Backseat Fertilization, a woman fantasy.

We were crushed together in the back seat, and as we sped into the darkness of the countryside, I felt his unease, as he started to masturbate.
The passengers in the front were oblivious to events unfolding in the back, their conversation and concentration were directed forward, while his fingers sought the hem of my dress.
I could feel the initial touch on my leg, it electrified me, a jolt that was tinged by excitement, culminating at a point, just below my pubic bone.
I stirred uneasily, my husband slept beside me, his wife, likewise, slept to his left.
His fingers rested quietly on the back of my mid thigh, the knowledge of his intent, touching me intimately, was a bold declaration to my womanhood, I knew he had been masturbating himself between his wife and I, so I knew he was prepared, and I was his intended victim.
I was exciting myself, magnifying the events for my own sexual gratification, my last sexual relations with my husband, was over a year back, so this intrusion was preparing causing my own body to respond in preparedness, I was opening like a flower, becoming erect and freely flowing, his fingertips closing in on my prize, as they inched upwards, soon he would feel my warmth, my wetness, my willingness to suppress my moral instinct, and take him fully into my being.
His finger lightly brushed my naked flesh, he toyed with the difference between warm flesh and silk hose, an area of my intimacy, reserved for my husband, but the excitement of a stranger prying so close to his goal, made me contract my thighs on his hand, as he freely felt between my legs, running his fingers along the gusset of my knickers, his thumb rubbing my clitoris and his fingers prying me open, his need forcible and crude, as he now possessed me, emboldened by the knowledge I was aware of what he was doing to me.
He shifted as he turned towards me, he held my silk knickers as he turned, and in the same instant, they snapped, removing the thin barrier of silken gusset, but this emboldened him more, as he sought the the frail elastic waist, snapping it, thus removing the last vestiges of moral decency, and pocketing his prize, his trophy, now a memory of my willingness to surrender to his sexual assault, his meaty tube, wonderfully designed, deliciously shaped, its head, swollen and red, exciting me as it probed between my parting legs.
The whiteness of my fleshy buttocks shone like a beacon, my skirt lifted high, his target aligned for ease of penetration, I could feel his warm as our bodies closed against each other, his penetration a welcome relief as I opened easily, then closed around him, each inch swallowed by my yielding debauchery, coating and massaging him with my moist moisture, sucking him inside to maximum, my hand reaching back to hold him inside, my squeezing his member, with mine, my willingness to surrender my body, as his head spurted his seed against my uterus, my own orgasm sucking his seed deeper, as each spasm dipped into his pool of life, I greedily drank from his seed pool, secretly fertilizing myself, from his unselfish offerings.

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3 years ago
Lovely! All that seed!
3 years ago
The imagery of the car reminds me of a book my Harold Robbins, The Betsy. Later made into a tv movie.
3 years ago
De va en härlig historia
3 years ago
3 years ago
Ur husband is a fool for.neglecting u for so long if only I could have been the emboldened man in the back seat with u
3 years ago
so perfect the slow build up and the release such a turn on
3 years ago
very nice short story
well done