Inside the heads of two dirty girls

If you find reading my encounters sexually stimulating, and you find yourselves wanking, and more importantly cumming, then please after wiping tell me yo did, and if you want a special thank you leave your email address so I can thank you for your efforts. That after all is what this site is about, bringing you and I together so we can be dirty together, now is that exciting or not.
We sat in our knickers and loose fitting t-shirts, that way when we bent forward out tits, small as they were, could be viewed without much effort, mind you, our vision of what stuck out in front of our chests, contrasted with reality, as we were still at the age of flat-chested adolescence, but we felt like women and our nipples, when viewed, were at least, feminine.
Attired as such, was done in the safety of either of our homes, the other girl in question my school chum Amber, (not her real name, but one she likes as it sounds slutty), a girlfriend, I unashamedly explored, well we both did, as we made sexual contact in bed and brought each other beautiful orgasms.
We never considered ourselves gay, lesbian or even bi, back then, we were a couple of horny teenagers, exploring and taking it to new heights, getting off on our ideas and getting with each other, and men who crossed our paths.
'Jail bait and dangerous' were words bandied about us, but we had a sexual allure-ness that beguiled and made men desire us, which in turn excited us to the extent, when someone asked us to close the door, we would respond by locking it and toss the key away.
I would watch keenly while Amber was having sex with someone, sometimes inches from the cock going in and out of her tight pussy, the squishy noises of her well oiled cavity, the strong sexual odors, and the way her inner pink flesh encased the rod of flesh as it pulled out of her, before plunging in deep, and causing her to gasp and let out a long deep moan, followed by expletives of sexual appreciation, 'Fuck me harder you bastard', well you know what I mean guys.
Of course I took my turn with men, I loved to fuck, particularly 'Bare-backing', as I had an aversion to condoms, which were thick and uncomfortable, and my memory of sitting for ages trying to pull one back out of Amber's cunt, put me off their usage, so I was a girl who just needed to be wet to start fucking.
I used to lie on my back with the man on top and feel his cock moving around inside me, I knew I was tight down there, thanks to my muscular strength, from horse-riding, a girl has to learn to grip the horse between her legs as he gallops across the meadows, and yes in case you are wondering, I have had orgasms, again only when bare-backing without a saddle, even Amber could never do that little act, nor understand my special relationship with one particular steed, he had little muscles running down his spine, muscles that rippled against my bare pussy, which was in contact with his back, as I clung and glided along his spine, cumming numerous times from A to B, thankfully my lubrication matched his sweat, he was my ultimate lover, and he knew that whenever in his box I would caress him as I brushed him and bring his long shaft to life in appreciation, I often wondered what horsey language was for cock-teaser.
I was a teenage girl who produced copious amounts of lubrication, I guess I was blessed with a healthy amount of estrogen, my periods coming in my early teens, back then it was pads, but when I fucked, Amber used to play with each release from my inner cunt, as the plundering cock scooped a never ending supply from my inner walls, Amber told me it was sweet to taste, (Hence the Sugar and spice thing), but I tell you this not because of that, but because Amber started to use it to push her finger up into my arse, to wank his cock as it worked against the thin membrane, separating both my holes, my earliest memory of double penetration, Amber soon picked up on my surreal enjoyment of her doing this as did the man inside me, soon my asking for my ass to be penetrated, brought slight bemusement, as I meant for my girlfriend to take me there, only to find an eager man trying to get his cock in side my sacred hole.
Even as we left school in our late teens, myself going to Newcastle in England and Amber to Uppsala in Sweden, we still met and picked a man to have fun with, never one each, just one to share and be dirty.
We booked a berth on the old Birka Princess for a dirty nights cruise to Äland, get pissed and fucked, and relieve our pent-up sexual tensions.
In the dance hall bar that night we had left it late to choose a man, so I choose an old grey haired guy who had been eyeing me all night, with a wishful hope of getting between my loins, his absolute surprise at my asking him back to our cabin for drinks and fun, looked like he might have a heart attack before I got his pants off.
However in the elevator, much to our d***ken surprise, he hit on Amber, his long tongue dispelling any fears of his ability to please a couple of teenage girls, 'Well Amber', I conclude, 'At least he can lick our pussies if he cant get it hard', at which he broke off and we all laughed.
The cabin door secured we attacked him and soon had him naked, he stood with his grey pubic hair holding a beer can with both myself an Amber with one testicle in each of our mouths, both of us chewing feverously on our little piece of this man, grateful for small mercies, but as our saliva and heat pumped bl**d into his near dead organ, it rose to magnificence, prompting yours truly to discard my ball and strip naked, 'Right fuck me', was all I said, selfishly thrusting my tomboyish arse into his throbbing cock, as I knelt on the bunk edge and steadied myself against the bulkhead, studying me face in the mirror as Amber's willing hand eased him inside my swollen pussy.
Amber was licking my clitoris, something she had picked up at Uppsala, another pretty Swedish girl declaring her love of women, so I was lost as he pumped like a man possessed, lost until Amber eased him softly out and guided him into my sacred hole, no guided might impart a suggestion I was open and receptive, far from it, it was virginal, unopened by a penis, especially one this size and thickness, his bullet shaped knob end gliding into my sphincter opening with ease, his long thick shaft providing more resistance.
My eyes opened to a look of shock back at me in the mirror, he had looping his arms under mine, gripping my tits in a vice like hold, thus preventing me from reaching back to remove him, and the bulkhead a barrier to any forward movement,
I was trapped and Amber was pining my thighs down, I was immobilized and as he pushed my head sank down the wall onto the bunk bed, the lower I sank the higher my bum raised, leaving him with no barrier to my resistance.
Amber held me firmly as he ****d my sacred hole, the pain subsided with the successive and repeated pounding, I was stretched and opened, and remained so as he masturbated his semen into my open cavity, watching in pleasure as it run down my inner's and collected in a pool as my hole finally closed up, never to be stretched again in such a fashion.
That night as we drank, was my last with Amber as we ventured out into the World, she would settle with several women and men of course, and I and my adventures in Newcastle can be read in my stories.
My ass **** was a final parting gesture from Amber, the old man in the dirty deed, a relative of hers, whom she fucked, wanted my ass, to put alongside hers, so he certainly achieved that with two young girls.

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3 years ago
You turned an old man on! I couldn't keep my hands off my cock.
3 years ago
Thanks, great stories, had a good wank, and big loads of cum
3 years ago
amazing story as usual mariel! i just came while reading it!
3 years ago
i can't stop myself from wanking to your stories
3 years ago
Great story as always!! I always have a good wanking during your stories when I read them.
3 years ago
Inspired a wonderful jackoff session! I came so hard!
3 years ago
Awesome story. Yes it worked.
3 years ago
Such a hot and naughty story, and to answer your question at the start your stories always turn me on and get my cock throbbing, and I do like to have a good wank while I read