Cheryl and her b*****r, satisfy each others needs

While I sit here expecting my own expose video to be posted soon, I am reminded of how many teen girls are fucking and are on the internet, the mixture of wild hormones, and the deepest need for good sex, are driving them into uncharted, sexual exploits.
Cheryl, was not long into her teens, when her slightly older b*****r walked into the kitchen, where she sat having breakfast.
Both parents worked so they were alone for that early part of the morning. One look at him and it was obvious he had an erection, and Cheryl gulped hard, as his shorts opened at the front and she could see the fleshy shaft.
Her b*****r was obviously being driven with a powerful urge to encourage his s****rs help, the i****tuous urge taking precedence over the moral issue, besides he knew she was into masturbating, as their beds shared a common wall, and he would listen to her nightly as she relieved herself.
As Cheryl's eyes followed him, he stopped and faced her, 'Stop staring s*s, it might spit at you', he remarked, emboldened by her acknowledging his erection.
Cheryl sat with the spoon in her mouth, holding it's shaft and accentuated her cleaning of the head, looking into his eyes then deliberately dropping onto his bulging shorts.
She was immediately aware of the power that his organ held for her, she had surfed the net and viewed many, she had shown herself to men and had even participated in mutual masturbation, in a weird way she considered herself something of an expert in matters sexual, even though she was a virgin and had never really touched a mans penis.
She was excited and her heart pounded as all these thoughts coursed through her pretty head, she smiled as she took the spoon slowly from her mouth, sensing the moisture of her saliva excited him, she teased and felt her nipples harden, and she deliberately moistened her lips, as her b*****r drank every sexual innuendo she threw at him.
This scenario unfolding was every parents nightmare, sexually aware teenage siblings were are risk from each other, and here was such a situation, with the male in a state of arousal and the s****r responding to it.
He moved in on her and as he approached her his penis popped out, revealing his full glory.
Cheryl's eyes lit up and her mouth fell open, her tongue working feverishly around her seemingly full and swollen lips, her glued to her b*****r's manhood, as it slightly bobbed up and down.
Many of her b*****r's friends worshiped her, she was a school goddess, doe eyed and full lips, blond locks the flowed over her shoulders, they only saw the day version of her, knowing nothing of her dark sexual habits, when locked in her bedroom, now she was about to add another forbidden fruit, she wanted full penetrative sex, front then back, and as she slid from her stool, she lifted her nightdress over her head and turned her back to her advancing b*****r, offering her rear to him, slipping her hand between her legs and guided him into her, ignoring the tear in her hymen, as her b*****r penis went in deep, their naked bodies enmeshed and humped, his eight inch penis rarely withdrawing an inch from her, each short energetic thrust lifting her up, his cock rubbing hard and bruising her cervix, she held him tight within, he biting her neck and holding the soft flesh with his teeth, afraid of losing the forbidden pleasure his s****r provided.
It was over, they stood quivering naked in the kitchen, the dirty deed complete, his penis was losing its stiffness, but Cheryl held it within the folds of her vagina, she was naturally tight, having been to her doctor as tampon insertion was initially painful, he said she suffered from a condition known medically as 'Vaginismus', and resulted in her using pads instead of tampons, so holding him firmly in place and squeezing him, was giving her more pleasure and her refusal to let him loose, made him think she had seized up and he panicked, imagining his friends horror stories of couples having to go to hospital to be separated were true.
Cheryl's soft moaning and squeezing were pleasurable to to feel and he stood behind her as she worked on his penis, holding her slim hips he watched as her buttocks clenched and un-clenched, in tandem with her vaginal squeezing, he listened to her moaning, so often visualized as he lay in bed masturbating with her through the wall, now he watched her work feverishly and unashamedly on his inserted cock, his beautiful s****r working to orgasm and her beautiful naked body contorting and buckling as she came, releasing him in her final thrust, she turned and gathered him into her arms, they kissed full lips, tender and sexual.
Cheryl broke off and walked silently to the bathroom and showered, emerging naked, she walked up to her b*****r, making him promise to remain silent and as he promised she held his cock in her hand, 'We can do this whenever you need to', she squeezed him again, released and walked off to dress for school.
Cheryl realized she had no feelings about i****t, she enjoyed the sex and felt no shame it was with her b*****r, its like that for some girls, i****tuous sex feels safer, until others start to have them and it starts to subside, it was like that with me and many our friends, our b*****rs see the other side of us and have the advantage of access to us when the mood strikes us.
In today's climate we hear more and more of i****tuous sex, I am glad I have learned to live with my forbidden love, after all we have to learn sometime and well endowed b*****r do help.

90% (45/5)
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3 years ago
True sex stories
3 years ago
Good story, well written. I think it's far better and safer that it should happen like this than some stranger with heaven knows what condition. Keep it in the family.
3 years ago
so perfect really wish I had a sister to have some naughty fun with whenever we got horny
3 years ago
Some people prefer the act like an ostrich with its head in the sand.
If you pretend it does not happen, then you are part of the problem.
By telling these true account stories, you expose them for what they are, many experience that and live with the encounter, but as usual its the minority, some with a guilt conscience, that are most vocal, thinking their protestations make them holier than thou, when in fact they are mired in a guilty conscience.
It happens get a life and deal with it, besides you read it, so one would assume you were attracted to the idea.
3 years ago
3 years ago
i love the way u recount a story it is amazing how much detail i draw from ur words! great stuff mariel
3 years ago
3 years ago
ended well
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago