Please dont read this if you are flaccid.

I returned to boarding school by train, an old steam train, pulling carriages with four individual compartments, and no connecting corridors.
I was sixteen and in uniform, but not for long, as the first part of my journey lasted ninety minutes, and people standing on the platforms of the stations, we sped through, would have seen a beautiful blond girl, standing naked at the compartment door, had they been looking.
I have always harbored that fetish, I love being naked in public, I desire men to look at me with lust in their eyes, and during that particular journey, I experienced an incredible eighteen orgasms, each one more powerful than the last, it hurt, but I just could not stop doing it.
Car journeys, train journeys and my job as a stewardess, I have had sexual encounters in all modes of transport, I just cant help myself, I get horny in the morning, and by evening I have had numerous men inside me, relieving themselves, wherever they want.
That journey so long ago, was an awakening, my voyage of discovery, a revelation to me, it all made sense and pardon the pun, it all came to me and in an explosive and erotic manner.
I actually remained completely naked until the train came to a complete halt, willing myself, exciting myself, sitting behind drawn blinds, as men passed by outside, rubbing my pussy and forcing that eighteen orgasm, the possibility of discovery, adding fuel to the explosiveness, as my body rocked and convulsed, willing the door to open and a man to come inside.
I handed a soaked ticket stub to the old ticket collector at the gate, sweat and bodily fluids from my vagina, coated it, and he looked strangely at me, both captivated at my youth and beauty, but knowingly, as it felt slippery, he must have sensed what I had been doing, and he smiled warmly as I moistened my lips and looked at him through hooded eyes.
Returning home for Christmas break, needed more spice, I had had five months of dwelling on it and my body was ready for a more adult experience. Most girls leaving that morning had opted for their own style of clothing, I on the other hand, persisted with the school uniform, drab and woolen, grey, green, and purple, but under that heavy skirt, woolen stockings held in place by a garter belt, excited me, as did my cami knickers, silken and open, the covered as you stood upright, but hid nothing when you were seated, and cross legged.
The day was very cold, but I sweated profusely, between my breasts with rivulets running down my flat tummy, down my knickers and inner thighs.
The temperature and sexual excitement I felt, built up as I walked to the old fashioned carriages, each step exciting me more as my swelling at the tops of my legs, was causing a pleasurable friction, heat and lubrication flowing freely, I was desperate for a stoking now, stoked by a large fat cock, my heart pounding as I walked past each empty compartment, my nipples hardening as I stopped outside one containing two young men, these will do I thought, and I entered, knowing I would emerge at the other end a different woman.
I will continue if you guys are eager enough.
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2 years ago
dont stop now its just getting good
3 years ago
so many unfinished storys i need to know more
3 years ago
yes please continue, love the story and like hearing from women so thanks here are hugs kisses and some grabass as were seen in public and finger fuck your ass and have you smell and taste your ass juices so others can see
im a 67 man in ohio of the usa
3 years ago
Delicious! Stopped at the perfect place to send my mind racing into the future. And a very dirty future it is too. Would love to hear more.
3 years ago
Definitely want to hear more!
3 years ago
eager & willing to listen
3 years ago
3 years ago
Mariel I have to know what happens next! Please share it with us!
3 years ago
I have to admit I was flaccid when I started to read, but, you took care of that quickly.
3 years ago
Great story. Tell me it's true, or at least partially, if it isn't, your imagination is beyond description. You are one hot female, who I'd love to get my hands on.
3 years ago
amazing build up such a turn on, please continue really want to hear what those two did to you to make you cum
3 years ago
wow! please continue