German actress gives interview in limo driven by h

'Why do you do it?' Rachel looked him straight into his eyes, 'I would have thought that was obvious', she replied, he sat open-eyed, her composure and directness, unnerved him, she was the archetypal sex goddess, statuesque and natural blond, high cheek boned and very, very beautiful, 'I love a good fuck, not to mention, the taste of sperm.' She concluded this sentence by drawing her pink tongue across her lip gloss, emphasizing her voracious appetite for mans seed, warm and salty, bitter and full of seminal fluid.
'What about your husband?' He was wilting in her presence, shifting uncomfortably, he had an erection, she emanated sex from every pore and he felt uncomfortable, as this sexually aggressive creature, toyed with him, 'He knew what he was getting when we married'. There was a cough from the front seat, they both looked at the driver, 'He's my husband, why dont you ask him', she challenged, laughing coarsely, crossing her long legs, clad in a diamond netted stockings, held firmly in place with strong elasticated bands, tight enough to draw her flesh in tight and open her crotch, to any advancing male, ready to stick her and spread their seed.
The driver went on to describe when he first met her she was but a teenage girl, advanced for her years, a body to die for and an appetite for men and sex.
They were on a stud farm and she worked as a stable girl, with a particular penchant for always watching the stallions mount the mares, and on that particular day, in front of three men, she gave a crude running commentary, leaving the men slightly embarrassed, but sexually stimulated.
She knew what she was doing, and reached in feeling the stallions cock as it slipped form the mare, drawing her hand down its meter long shaft, and opening her palm, showing the copious amount of sperm, 'And this gentlemen, is worth its weight in gold'.
She looked as if she had taken d**gs, her eyes were glazed, her manner was highly sexual, as she held out her hand to each individual man, all three wilting in her powerful gaze, all three's minds lusting for this teenage Medusa, looking at each other and perhaps wondering if each other were thinking the same.
She lifted the mares tail, exposing the vagina, encouraging the men to gather around and look, 'Did you know he has just pumped one liter of sperm into her?'
She smiled openly, 'And in less than a minute', a hint of disappointment in her voice, one of the men plucked up courage and asked if she was personally disappointed with that statistic, 'I think a longer fuck and less cum', is more appealing, and she laughed, her crudeness adding to her sexual awareness, her open innuendos, making them uncomfortable but they were being drawn into her.
She took her hand and drew it between her legs, her jodhpurs staining as the sperm soaked into the buff fabric, and as it darkened, her outline became obvious, she was nude under them, 'Best not to waste it', causing one man to remark, 'Fucking hell girl, you're outrageous', laughing as he said it, desperate not to offend her, this was a massive turn-on for him, for all three men, and she saw her actions were indeed making them hard.
'Why do you talk the way you do?' She looked directly as the questionnaire, before replying, 'Your erection shows you like the way I talk, you all do', that's why, and each man shuffled uncomfortably, looking at the ground, they had all been caught out by this mere stripling of girlhood, 'Besides', she started and waited until she had their attention, 'I want to fuck, I have been horny all morning, and you three men have what I crave for'.
They stared at her in total disbelief, she concluded her sentence by starting to undo the buttons on her jodhpurs, and as they parted her vagina was exposed, cleanly shaved, and stained with the horses sperm.
She pushed them down her long thighs, where they gathered atop her leather boots, turning she put her hands onto the stallions hind quarters, and thrust her pert bum out at them, 'OK gents, give it to me'.
They formed a queue like a line of penguins, shuffling in with their pants at their ankles, each penetrating her to the full, fucking her hole as she held the stallions, her mind substituting his organ for theirs.
She gladly let them mix their sperm inside her, not caring if they pulled out or stayed inside her, the all important fuck was all she wanted, and all were amazed as she orgasmed so easily and repeatedly.
'I gave her my number', he concluded, and the rest as they say is history, she has fucked hundreds, she is insatiable, and I enjoy watching and listening to men being pleasured.
He fell silent, concentrating on the road ahead, we were heading for a well known 'Dogging site', where she is known for her appetite for men, I guess he will have to do with the moans from the rear seat, as I look down on her blond mane, bobbing up and down on my cock, I never offered her, she just took it.
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3 years ago
That brain of yours matches the pleasure a man gets in contemplating you figure
3 years ago
She knows her way, the stunning sexy blonde! ;-)P
Tasty story. Keep writing, blonde hottie! - Peter Pan
3 years ago
wonderful story mariel another winner in ur long list of erotic tales
3 years ago
perfect truly love a woman who knows what she wants when it comes to sex, and does whatever she wants to get that amazing fuck, just perfect you have the best friends