My Dogging Experience

'Dogging' is a very English activity. It's something you dont come across in Continental Europe, probably because we Europeans have it off in each others homes.
I think of 'Dogging' as a really dirty sex, where anyone can come along and just have a shot.
Admittedly, the talk is very dirty, where you are refered to as a 'Slut' and a 'Whore, just gagging for it' but personally I have found a lot of males use slutty langauge just to increase the sex act by degrading the girl on the receiving end of the cock.
My only experience of 'Dogging' was to initially observe it happening, but as everything unfolded, we unwittingly finished up providing our own orifices for public satisfaction.
We were out as a group but eventually, my girlfriend Åsa and I, were surrounded by a group of young guys from a local football club.
We were have the Vodka poured down our throats, masked by orange juice, so we were unaware the effect it was having on our judgement, and before we realised we were alone as the others had left to go onto another boozer.
The guys were really quite a nice bunch, they teased us with innuendos about porn and Swedish girls, but on the whole, there was no rough stuff.
Later in the evening Åsa mentioned 'Dogging' and I thought it was an a****l fight between dogs, but she said it was a public act of sex.
One of the guys explained in depth to us what it meant, and finished by challenging us to come along and witness it first hand.
Åsa was excited about the whole thing and sure enough I tagged along to observe, but as I had previously experienced people having sex before, I was never really convinced as much as she was, that this thing was going to be a big blast, as she put it.
We sat in the car, on this out of town turn off from the main road. It was a clearing within a forrest, and we passed about 6 cars all parked in different areas within the clearing.
I sat in the front seat and Åsa was in the back, the only other passenger was the driver himself, the guy with all the knowledge and who challenged us to come along.
We poured ourselfves another vodka and orange and waited. After a short time we noted that some men had gathered around a car diagonally oposite, and as we peered through the darkness, the interior light was switched-on.
Obviously something was happening, but we were parked too far away to be able to clearly make out the action going on in the car.
Suddenly they were more men gathering around the car and we could see some were playing with their cocks. The front door was opened and one of the men reached into the car, as did another, through the window, on the drivers side.
Åsa was keen to see more and admittedly so was I and when she suggested we walk over, I said to the driver did he think it would be OK.
He answered in the afirmative, as this was what it was all about, but cautioned that two young blonds amongst masturbating men might end up with us being fucked.
The Vodka was having an effect on both us girls, and Åsa said well thats why we are here, and without further ado, opened her door and walked over to the men.
As I watched some of the men parted to let her move in, and in another instant had closed ranks around her, and she dissapeared from view.
'I bet they are Fucking her' my companion said, and started to take his cock out of his pants.
I sat rooted for a moment, I was being both excited for Åsa, amongst those men and the sense of sex was suddenly in the accendency, making me giddy and turning up the heat in my expectation of the events unfolding.
'Are you going over' he said, his cock now out, firming up to the exposure of my eyes. His voice was thick and his backside was raised as he was thrusting it to its full extent. 'You like it babe?' 'Sure why not,' I replied and I opened my door and eased myself out of the car. I turned and stuck my head back in saying, 'I will be straight back, and help you deal with that.'
Of course I was not wanting him to drive off leaving us to the mercy of the baying crowd, I now approached.
As I entered I felt a hand on my buttocks, everwhere I looked there was a cock pointing at me. The girl in the car was being humped by a big fat bloke and another had his cock half way down her throat. Another leaning over the front seat was pulling and twisting her breasts, while yet another was holding her legs up and open.
I was searching for Åsa and as I pushed a little further I saw some girls clothing, trampled into the mud, a bra, top and denims, and an old man with a pair of knickers wrapped around his cock, either wiping it or using them as a stimulant.
A pair of strong arms came around my midrif and I was pulled back into the owner of them. Once in close, one hand dropped into my crotch and the other, effortlessly, grabbed my breast as they were being pulled out of their cozy home in my brazzie.
I tried to struggle and fell across the bonnet of the car with the guys hanging onto this fresh piece of action.
When I managed to look up my clothes were being stripped away from me and withing minutes they dissapeared completely.
As I pressed hard against the wing of the car, I felt the first guy get inside me, and with that realisation my hands were grasped and I was pulled across the bonnet and pinned down as each man prepared himself for a free fuck.
I looked out across the bonnet and noticed in the headlights another group of men fucking another naked girl, this was Åsa. There six around her and I assume they were all taking a shot, as she was well above their expectations for sex. I was not short of admirers as I guess I had more now the men around three girls were just moving between use and doing their thing at will.
Men were jizzing their loads anywhere they pleased, and I lost count of the amount that was pumped down my throat, I just know both Åsa and myself threw up after the experience ended.
Åsa recovered her Bra and nothing else and I my denins and socks, as everything else was destroyed as they were pulled from my body.
The driver took us back to our digs and we went bold as brass into the house and upstairs, naked and muddy, semen stained and stinking of alcohol.
Thankfully the house was asl**p as we crept inside and up into the bathroom, showered and into our beds.
We never discussed the experience or tried to determine how many men had us and a visit two days later to a clinic showed Åsa had contracted a venerial fungus and I was given a clean bill of health.
Many years later that night came back vividly to me in a dream, only this time I was in control and directing the action. Needless to say I believe it was an experience to end all experiences and although dangerous it had that something I have ached for ever since.
So how many men had their end away with me that night? If I said 17 I bet I would be a couple off.
91% (23/2)
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7 months ago
damn, i'm getting wet wishing it was me!
4 years ago
another good one i do agree you should write a book or 2 on your sexual exploits
4 years ago
Thanks MarieL you are my hero you are a sex feen you hqve your way you enjoy all you could probily write books on sex. You sell a service on sex education to young and old on the fun of good sex thanks
4 years ago
hotly written
4 years ago
you are such a whore... i love it
4 years ago
Damn,that has to make a pussy sore.