The lead into voyeurism, a woman's story

There is an air of excitement with the knowledge, your body can be a source of exquisite sexual pleasure.
As a woman I enjoy good sex, so knowing a snap of my fingers can lead to many willing suitors queuing for the sheer pleasure of enjoying my willing flesh, does send a surge of heat through my loins, not to mention the sweet secretions from my most intimate of organs.
I studied my nude form in the full length mirror, running my fingertips across my venous mound, soft and silky, freshly shaven, my clitoris swollen with naughty thoughts, I wondered if our overnight guest, was thinking the same, as he travelled towards out home, we had never met before, but he had a photo of me, sent by my husband, and had remarked how taken aback he was with my youthfulness and beauty.
Of course my showering and shaving was for his pleasure, I was going to fuck him, something he was unaware of, and the more I thought of it, the more relaxed and excited I became.
He was going to be the benefactor, my husband being the voyeuristic instigator, he loved creating these scenarios, and I submitted to his perversions, in his eyes as a willing wife, but deep down the slut in me craved to be fucked while other men watched.
I reached out and picked-up my stockings, a large diamond lace, requiring a belt to stay up, and when adorned, framed my ass beautifully in black, making its nudity more revealing, something I planned for, as lying face down could only invite him to ease between my firm cheeks, and take that most intimate of orifices for his sexual pleasure.
I massaged some Astroglide onto my anal entrance, then eased it up my backside, withdrew and pushed more up in deep, letting the heat of my anal cavity coat me for ease of entry.
Happy with my lubrication I studied myself again, and put my lace brassiere on, the pinkness of my breasts showing through the flimsy material, encasing them for firmness, but allowing for the hardness of my nipples to protrude, as the hour approached, and I felt the excitement in my freedom to tease, something that excited my husband as he watched from afar, after-all, the art of this seduction was to convince our guest it was he who was seducing me, that way both myself and my husband were exonerated in our ploy and he would leave happy in the knowledge it happened because of him.
I pulled my short dress over my head, the hem nestling mid thigh, the right height for a wardrobe malfunction, as I would sit side on to him showing an expansive length of thigh, topped with flesh, leaving him in no doubt of what lay a few inches from there, and my d***k stupor minus my husband's presence, would leave me vulnerable to his advances, assuming he was up for it, but then again, that was my job, I needed to convince him fucking me was a desirable thing to do.
Stockings, belt, brassiere, and dress, only one need be lifted or removed for sex to take place, a large stiff Gin and Tonic,to set me off and I walked downstairs to await his arrival, my husbands wry smile speaking volumes as I passed him, tonight he was the voyeur, tonight I was the vamp, and I wanted him to stay out of my engagement, no interference as I sought sexual relief, with his guest, he could watch us and enjoy my perversions, himself providing extra pleasure for me, as I took it in the ass, knowing he was watching.

To be continued

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3 years ago
Oh please PLEASE give us more!
3 years ago
i have to hear what happens next mariel!
3 years ago
can't wait for part 2
3 years ago
3 years ago
such a naughty start, sexy little tease you are cant wait to hear more