Performing in front of a stranger

We were fooling around as girls do, heading towards the main town thoroughfare down a side alley, when Britney stopped, pulling me into the side door.
'Look', she said breathlessly, and indicating with her head.
I peered out from the doorway and saw a man sitting at a wooded table, reading a newspaper and drinking a beer.
As I looked she said somewhat breathlessly, 'Lets have some fun', and before I could answer her she pulled me out of the doorway and put her arm around my shoulder, and we continued in the direction of where the man was sitting.
She stopped again, only meters from where he sat, faced me and kissed me full on my lips.
I had no time to respond and suddenly realised her kissing was soft and passionate, erotic and urgent, and I was starting to respond when she broke off and laughed out loud.
I was a tad flustered and saw he was staring at us, in almost disbelief, we walked on a bit more when Britney did the same again, this time a little longer, her tongue inside my mouth and I responded, warming to kissing a girl, then suddenly she squeezed my breast.
This time when she broke off we were opposite the man and we both looked at him. The area was deserted and as we hugged she put her hand up my jumper and squeezed my nude breast, fondling it in full view of him, whilst staring into his gaze.
'You like what you see', she teased him, and run her hand over my shoulder, causing my jumper to rise and expose my budding breast for him to admire.
We were separated by steel railings, and as he replied to her, he looked around nervously to see that we were alone.
'Sure I like what I see, who wouldn't', he replied, clearly excited at two teen girls frolicking around and exposing themselves.
'Would you like to touch her', she asked him, referring to my breasts, and he looked nervously around again, 'Sure', he replied, his voice thick.
At his admission she thrust her hand through the railing, 'That will be five pound', she said coolly and calmly, adding, 'Be quick before someone comes', and he handed her the money.
I went to the railing and lifted my jumper, pushing my breasts through the gaps and he crudely pulled on my nipples, rubbing them against the cold steel.
Britney moved in behind me and pressed hard against my body, holding me hard against the railing as he twisted hard, pulling them together and holding both nipples together as the one raining was crushed between my budding breasts.
Britney undid my flies and button, sliding my denims and panties away from my vagina, pulling them down to my ankles, 'Ten pounds and she's yours', and at that he released my nipples and fished out another ten pounds and handed it to her.
She continued to press me into the railings, looking left and right to make sure no one was around, and on receiving the money waited until he secured my nipples together before pocketing it.
She then took hold of the railing either side of my and held me against while he took his penis out, and when free and pressing against me they both turned my to face Britney, my bum between two railing, and he f***ed his cock between them.
He was sticking out of my front and Britney played with him, while I held him tight between my legs.
I did not take long for him to cum and Britney's black tights were covered in semen.
I myself was on the verge as the friction between my labia was so fucking hot and his holding me by my breasts as he fucked my between the steel railing, released a huge yell from deep within.
When he came we broke off and started running back the way we came, me trying to pull my denims up and Brit with his cum everywhere on her lower extremities.
We laughed then cuddled and kissed, we realised we had unfinished business, finally finding a quiet glade to strip off and make womanly love, undisturbed and full.
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3 years ago
very hot a real turn on, would like to hear what you and britney got upto
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very nice mariel another unique and exciting encounter that u graciously shared with us horny pervs
3 years ago
Nice, I like this story