A very boring schoolgirl recollection, please dont

What makes a girl do the things she does? For me, I have always known the the answer, a mixture boredom and excitement, if I get bored say, in a hotel room, I get sexy, well more horny would be a truer statement, hence flashing room service, or fellow hoteliers.
Sex is great if done on the spur of the moment, not planed, it just presents itself and you have to make it happen, just ask the many men who never thought of being connected to me (physically connected with their cock) could possibly happen, but they did, because I permitted them to.
I get bored I get horny, thats why I became a habitual masturbator, a once a day girl, and have been since I was ten.
As a teenager in Angola, working as a aupair, for a diplomatic f****y, my bedroom oversaw a shower area for the blacks, and I would be there as they showered, marveling at their physiques, their blue black penises, and others with pinkish-white heads on brown shafts, my cock heaven, I used to call it, and I was naked as I looked, masturbating as I dreamed I was amongst them, pressing in on me from all sides, firm flesh parting softer yielding flesh, marveling at the different skin tones, blue-black embedded deeply inside blond-pink, feeling two heads exciting each other in a dance of double penetration, pink lips and perfect teeth, chewing rigid pink nipples, four black boys ringing a sweet Swedish teenage girl.
Was that all in my head as my long fingers were caressing my moist pussy, or was that a fact of life, in this hot rhythmic country, where the rythnm and sweat, matched the white girls micro skirts that barely covered our bare bottoms, dancing and gyrating on black thighs, where we would grind our hot pussies and leave our tell-tale signature for immediate attention.
The discos back then were dark, so inter-racial connections were done in public, these liaisons fulfilling our titillation of being watched and exciting more to connect, the evening filled with non-stop sexual activity, each girl learning from watching their friends take on any number of men, kindred spirits in an orgy in Hades.
Anna was younger than I, the diplomat's daughter, she had moved there as a ten year old, and immediately saw these men naked, 'They would tease me', she once told me, 'Take their huge cocks out and start wanking in front of me', she breathlessly continued, 'Then I started showing them, and they would cum on me'.
Within a few years she was fucking like a pro, as age meant nothing in this part of the world, boredom and unemployment meant sex for us European girls, and we exploited it to a maximum.
I caught Malaria and suffered badly, lost a lot of weight, and one day Anna brought two guys back to visit me, and when they found out her parents and two small b*****rs were away for the day, they took turns to fuck me as I lay naked an sweating, illness was no barrier, hot pussy was to much to resist, so they filled my up that day, I on the other hand was too weak to resist, even when they turned me onto my face and took turns in my prized asset.
Anna lives in Stockholm now, estranged from her f****y, becoming pregnant at fifteen, and refusing to abort. She is married to a black gentleman from Gabon, and happily breeding many offspring, her love of black cock is legend amongst her friends, and I consider myself to have a weakness to this flesh.
I traveled to my Grandparents to stay one weekend, taking the bus from Stockholm. It was going to be a long tedious journey, so I came prepared, taking a small hand towel and a vibrator and sat in the rear of the bus, I was thirteen years old and felt no shame, just like Anna, we were young girls with a strong sexual needs, and I was determined to enjoy this journey.
We moved off late in the evening, and as it was Winter the failing light turned to blackness by four in the evening.
The bus was quiet, so quiet all you heard was the soft hum of warm air escaping the vents overhead, it was deserted around me, so I calmly removed my panties and rolled the hand towel into a penis shaped tight roll. I pressed this into my crotch, feeding part of it snugly in between my ass cheeks, so it felt like a man in there, and between my pussy lips, in this position I had a long penis embedded between my legs so I could squeeze and relax my crotch muscles, while vibrating my clitoris, as we journeyed northward.
Of course one needs excitement to encourage a good orgasm, so I would strip off and soon I was naked in the back seat, pleasuring myself while other men sat forward of me, the thought of being discovered adding to the orgy of thoughts and naked abuse I was administering to myself that night.
I was indulging and even closing my eyes in blissful self-abuse, when I saw him approach, I froze momentarily, he was heading in my direction, the fucking toilet was beside me, to my right, something in my haste I had forgotten about.
I grabbed my skirt and attempted to cover myself, I was completely nude except for pop socks and boots, these now making me feel more naked than I was, but he came right up and started at me, he was a huge man and black as well.
He smiled and opened the door and stepped inside the cubical, not quite closing it fully, leaving a chink of light to shine through, enough light to show me his prized asset, a huge thick cock, which he wanked as I watched, mesmerized like a rabbit caught in headlights, soon he was rock hard and he stepped back out into the bus aisle, his huge cock sticking in front of him, facing me.
I stole a nervous look back down the bus, all was quiet and as it was dark back here, what followed next, was enacted in silence, my hand-towel roll, now between my teeth, was softly bitten into as his monster cock opened me with ease, he simply rolled me onto me side and lifted my legs into a crouching position and pushed into my cunt and fucked me whilst plucking my nipples with his free hand.
He used his full length, from tip the his wiry pubes, which I felt on my bum as he ground into me, I felt fuller than I had ever felt before, firm and soft, warm and sensational, this was good, much better than I ever dreampt off, I lay on my side in the fetal position, have my cunt reamed, for wont of a better word, and enjoyed this old black mans rogering, on my way to meet my Granny.
He sat with me all the way to my stop and he kissed me tenderly on my mouth as a parting gesture, leaving him with the lie that he had deflowered me, he gave me my first love of black cock, my 'Belgium Blue' I called him as he marked my territory, preparing my small pink hole for the pleasures that lay ahead in the dark continent.
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3 years ago
Amazing story mariel! Ur stories always leave me in shock and awe I love them
3 years ago
nice slow build up such a turn on
3 years ago
nice mm
3 years ago
like it!
3 years ago
another classic
3 years ago
differnt but well written 4/10