Horny MILF takes a virgin. A wankers story

I let the towel fall away, and I stand completely nude in front of the full length mirror, my eyes tracing my contours, my nipples hardening as my gaze crosses them, that dull ache emanating from my cunt, as I begin to imagine a rigid cock probing for weaknesses, and I involuntary open my thighs enough, as if receiving it and welcoming it inside me, to fuck and seed me.
I walk to the window and part my curtain, it's dark outside and most rooms are dark, or have their curtains closed.
I lean against the cold glass, and my nipples touch the glass, causing a sharp intake of breath.
I like the feeling, it makes me feel more naked than I am, if that's possible, tonight I am alone and I want to have sex, and as my brow rests on the glass and my warm breath condenses on the glass pane, I watch as it runs in small rivulets, mimicking the silken beads of moistness on my inner thighs, I shiver, not of the cold, but of the desire of a man, any man, in my hour of need.
I leave my curtains open and walk to the front door, brazenly open it and step outside into my garden.
I walk onto my deck, my heart pounding as my sense of daring-do excites me, my God if my neighbours were to look out their windows, surely the men would crave a session with me, I think as I sit down on one of the chairs assembled there.
I lift both legs up onto the cast iron table, resting both feet by my ankles, my knees buckling outward, and in this position, without a care in the world, I masturbate, at a leisurely pace, softly running my finger through my silken lips and over my rigid clitoris, stopping when my finger tip come into contact, and then rub in small circles, bending the head, now sticking up from its sheath, like a lookout looking for a man to kiss, this thought causing another ejection of warm sweet fluid to run from my open cunt, soon to be filled by my probing fingers, as I hump them in lieu of a cock.
Suddenly I here a soft whistle, someone approaches, I look to my left, but strangely make no effort to run or hide, the whistle is male, and I hold me nerve, sitting back on my deck in the darkness, waiting for the man to appear, and I continue to stroke willing him to look and join me.
Suddenly he appears, it is a boy, a youth still in his virgin years, my finger quickens, suddenly I am excited as he approaches, I will him to look and see me, he is closer and I dont feel any shame at what I am doing, it feels good and my ass tightens, as the first spasms of orgasm begin, this is good I feel it, my eyes close as he draws level with where I sit, I start to cum, and a small cry escapes my lips.
He stops, but I cant, he looks into the darkness and studies my form cloaked in darkness, I am convulsing as wave after wave of sheer bliss envelopes my being, my legs drop to the wooden decking, I slide down the seat in which I sit, my fingers probing and thrusting in and out of me as I cum, and he watches transfixed, a naked woman having an orgasm, I close my eyes and let the pleasure subside, and when I open them, he is beside me.
I look up to him as I ease my fingers free from my cunt, 'Come here', I say to him, and beckon him with the two wet fingers, whilst turning in the seat to face him as he stands between my open legs.
'I know you', I said, suddenly enjoying the look on his startled face, as his eyes drank-in every inch of my exposed flesh.
'You like what your looking at', I asked him, to which he just nodded in acquiesce.
I was drawing my tongue across my lips, this seemed to intrigue him, 'Take your cock out then', I blurted out, he seemed unsure of himself, and in the end I reached out and grabbed his belt and pulled him closer to me.
'You do want a wank', I asked, not really caring if he did or not, I just wanted to see if he was hard, and he was.
I pulled his pants and underpants all the way down to his ankles, kissing his cock as I reached the wooden boards.
Then sitting back with him trapped between my legs I ordered him to start wanking, encouraging him to cum on me.
He seemed unsure, so I raised my legs to accommodate him closer to me, my heels resting on his bum cheeks, and I pulled him closer still until he was wanking with his balls resting on my pubic bone.
their contact stimulated my awakening clitoris, and I slipped my hand down between us and started to masturbate myself, squeezing his testicular sack as I rubbed myself.
'You like that', and again he just nodded, each time my hand rose to meet his I took more of him until I was wanking him and rubbing my clitoris with his cock head.
I could feel the climax approach, and pushed him between my lips, releasing his cock as I did so, my heels pulling him in as far as he could go, and I reached up and took his face between my hands, pulled him forward and kissed him fully on the mouth, 'Are you a virgin', I hissed between my lips as my orgasm started cumming, he nodded yes, 'Not any more', was all that I could say as I came, my heels pulling and relaxing on his taut buttocks, as his small cock worked in and out of me.
I took both his hands and placed one on each breast, positioning my rigid nipples within each palm, 'Squeeze my fucking tits', I ordered as I fucked him, and kissed and licked his face.
I dont think he even knew I had eased him into my cunt, when my hand went to his face, I could feel him inside me as my inner pussy clung to him, I clenched hard around him and held him in Situ, as each orgasmic wave after wave swept over me.
I cramped up and had to release my legs back down onto the wooden boards, and as I did so I noted his erection was also limp, he had cum and had done so inside me.
'Was that good', I asked him, suddenly wanting to be rid of him and get back indoors.
I got up, towering over him like some Amazon, 'Go home now', and as he turned fastening his belt, I called after him, 'Keep your fucking mouth shut about this', his teeth flashed white in the darkness, 'Yes ma'am', he called back, his words echoing of the walls as I turned and walked back indoors, pleased with my taking of his youth, and feeling his semen run down my inner thigh.
I stopped and scooped a little into my mouth, an old ritual of tasting the cum of a virgin, 'Sweet', I thought, and lay down on my bed, 'I shall nurture it tonight, give it a home before flushing clean from me in the morning', and went to sl**p.

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3 years ago
Excellant story MarieL
3 years ago
That was awesome
3 years ago
Very nice. Great story telling, as usual. Thanks
3 years ago
such a lucky guy getting his first time with such a hot naughty goddess like you, a real turn on just perfect
3 years ago
3 years ago
where were u when i still held my virginity an experienced woman in heat like urself would have been a much more suitable place for me to release my first seed inside a woman well done mariel
3 years ago