Another chambermaid revelation and confession

We read so much now-a-days about women and their sexual habits. A few days back, in the paper a man was attacked by a d***ken woman, who thought she was going to have sex, then denied, she apparently set about him with her stiletto high heeled shoe.
So many women are admitting to some form of high sex drive, apparently it's a mental disorder and you have to go into therapy.
Of course they will find sexual abuse throughout their history, or if truth be told, exposed to sex in all its form.
I experienced it at an early age, felt it, as males became bolder and needed to make contact, especially so in my teens, as my budding body ripened and blossomed, sexual hormones coursing, and making you want to, then after the initial shock, came the after-thought as you dwelt on the moment, then the urge to participate, each exposure adding to the previous, building and building, until one morning you want it and go looking for it, willing to surrender to a strangers needs and have him inside you, thrusting and twisting, urging him to seed you, finding a voice that's dirty and befits the object he's fucking, hopefully long enough to make your experience fulfilling.
After that you change, you have found your niche, and aimlessly wander from room to room looking and seeking out men looking for fun.
In this particular summer season, the hotel I worked chambermaid at, had all the right ingredients, you did not need to go looking as a quick look at the guests viewing habits, such as adult channel request, told me that a horny man slept behind that door.
On this occasion I both both surprised and seduced, as if all my sexual Christmases, came together, as we did that morning.
I was alone as I approached his room, having removed my brassiere, knowing my nipples would be visible, through the thin material, this excited me and the positiveness of the feedback, pumped them bigger than I could ever remember.
My large diamond netted stocking, gave me that slutiness, that appealed to both men and women, but most importantly, my age and demeanour, was my biggest asset, how could he not want to.
I knocked his door and listened, my face in front of his spy-hole, he needed to see my youthful femininity, and want to admit me, and if he did, then he was in the mood.
I could hear him cough as he shuffled to the door, then silence, as he peered through the glass peep hole, I standing back knowing he would be looking at not just my prettiness, but my body in profile.
He opened the door and peered out, looking my up and down, as I smiled my best and bade him good morning, and my ridiculous request, to tidy his room, 'Can you come back later, give me a few minutes to get up', he seemed reluctant to let me go, and I smiled, a smile that was wide and warm, as I noticed his eyes transfixed on my nipples and stockings, 'No, wait, come in', he added as an afterthought, perhaps the sexual needs connected, as he looked me up and down, in a very unmistakeable manner, and I remained at post, without the slightest cause for concern.
He opened the door wider and I pushed through as he closed it behind me. I turned and he stood completely nude and fully erect.
He was the biggest man I had ever seen in the flesh. as girls we would scour magazines and porn books in a lurid frenzy looking for the biggest and wonder how they would go inside us.
This was long and thick and as he shaved he appeared even bigger.
There was a silence as I stared at it, my eyes transfixed, 'You like it', he asked knowing fine well I did, as I made no effort to escape or raise the slightest objection.
Even as he walked towards me it remained rigid and upright, not bobbing around as most men's do, this was hard, shiny and rigid.
I raised my eyes as he drew near me, he like me was transfixed on my breasts, my nipples imitating his penis in rigidity, and he reached up and brushed his thumb across one, causing my knees to give way, it was electric and caused a soft moan to escape my lips.
My submission in that moan inspired him as his arms entwined me, sinking his teeth into the nape of my neck, his nostril flared as he d***k in my youthful smells, my breast being kneaded like a professional baker would knead dough, all the time his penis stressing the thin material that covered my prize, but not for long as he kissed my mouth and both his hands encased my buttocks and began gathering the thin material, I felt my dress lift and felt the cool air on the backs of my bare thighs, and he groaned from somewhere deep as he gathered my naked buttocks within his hands and his penis thrust between my legs, parting my pink folds nestling between my labia and in full contact with my swollen clitoris, each slight movement thrilling my whole being.
I stood kissing him, straddling his cock, its rigidity holding me upright, I could feel it sticking out from my bum and as I kissed and moved I had my first orgasm.
'Oh Fuck, oh Fuck' I moaned over and over into his ear, forcing my tongue in between each expletive, my thighs aching as I entwined his penis between them, threshing my bum in and out on his length, as wave after wave brought me off again and again.
I pulled my mouth from him and looking him in his face, begged him to take me properly.
I stripped naked except for my stockings and lay on the bed, pulling my long legs up high and parted them, holding each leg under my arms by my side, my crotch open as never before, and in this fashion he penetrated me, with inches to spare, he was too big in length, not that I noticed as he stretched me as no man has done since, and flooded me as only a horse can, bringing tears to my eyes, as his hardness abated inside me, we lay connected for the best part of an hour, he finally slipping from my grasp, spent and exhausted, his seed flowing freely from my vagina, a truly marvellous experience.
To say I walked awkwardly over the next few days would be putting it mildly, I was fucked as a women should be fucked, my benefit being my youth and desire to learn, so yes I crave the same and look for men of length and girth, perhaps I am a sex addict, why dont you stick your cock in me and ask as we fuck.
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3 years ago
such a turn on very hot, with that offer there will be no end to the men wanting to be deep inside you
3 years ago
Very good, nice story. Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
deal! ive got a fairly thick tool that would certainly give u a nice stretch! love ur stories mariel keep it up!
3 years ago
I'm game! You certainly got my attention!
3 years ago
the chance to fuck you would be a fine thing
3 years ago