My Dirtiest Teen Night Part 1

I get many many requests from you horny guys, most of which are about my exploits at a younger age, my first exposures to cock, the loss of my virginity, which I confess, I must have lost a hundred times, being so young, tight and sexually active, most men loved the idea they were first into me, and surprisingly, most tried to inseminate me by ejaculating into my unprotected pussy.
All 'daring do' stuff for a girl discovering the delights of full intercourse from a huge range of differing penises, but out of that mix, I settled for short but fat, with a capital 'F'
As a young, well-to-do Swedish girl with a very good upbringing and private education, my penchant for older men became an obsession, right up to present time, I still let men in their 60's have fun with me.
Of course back then men up to 30 years older, was a regular occurence, for a very highly sexed and extremely horny teenager.
Being small breasted with puffy nipples, was great, as it expended the use of a brazzie, and allowed for droopy loose necked T-shirts, that men looked down when given the opportunity from yours trully, not suspecting I was reeling them in.
Being tall and athletic probably contributed to my sex drive, driving up the male hormone 'Testosterone', which is now known to be produced in various degrees of strength in teenage girls, mine was obviously high, as masturbating was a daily occurance, matched with a fertile imagination in order to achieve the prized orgasm.
Of course the opportunity for a bit of cock was always 'On the cards', especially with the Black Guys, who never seemed to wear underwear, walking around or sitting conveniently, with the heads of their cocks peering out below their shorts, for the Swedish Girls to see.
I am refering to my time in Angola, where I spent two years and caught Malaria, but never a STD, which amazes me as I had so many experiences, with so many men.
It was a place of rhythm, lots of dancing and going out without knickers and wearing the shortest of skirts, getting pumped-up to the beat and doing the 'Lambada' on some Balck Guys thigh, as you gyrated to the music.
I can say with complete honesty that in those darkened dance floors, the Black Guys had the wettest thighs, with the girls humping them.
I always remember him gripping my bare ass as I humped and the others clapping as I actually had an orgasm crushing my pink pussy against his black skin and gliding up and down the 'Snail-Trail' so conveniently pre-trailed by our pulsating pussies.
Sex was always on the cards in these local dance clubs and having multiple partners in one night was never a problem as we girls were receiving as much as the locals were giving.
My biggest chalk-up in one night was seven guys and men, well at least two were men in their forties, as they took me to their hotel room and did the honers there, they were Portuguese, short stocky, but thick-cocked, with a penchant for 'Doggy fucking'.
I was coming into my menstral cycle so I was officially 'in-heat' so as I left home my mind was on fucking, getting loads of cock with different men, as one guy, one cock, was furthest from my mind.
The remainder of the girls arrived outside my house and I jumped into the old ramshackle cab and of we went to the first club. On arrival I shouted I would pay the cab, so everyone bailed-out and made into the club as I sat in the back seat counting out the fare.
The driver, commented on that I was looking for action, and I looked up I could see he was staring at my exposed pussy, I had slid forward on the back seat, causing my micro-mini skirt to ride high on my hips, and with my legs open, he had an unintential eyeful.
I alredy knew I was wet and swollen with lustiness, so I leant forward and suggested he drive forward a few hundred meters, where it was just bushes and darker.
Three minutes later he was in the back humping me, covering me with dust from the floor, where I lay with my long legs wrapped around him, and I mouthing the dirtiest words in Portuguese, for 'Fuck me'
Walking into the dance floor I was glad it was dark, as I was still trying to wipe the dust marks from my dress, but the seeping semen from my pussy, now running freely down my inner thighs, was another thing that required a towel, as these Black Guys could pump such a load into you.
I downed a Gin and Tonic, cooled by ice, but loaded with Gin, in two gulps and within minutes I was on the floor and getting up for my second orgasm, these guys knew what they were doing and we girls knew they knew, so what the fuck, let the riding begin.
I wonder what he would have done if he knew I was massaging the cabbies sperm into his thigh along with mother natures female lubrication. My pussy was already sensitized, with the first fuck, and as many girls know its easier after the first one, so I unashamedly, went for number two and the guys and friends clapped as I ground to the beat.
A huge cheer went up and I was pulled towards the bar again where the 'Fuck stool' was produced and I positioned myself behind it and raised one foot onto the bottom spar. A couple of his friends positioned themselves in front to block out prying eyes and he entered me from the rear, and relieved his pent-up sexual frustration, within a few strokes, as tightness does have its drawbacks for men priding themselves in long fucks.
So the second load was in me, mixing with the reminants of the taxi drivers ejaculate, but as he was just slower than a premature ejaculate, I was left a tad dissapointed, so when he withdrew, I waited to see if the guys in front wanted some action.
They stood still and as I was comtemplating whether to ask one to do the honers, someone moved behind me and started, and my god was he big.
My second lover had just zipped his pants up and moved to my side, gathering my head, fully kissed me on my lips, which I craved and tongue-fucked him, as the unknown monster cock dully mixed and coated my pulsating vaginal walls, with the previous sperms.
This was an experienced lover his thrusts were lifting me off my feet, quite literally, I was savouring every thust by bouncing my tiny white ass onto this thick black rod of hard flesh and my screams of pleasure were stifled, by the mouth clamped onto mine.
The warmth generated by his ejaculation was by now a well known experience, except this guy was doing it hard up against my cervix, the neck of my womb, conveniently placed there so my orgasm can dip into it and draw his sperm into my fallopian tube, thus fertilizing me, not bad for a teen girl on her third man.
He was the unknown factor that night, young or old, no one saw as he conveniently dissapeared, before my second lover released me to look back and compose myself.
Never mind I had a whopper of an orgasm and reaching over to the bar inserted some paper napkins to stem the flow of sperm.
Unbelievably, 40 minutes had passed, and I had three fucks, boy was I on a high.
I pushed through the crowds, with some guys patting me on the back on a congratulatory note on cumming on the floor and the knowing fuck behind the wall of men on the stool.
These guys were the weaker ones who patiently waited for the white girls to crash out, then fuck them or get so d***k they could take us somewhere where they could do what they wanted, usually a fuck, then some nasty shit involving their pets or relatives.
Looking back I know what transpired as it was still early and I had four more cocks to ride, but I shall save that for part 2 of this dirtiest night in my life
88% (22/3)
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4 years ago
This is a pretty story,I think most white teens long to have black men fuck them,and to be fuck in such base ways.
4 years ago
4 years ago
amazing as always you know how to turn someone on ;) xx
4 years ago
Well I'm waitting you got all hot and horny now finish it thanks MarieL
4 years ago
your a lucky lady not to have gotten something to take home or see a doctor about good post
4 years ago
sounds like a great way to start a night!
4 years ago
Mmm vilken berättelse. Och efter att ha tittat på din senaste bild finns det bara en lösning... :-)
4 years ago
What a lucky girl you were!