I offered niece's virginity, to an old man

She walked into the living room wearing the skimpiest knickers, more like a thong, with a patch covering her pubic bone, so small in fact, if she had pubic hair, it would be visible.
She was brazen, that kind of brazen mixed with angst and a confidence through ignorance, she was sexually mature for her age, no one could deny her that, developed breasts and full buttocks, my male magnets she called them, and that little bit of string nestled between them, only helped to emphasize the fact.
'You dont need a bra', I said to her, admiring the rigidity and how proud they jutted out.
'I know', she retorted, as she cupped them, in front of the full length mirror, 'It's my nipples' she continued, 'They stick out a lot', and I laughed at her c***dish pout.
I looked towards the window and saw the gardener had gotten an eyeful of her nudity, I pretended not to notice and continued with our conversation, she her her back to him, so her bum was on full view, and that little bit of string, from that distance, made it look as if she was naked except for her bra.
I wondered if her was jacking off, not many middle aged men stumble across near nude teenage girls, admiring themselves in front of full length mirrors.
I had to help, 'Have you tried sellotape', I queried, she giggled and turned her upper torso to look at me, 'Sellotape', she repeated, her eyes full and doe like, 'Doesn't that hurt when you pull it off'.
I shook my head, 'Only if you have hairy nipples', I smiled knowingly, 'You have great tits dear, you should be showing them'. I waited and sure enough she responded, by removing her bra.
She did indeed have large nipples, 1cm, or almost half an inch, to those readers from non metric countries, a good mouthful to suckle on.
She turned and faced me, 'See, no hair', and without warning, stuck her thumb into her little patch in front of her pussy and pulled it down, exposing her fleshy thin line of cunt, 'Nothing on here also', she said somewhat triumphantly.
I laughed out loud, happy for her to have done that, thinking about the gardener outside seeing her in her teen glory.
I waited as she stepped out of them, now completely naked, she went towards the window, 'You not scared of being seen', I asked her seriously, 'Not really', she answered back, 'Besides I have been seen before', she said this as she turned her back to the window and leant on the back of the settee, where I sat.
I looked past her to the window, and saw he was looking in, 'Can you see him', she asked me, her voice a little thicker, 'You know he's watching you', I asked her credulously, she smiled wickedly, 'Not this close before', pausing, before adding, 'Or this daring', and she opened her legs so nothing was hid from his view.
I looked into her eyes and saw the woman in her screaming to be free, she was young and inexperienced, enjoying the thrill of pleasing and teasing, but not really getting anything in return, 'Are you a virgin', she nodded in the affirmative, she studied my face, somehow knowing what I was about to propose, she clearly wanted to, but was afraid, all this girl needed was encouragement, and I said, 'I have some condoms in my bag, go fuck him'.
Her face lit up like a beacon, 'Will you go get him, I will be in the bedroom', and at that she disappeared up to her bedroom.
I got up and walked over to the window, he had seen me approach and continued working, pretending he had not been watching what had just transpired.
I studied him, weighing him up, mulling over the proposition I held, my nieces virginity, suddenly a wave of benevolence swept through me and I knocked the window, she was in heat and ready, time was of the essence, he needed to mount her, before she cooled off.
He turned to face me and I signaled for him to come inside. I was foraging in my bag when he entered, 'Yes ma'am', he said respectfully, my fingers closed around the condom, 'We need your help', was all I said, his eyebrows raised, possibly thankful I was not chiding him for peeping at my niece.
He coughed, 'Anything, if I can be of assistance ma'am'.
I looked at him and noticed the swelling in his crotch, 'I want you to fuck my niece and take her virginity'.
I could see the bl**d drain from his face, my statement shocked me slightly, but excited me even more, 'When I say fuck, I mean really give her a good one, make her cum, that means staying power, do you have that between your legs man'.
I was behaving like a dominatrix, the words were pouring out of my mouth, then I added, 'I will be in the room watching you', and as I mouthed my last statement, I approached him, suddenly feeling my own heat rise I put my hand on his crotch and eased his zipper down.
'Lets see what you have down here', I hissed as my hand went inside and felt his fleshy knob, my long fingers wrapping around his shaft and I eased him out and worked on him, wanking him hard.
He bent his head in my direction and I kissed him full on the mouth, cupping his tight balls and happily feeling his cock rest on my mid forearm. We broke apart, nice kisser I thought, taking his cock again and wanking him a little, 'There's enough meat here for a good shagging', I whispered into his ear, my own crotch rubbing against his thigh, as to emphasize my own need to be serviced.
'I will do the girl first', was all he said, now he was taking charge, like a bull dominating the cows, as they lined up to be fucked.
'She's upstairs', and he was gone, I looked at my hand, it trembled, but more to the point, the condom was on the floor.
'Oh Fuck', I thought, reached down and scooped it up and ran after him. The room door was open and both of them were naked, she was face down and he was on top, both were making a terrible noise, they were fucking like a couple of wild a****ls.
I walked into the room, neither noticed or even acknowledged my presence as I walked and stood at their crotches, watching his huge cock tear into her tight pussy, her inner thighs tinged with a bright red bl**d stain and a sheen of her lubrication, each withdrawal scooping another load adding to the spreading stain on the bedsheet.
My nostrils flared as their scents mixed with fucking noises made my head spin, I wanted some, so I tore my clothes off and mounted between their open legs.
I buried my face into their crotches and licked his cock as it went in and out, my tongue tracing his shaft up all the way to his anus, grabbing both cheeks I opened him and stuck my quivering tongue deep into his anus.
His groans spoke volumes of his derived pleasure of my anal licking, he was cumming in her sweet pussy and I ground my own against the back of his leg, my free hand sliding down past the connected tissue and worked a finger up her ass, 'Lets see if she can take a little DP', I thought, but experience had taught me the nice feeling you get when a man pumps cum into a woman, your finger in her ass can feel that release, 'I'm cumming she screamed, and he did likewise, their naked bodies threshing together, connected by his cock.
Suddenly they relaxed and went limp, and his wet cock slipped from her and rested on my hand.
I looked down as his creampie emerged and noticed I was still inserted in her bum, I wiggled my finger, but she lay there motionless, really out of it, 'You have fucking killed her', I said mockingly, and eased my finger out slowly and started to toy with his creampie, trying to push some up her bum.
At that point he turned and I eased myself up to accommodate his turn, and eased myself on top of him, taking his thigh between mine, squeezing it as I built up for my own release.
Suddenly as if the penny had dropped, he realized I was still to cum, so he went down and started to lick my pussy, which felt delicious.
My eyes closed I started to climax, my body convulsed as my ass rose, suddenly a soft pair of lips kissed my mouth, my niece was kissing me as I orgasmed, our breasts crushed together, nipples locked, we girls certainly came from the same stock

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1 year ago
-bites my lip- mmmm
2 years ago
rude, very rude an sexy
3 years ago
Tasty threesome with nice niece, a former virgin! ;-)P
Keep them coming, MarieL - Porn Poet Pete
3 years ago
Your stories are amazing.
3 years ago
You write some fucking great stories! :) Thanks for sharing them. xx
3 years ago
great story you are lucky to have such a good neice
3 years ago
you write some good stories
3 years ago
God that was hot just perfect, love your stories all so steamy and naughty just the way I like it
3 years ago
Now that was well told, thanks for bringing back some lovely memories...
3 years ago
absolutely fantastic story! i have never wanted to be a gardener so much in my entire life haha
3 years ago
great story