My Daughter and my Lover, Voyeurism at it best

I found a new low in my character last week, sitting quietly with a glass of wine in my hand and watching dispassionately as my daughter began behaving badly with my lover.
I was worse for wear having drank too much, but I found my role as voyeur part enthralling, by her beauty, youth, and desire, but tinged with jealousy, as she offered a youthful version of myself, but my low went deeper, as I found myself strangely excited, having noticed that my lovers penis, was erect in his pants and my daughters hand had brushed it a few times, they were both aware of each other sexual state of arousal, in fact so strong was their desire for each other, they had banished me to the periphery of their minds, exploring and exciting themselves, now the kissed passionately full on the lips, and my daughters hand rested comfortably atop his swollen cock.
I could see their tongues dart into each other mouths, their male and female saliva mix copiously as they sucked on each others tongue, hers a shade more pink, her youth having not had time to darken that sensitive organ, with the pleasures of life, indeed all her womanly attributes were light pink, her tongue being the first, soon her nipples and inner labia would follow, their exposure surely immanent, as she rose and sighed with each experienced maneuver, her knuckles white as she gripped him hard and tugged him encased in his pants, her urgency and neediness of him caused him to pause and look into her hooded eyes, 'Pleaseeee', she mouthed silently, he cast a nervous glance in my direction, I smiled wryly and raised my glass ever so mockingly, exhibiting the power of a thumbs up or down in a gladiatorial joust, my daughters sexual needs were surrendered at that moment, my motherly instinct to protect lay in shreds, I nodded my consent for him to take her there and then, and settled down to watch her defloweration, adjusting and opening my own stocking clad legs, leaving him in no doubt as to my own intentions, as I placed my wine glass in my other hand, and without the slightest remorse or hint of shame, started to touch myself intimately, he smiled and did similarly to my own daughters crotch, his hand dipping into her knickers, stretching the elastic, as he worked on her vagina, his knuckles working feverishly beneath the flimsy white cotton, her willingness in proportion to the squelching noise created by her fluids being released in her heat, the white cotton now tinged with a slight pink to redness, as her hymen was breached by his f***eful thrusting into her, I needed him to release and take her properly, 'Take his cock out Amber', I mouthed quietly, not sure if they heard me.
I rose from my chair and walked towards them, reached in and slid my daughters bl**d stained panties own her long legs, they were kissing deeply on the mouth, his fingers buried deep inside her, she was grinding helplessly against them, trying to make frictional contact with her swollen clitoris, but he was keeping her on edge, until I reached in and released his swollen pleasure organ, peeling his foreskin back and wanking him until he started grunting.
Now he was sliding on top of her, and she responded by opening her legs, pulling them high onto his back, they both made incredible noises as he slipped into her virginal orifice and stretched her for the first time, pounding hard with short powerful thrusts, not using the length God gave him for fear of slipping from her, she with her long thin fingers dug deeply into his ass cheeks, pulling him in, her nails raking his back and drawing bl**d, this was raw sex at its height, a man in his forties and a deflowered girl in the discovery of the pleasures of mens cocks.
I went back to my chair and sat down, focused on his testicles smacking against the soft white, teenage flesh of my daughters bum, I released my pent feelings there and then, not caring if the saw me, my fingers caressing in lieu of my lovers cock, so deep inside my daughter, it was a lustful orgasm, borne from debauchery and shameful sex, but they are the best kind to experience, soon I would take my daughter on journeys similar to my own, car sex and dogging, cinema sex and dirty men craving her youthful flesh, these thoughts excited me more, so I started again, just as well, as they were still at it, she really is my daughter, and God bless her

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1 year ago
2 years ago
Very nice!
3 years ago
3 years ago
following in her mothers footsteps such a good girl, very hot and sexy a real turn on
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
Like mother like daughter! Well done mariel
3 years ago
Debauchery at its best. Wonderful stuff.