The night my friend and I took my b*****r

We are all different, and thank god we are, that’s part of the fun, in the discovery of sex.
But sex itself is a very powerful and emotive act, it draws you in, and as your hormones take over, and you finish up doing things, you would never really consider doing.
I had as a young girl seen my b*****r naked, and had listened through our thin walls at home, as he discovered the joys of self relief, and as we grew up, became relaxed enough for him to look at me as I developed.
We were a young man and woman on a voyage of discovery and what we reflected in each other was a trial for the wider world, how others would perceive us, so if my b*****r showed signs of excitement as he looked at me, I warmed with the knowledge others would too, and so our sexual education towards adulthood continued.
The night Amber stayed over with us was the night the physical taboo we adhered to disappeared, it was as if we had been teasing ourselves over the years, and we relaxed and enjoyed our taboo fruits and let it be witnessed by Amber, who was the principle and prime mover, she herself being no stranger to taking her b*****r as her lover.
We lay on my bed in our knickers and t-shirt, it was a warm night and this aided in keeping us cool, but part of the heat was Amber’s expectation of sl**ping with my b*****r, she produced condoms and laughed with excitement, of the thought of getting her hands down his underpants,
Amber’s choice of knickers reflected her wanton desire; they were nothing more than a see-through patch and a string that disappeared into her bum
When he was eventually coaxed into the bed with us he did so in his underpants only, and his erection was evident as it strained against the white cotton, something both Amber and I espied together.
Of course sex was on the agenda from that moment on, it was just the awkwardness of expressing it, and it finished-up with all three of us rolling around jostling, tickling, and playful slapping.
Physical contact was the important aspect, of our tomfoolery, but the look in Ambers hooded eyes spoke of need and desire, and the sheen on her crotch clearly showed she was ready for my b*****r’s sexual attention.
As I noticed this the feeling of being the odd one out left me with a feeling of despair, at any moment I would be ordered out to leave them to indulge in that sacred act, but there was hope, as they edged closer and closer, choosing to ignore me, no one was asking me to go, so I felt their excitement, I was caught up in their need, and my eying my b*****rs crotch did not trigger alarm bells, no nature was encouraging me as a female, and in my need, his penis became a separate organ, an organ of physical desire for a young girl and the fact I had detached it from my b*****r as a person, made it easier for me to enjoy.
I lay at his legs my elbow across his thighs, my face close to his crotch, when Amber spun around and faced me, her legs at his face and her face poised over his encased penis.
Our faces were inches apart when she slid on top of him, her legs opening as she adjusted herself, positioning her crotch onto his mouth, her upper torso crushing down on him, pinning him and at that point she started to grind her hips, and as I watched my b*****rs hands caressed her thighs, he was licking her and Amber’s eyes closed, her lips parted and her head dropped onto his bulge, I watched in silence as her teeth bit along his shaft, still encased in cotton.
I felt the urge deep within myself so I slipped onto his legs and started to grind own on his shins, my hands running along his thighs, occasionally coming into contact with Ambers, we did our own thing as we each sought inner relief in our own way.
Suddenly Amber eased my b*****r’s underpants away from his penis and as it was unsheathed and came into view, I had a desperate desire to make contact with it, and Amber sensed that, pulling off it to allow me to take him into mine, and so together we suckled on him, kissing each other in our unadulterated act, my dropping as low as his testicles, taking one then the other fully into my mouth as Amber took his full length and we kissed with our mouths full of my b*****rs flesh.
Our final act of collaboration was the sharing of his semen, we toyed and swallowed, spat and kissed with it coated on our tongues and lips, my b*****r convulsing as his sensitivity was tested with our eager mouths.
Amber achieved her orgasm, gasping and convulsing as I sat amazed at its intensity, she shook and convulsed and then collapsed in a heap on top of him, leaving me feeling cheated as I had not got that far, being caught up in the excitement of sharing the delights of my b*****rs organ, but the night lay ahead and I would not be denied my fulfilment, but that’s another story in the life of a girl’s education in matters sexual.

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2 years ago
Smokin rrroar
2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Sexy story. Tell us part two as well, please.
3 years ago
Another lovely story, Mariel. Thanks.
3 years ago
so hot and steamy very naughty cant wait for the next part, to hear what you all got upto the rest of the night
3 years ago
wow!!! think you and amber could come and do that with me? :D
3 years ago
u most definitely need to share the rest of that evenings activities with us mariel! very hot story as usual
3 years ago
I love the 2nd sentence of your story about sex drawing you in and the hormones taking over. Indeed, sex is like a very powerful drug.
3 years ago