The Old night watchman and the two girls

At that age one does not know what or why, just the deep rooted feeling nature instills in us to ensure the continuence of the species.
In another way, the sex hormones kick-in and we, or I have a whole new set of powerful feelings to contend with.
My earliest recollection was as a girl, down on the waterfront with another girlfriend. We were playing in huge concrete pipes, which were piled three high and measured more than one meters in circumferance, I know because we could stand up inside them.
They were like little rooms in a honeycombed hive and playing hide-n-seek always gave you an excited feeling in the pit of your stomoch, waiting to be caught.
We lay on the uppermost layer in full sun, and soon removed most of our clothing to bathe.
Occassionaly someone would pass below us but we felt quite hidden from view as we were on the dockside, without any berthed ships in front and constuction behind, with no one working that weekend.
I cant speak for all females, but we girls got horny lying in the sun, and soon the conversation turned to sex, something we lacked in experience, but we knew men put their cocks in you and humped you.
After a short while we were completely nude and we checked-out each others tomboyish bodies, touching our vaginas, and she had the added advantage of starting to develope breasts, although they were akin to swollen nipples.
We tried kissing and lying on top of each other and we both enjoyed the softness of our skins and the feel of each others thigh between our own.
We lay on that cold hard concrete, locked together, kissing and grinding our crotches until we both felt we had cum, or what we felt was the equivalent, as we had no idea of what the fuck we were up to.
Many weeks later I went back down on my own and lay in the exact same spot, naked and revelling in my nudity against the hard concrete.
The place was still deserted and as I stood on the edge looking down, I had an urge to walk around nude with in the labyrinth of rooms my mind created with these concrete pipes.
Soon I was on ground level running around and getting further from my clothes. The feeling in my crotch was intensifying as the knot in my stomoch was tightening, I had an overwhelming urge to touch myself.
I was now on the building site, running around naked, thinking no one was there, when I stopped behind a hut and started relieving myself.
I got the shock of my life when someone moved in the hut, which turned out to be the night watchman, and suddenly fear was thrown into the mix of emotions racking my small nude frame.
The door opened and I took off across the open ground and when he called after me, with my long mane flowing in the wind, I turned and cheekily waved back, suddenly in the throes of a heady giggling fit.
I ran straight for the pipes and started climbing up to my clothes and once there started relieving my pent-up feeling by twisting my t-shirt in a tight rope like cord and put it between my legs, pulling it in hard against my vagina, and with a mixture of squeezing my thighs and pulling slightly back and forwards, I had my first memorable orgasm.
During the summer months my friend and I would go down on the weekends and sit on the edge of the pipes overlooking the site and whenever the watchman looked over we would wave to him and he would wave back, indicating to come over to him.
One day we sat there, nude as usual, one on each pipe, legs dangling over when we saw him approaching us.
'Stay there, dont move' she said, getting excited about the confrontation with him, with us being nude and so on.
We sat over him as he looked up at us, 'Come over to the hut' he suggested pleadinly, 'Why' she asked, laughing and adding in the same the sentence, ' You want to fuck us?' This time her voice dropped as if the realisation of what she asked him was grown-up and excitable rolled into one.
I soon realised she was talking more from her sense of excitement at having a man look at her, than from experience, as stated earlier we neither had any, but this was so different and the urges were so strong.
We decended and soon we stood in front of him and with our clothes left on top of the pipes we walked across the open ground and went willingly into the hut that served as his residence on the site.
We both sat on a wooden bench as he came in closing the door behind him. Expectation was high as we wondered what he might do next, but he was calm and spoke softly.
He made some tea for himself, and then came onto the subject of us and why we were nude all the time on the pipes.
Our only response was it felt good, to which he laughed, and scolded us for being so naughty and so on.
Soon we were at ease as it looked as though he was not getting into the sex thing, he was just enjoying the company of two rogueish girls discovering their own bodies.
