
I was panicking, scared we would be caught, but I did not want to stop, this felt good, he felt good inside me, fucking with such determination, and the boys cock in my mouth felt equally good, the fact his pubes were bare and his soft balls had barely dropped, excited me even more, as my long tongue raked across them with his cock down my throat.
He held the back of my head as he ejaculated, thrusting hard into my throat, he was so deep in my mouth I did not feel he had done so, but his friend I did feel as he ejaculated into my unprotected pussy, the warmth of his ejaculate flooding and spreading to my belly, deep inside me.
Their timing was almost simultaneous, the boy outside the car drawing his long cock slowly from my mouth as his friend pumped his semen inside me from my lower end.
We never spoke as our bodies became disengaged, to boy beside me turning and relaxing naked in the passenger seat, his cock emitting a strong odor and a hint of stream as my lubricating juices evaporated before our eyes.
He was well formed and hung, 'Can I see your tits', he asked casually, and before I could lift a hand to unbutton my blouse, his friend was in opening my blouse and pulling each breast free from their encasement of each cup in my brassiere.
He lent forward and suckled on my nipple, his friend leant through the open window and did likewise on the other, 'Oh fuck', I thought as the dual pleasure of each nipple combined, to banish time and concern, I could hear the sounds of pupils leaving school, but strangely it held no fear, I wanted to fuck again and as I held the back of each boys head tenderly onto each of my breasts and closed my eyes to the outside world, only feeling their tongues and lips, and the semen oozing from my other lips onto the car seat.
The closing of the back door jolted me to my senses, as I awoke I thought the boy outside the car had got in, then I suddenly realized he was still chewing on my raw nipple, as was the naked boy beside me, I turned horrified to see my son sitting in the back seat, 'We need to go Mum', was all he said, as both boys broke off from me, I turned to car key, and as the engine fired up, my son said to the boys outside the car, 'Dave you coming', he laughed and pulled the car door open and got in, 'Just did b*o', and they all laughed, I slammed the gear into first and drove off, my tits swinging freely, my nipples suddenly cold with the cool air across them, still wet with the boys saliva, I felt free, thank god my son has an open mind since my husband left me, then again, it gives him a good chance of a good nights sl**p, while both his friends take over the conjugal rights my husband surrendered the night he ran away.

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2 years ago
Great mum and son
2 years ago
Great mum and son
3 years ago
Super hot hope you write another story
3 years ago
Well done , got me horny. Gotta wank now babe. thx
3 years ago
3 years ago
Good as always
3 years ago
where were u when i was in junior high mariel!? lucky bastards!
3 years ago
Oh dear please tell use more.. Pretty please with cum on top?
3 years ago
Lucky boys.
3 years ago
baby as hot as always
3 years ago
so perfect very hot and naughty, wish I could of done that when I was a school, a hot sexy milf just gagging for it such a turn on