A Glory Hole in my Bedroom

Some years back I had an experience, which ranks with the audacious and unbelievable, but when executed with the right person, it does work.
My job as a stewardess with a well known airline, saw myself with overnight stays, sometimes extending to a couple of days, depending on scheduals and staff shortages.
These overnight stays were usually in a cost cutting hotel or as in this case, little challets, consisting of bed and shower.
I arrived early morning and after signing-in I was shown to my little room ajoining the reception area, while the other girls were led off further afield.
The bed looked comfortable enough but the room was very sparce, no frills was an apt term.
It was clean and surprisingly enough their was a full bottle of Red Wine with a glass and a welcome note stating 'Please enjoy your short stay with us and relax with a nice glass of Red Wine.'
Who was I to argue and within minutes I was downing my first glass swiftly followed by a refill.
I opened my small overnight carry bag and laid out my next days undies, then sat down and downed my second glass of Red.
God this was nice wine I was thinking, undressed and standing in my knickers and brassie, turned on the TV and flicked through the channels.
At that time in the morning there was nothing much to see, but I noted as I flicked through, there was a porn channel, and strange to say, no charges to view.
I sat down in the chair alongside my bed and watched the fucking going on, with the sound turned down, and this viewing coupled with the wine had me relaxing by stroking my pussy, lazily and carressingly, just kind of relaxing.
I was tired and stood up now deciding to go to bed and have a good sl**p. I slipped out of my brassie and dropped my knickers, kicking them onto the chair, picked up the wine glass and downed the last of the bottle, thinking 'Fuck I have drank a full bottle in under one hour.'
Climbing into bed and turning off the bedside light, the room was only illuminated by the raw sex on the TV. I tried to masturbate as I was feeling randy with the visuals and the wine, but tiredness was taking its toll, so I switched off, turned on my side and dozed off.
I was dreaming I was being carressed in my state off sl**py arrousal, someone was pushing his cock into my pussy from behind and in my subconsious mind I was backing into his weapon of love, offering my pussy to him in my desperate need to cum.
The feeling was exquisite I was feeling full and each stroke was taking me to that magical point of no return. I was humping some imaginary cock and mouthing the dirtiest of expletives a female can mouth, when suddenly I awoke, froze and realized I had a cock inside me. I was being fucked. My ass was pressed hard up against the wall where the bed lay alongside, and when I slipped my hand down I came into contact with it.
I instinctivly pulled away and flicked on the light, turned and looked at this monster that had just came out of me.
Thick and long, wet and pulsating, it looked like somthing that had been stuck onto it just like a rubber dong with suction cup, except this was real and the owner was on the other side of the bed, waiting for my next move.
Suddenly almost inperceptably there came a, 'Please put it back in.' plea from the owner, in the next room.
sl**py, d***k and shocked I sat there staring, first looking at it then my own nudity. I could not focus or even grasp if this was real, but did the next best thing and took hold of it. It felt meaty and heavy and with a little experience I started to squeeze it and move it around.
The deep moans and sighs now eminating from my audacious fucker in the next room, gave me a sense of control. We both new it was past the point where I could scream Pape!, so I turned my back to the wall and eased him back into my warm moist cavity and we continued humping until I fely him shoot into me.
I rewarded him with a fuck as I was trully impressed with his ploy of wine and porn.
I later found out he had a string of stewardesses, all fucked in a similar manner and what made it ingeneous, he chose the girl he wanted as we signed in, he of course was the owner.
The next morning on signing out I said, 'Your secret is safe with me, I wont tell any of the girls'
He smiled and said in return, 'Just as well babe, you looked good masturbating to the porn' to which he reached under the desk and produced a video camera.
So either way he had me by a set of imaginary balls and to this day I guess he is still fucking half the fleet, as stewardess arriving stressed, getting d***k and fucked, is now part of the girls little freedoms we enjoy on long and medium haul flights, away from home and boyfriends and husbands
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8 months ago
hot story!
1 year ago
this was so sensual and very erotic I came all over my panties
thanks Mariel
3 years ago
awesome!!! thnx for sharing
4 years ago
mariel do you fly to the US? i would luv to meet you and fly back on your flight to visit your wonderful country
4 years ago
thank you readers

my lifes sexual encounters have been varied and blessed. Its such a pleasure to know you the readers respond to my writings and get excited as you fuck with me.
Love your comments and yes I still do entertain so please dont be shy if you would really like to have a drink with me in person and not wear panties I am game if you are
4 years ago
great story
4 years ago
Great story
4 years ago
great story
4 years ago
Always hot.
4 years ago
Interesting idea!
4 years ago
very nice story
4 years ago
Another great story. Quite a turn on. I'll have to have you stay at my hotel sometime.
4 years ago
gotta love those fly girls
4 years ago
As always you story is hot and got me very hards. Thanks.
4 years ago