But Sarah was having other ideas, her body langauge was aggressive and she constantly thrust her puffy nipples out to him, urging him to respond and take it further, she was clearly in heat.
She drew her knews up under her chin, wrapping her arms around them, thus exposing her open vagina to his full gaze. Her eyes never left his as if she was both challenging and pleading, here I am take me.
As I sat I saw a discerable change to her vagina. She looked swollen, pinker with a flush of red, there was a sheen to her opening and a bead of liquid had run down into her anus and was starting to form a small puddle.
Not looking at me but directly locked onto his eyes she said to me, 'Why dont you go and get our clothes, and take your time?'
I sat momentarily shocked, and she repeated her demand, only this time directly at me and urging me with her eyes to emphasise her urgency.
I got up and went out and as I passed him he reached out touching my slim waist and slid his hand down onto my buttocks, giving it a gentle squeeze. I smiled at him and stepped out into the cool evening air, closing the door behind me, feeling a tad dejected at being dismissed and not chosen for the sex.
I stood there listening and could hear someone moving inside, I suspect it was Sarah as she was in no mood to wait.
Moments later she was moaning and my imagination saw her fucking him, causing me to start masturbating. The urge to go back in was incredible and I did so as I was keen to watch them doing it.
I slipped in quietly and took sat on the bench opposite them. She had her back to me and had mounted him, where he sat, gliding effortlessly up and down on his thick cock, which glisened with each insertion and part withdrawl.
He looked at me and smiled as he humped, she clung around his neck with her head dropped over his shoulder, moaning like I have never heard a woman do. The pleasure she must have been experiencing must have been intense as within a few minutes of me settling she screamed out as she orgasmed.
I watched her buckle and thrust her buttocks into him and when she dismounted his cock she had been crying.
Just noticing me for the first time, she asked how long I had been there, to which I said I had just came back.
'OK', she said, 'Your turn' to which I was a little hessitant. This had all looked so grown-up and as excited as I was I was still a few years younger than her.
'Come on', she urged, 'Just let him put it in' and reaching across to me, took my arm and f***ed me in his direction.
I straddled him as he held his cock upright and as I lowered myself onto him I was surprised how nice it felt and as I felt him take hold of my bum cheeks I realised he had full insertion and my feeling his pubic hair on my bald venus mound, confirmed I was now doing it.
I turned to Sarah with a look of triumph, but she had left to go get our clothes, and alone here with him his actions became more aggessive as humping the younger girl was more pleasurable, for him.
He stood up with me wrapping my legs around his waist he bounced me up and down and I could feel the tip of his cock really drive in deep.
He came inside me, claiming it was to intense for him to stop and withdraw, so he went all the way and released his sperm as he buckled and lay me on the bench, continuing to hump until he cummed.
I on the other hand did not know if I did as all the feelings were so new and strange to me. As he withdrew from my pussy he placed his lips on it and momentaily performed a minutes cunniligus, with tongue insertion and so on.
The door opened as I lay there, Sarah had dressed and threw my few clothes at me, 'When you are ready', she said and smiling at the watchman closed the door and walked outside.
I threw on my knickers, shorts socks and shoes, and pulling my top on over my head said, ' Bye' to him and walked outside to join Sarah.
We had just started walking away when the door opened and he shouted out to her, 'Sarah honey, mske sure she understands to keep quiet', 'OK Gramps' she waved and we continued walking home.
'He was your fucking grandad' I asked incredulously, 'Yes she said, was he not a great fuck?' and we both giggled as we drifted into the darkness and out of sight
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2 years ago
Well that was so erotic and so sexy got me to cum in my panties
4 years ago
Thanks MareiL you had me cumming all over myself thanks this was one of your best
4 years ago
great visuals and story i feel like a voyuer
4 years ago
so detailed i feel like im there watching it all happen
4 years ago
Very erotic tale, well told...I am in love!
4 years ago
That is so hot. Great job. It had its intended effect.
4 years ago