Boarding School and Wedding night exploits

Reading the newspapers I see as each year passes, women of all ages are coming to the fore, regarding their sexual habits.
In schools, young and attractive female teachers are having sex with boys and girls, their sexual urges eclipsing their moral standing.
Of course as a girl myself, we knew this from day one, we are horny buggers and love a good rodgering, and giving a good blow-job, it's society that tries to make us what we are not.
In boarding school, we cut favors with staff, in return for illicit sex, partly for freedoms, but more for our own satisfaction, I was a horny teen and gave it away for the feeling of having one inside.
Getting out at weekends, usually meant joining a queue, to give the gate-man a blow-job, he never ejaculated, he just enjoyed a line of pretty girls kissing, licking and sucking him.
Of course back then, we dressed as the Belles of St. Trinions, taking our inspirations from these movies, saving our ill gotten gains to pay for the lingerie, which effectively turned us on, more than it did for the men who saw us in it.
In our dorms with thirty beds, it was not unusual to see some beds with two girls going at it, humping and moaning, while others were passing around primitive vibrators, getting a quickie before sl**p, a quick wipe and pass it on to the next girl.
Of course the true lesbians were in heaven, as most of us were heterosexual girls, who were willing to consent to experience nights of love with passionate lesbians.
My first oral orgasm was with a girl, I suppose thats why lesbianism is readily acceptable to woman, we have a natural tendency to drift that way, and as in some recent stories, young female teachers cant resist the need for their young female pupils, expressing love, not sex, as the primary mover, but sex did take place, as the urge in females is stronger than males.
Wedding nights are sacrilegious events on many fronts, but many men dont know their new wives are playing, even on that night.
Our reception in a well known hotel, meant booking many rooms for our guests travelling from afar, staying over, and one guest in particular took advantage in transplanting his semen into me, in a desperate, but daring-do fashion, admitting many years later, he did it because he thought my beauty and his sperm would produce a god-like c***d, preferably female.
I read many years later he was convicted for pedophilia, having sex with an u******e girl, the mind boggles.
Back to my wedding night, we were all pissed out of out skulls, and the happy couple retired to the nuptial bed, where my husband, as soon as his head hit the pillow, started snoring, and the best man, could not stir him, instead offered to fulfill the nuptial rights himself, this being said glassy eyed and with a serious bulge in his pants.
We laughed it off and I suggested one of the bridesmaids, by name, letting him know I acknowledged his erection straining in his pants.
In the back of my mind I was seriously tempted, I was fucking horny as hell, and as I looked at my husband, I got angry, so I asked the best man to undo the back of my wedding dress, and stepped out of it, revealing my all white lingerie, not caring my thong disappeared between my cheeks or the front was see-through, I was angry and I wanted this horny friend of my husband to see my most intimate part.
He stood staring, making no apology for staring straight into my crotch, 'I think you need to go now John', and I hurried him to the door, noting he had lifted the door pass card on the way out. At the door he turned and gave me a very passionate kiss, his hands caressing my bare buttocks, I moaned and pressed against him, before breaking off and pushing him outside and closing the door.
My heart pounded I was so close to fucking him, indeed removing my thong the crotch was soaked with my secretions.
I turned the light out and lay on the bed, still dressed in upper bodice and stockings, hubby lay on his back, fully attired as he fell, and snored in a deep sl**p.
The drink made me drowsy, and soon I too dozed off, drifting into a dream of passionate lovemaking, my lover firmly inside me, taking me from behind, and as my orgasm built to its crescendo, I awoke to find myself being fucked from behind by the best man, who was completely naked, but I cared not, feeling behind and cupping his buttock to pull him in deeper, it was a brilliant orgasm and I unashamedly enjoyed it for its audacity and daring, well deserved I thought in the recesses of my dark mind, even the warm feeling deep within, made me bond with my loving r****t, his sperm flooding my vagina, seeking my uterus and eggs.
We lay there in the darkness, the silence broken by our heavy breathing, his penis firmly wedged between my legs, only breaking free as I turned to start kissing him, all the while my husband, his friend, snored, oblivious to what we were doing.
After a few hours I wanted more and slid on top of him, kissing him passionately and mouthing the dirtiest meanings into his ear, he could be in no doubt what I really was, a horny bitch game for fucking.
At that point he took the ultimate prize on the night, as I lay face down holding my prized cheeks apart, he was a very big man down there and no doubt I was left with my asshole open to the world, as he dismounted and left the room.

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Great story
3 years ago
terrific story
3 years ago
would have loved be have gone to your school and the best man taking what he wanted just so naughty loved it
3 years ago
Mariel as usual u share another fantastic encounter with the horny perverts (myself included) of this site I absolutely loved it
3 years ago