Old and teen, with fathers consent

I had fallen asl**p at the table, I was so d***k, but then we all were, even my parents, but they were holding their liquor better, in fact it was the older ones who did.
It was late and the music was loud, but that did not stop me dozing off, with my head on the table, a typical pose for a girl who has crashed-out.
I was woken by my mother, 'Come on you need to go to bed', she said laughing, she was blasted too, but having a ball.
'I will take her down', came a sober offer, my dads friend, Bill, who was alone with the group, man in his fifties, divorced and had been eyeing me all night, not that it bothered me when he offered, as I was too far gone to care.
With that settled the table cleared with much shouting and laughter as a new song was stuck up and no one looked back as Bill slid in beside me.
He put a fatherly arm around my shoulder and under my breasts, and as he adjusted me in the darkness, he felt me, squeezing softly, testing my resolve, and when no objections came or any reaction whatsoever, he whispered into my ear, 'Like to taste my cock', and at that he lifted me into a standing position.
I was manoeuvred out of the dance hall with ease, as I stumbled, but walked wih him unsteadily, and soon we were encamped outside my cabin, and Bill took my handbag from me and went through it for my cabin pass key.
Finding it I was guided to the bed and Bill turned and closed the door and turned the light on.
I sat slumped on the bed, then eased onto my side as my head touched the soft pillow.
Bill came over and pushed my dress up high, far enough to show my stockings and garter belt, that held them up.
'Jesus fuck Mariel', he exclaimed, 'You are one fucking hot little girl', and as he commented on what he was looking at, he pushed his hand into my crotch, pulling my panties to one side, noting I had shaved and my lips were like the little girl I was.
'I must piss babe, before I fuck you', and he went into the bathroom, leaving the door ajar, so I could see his piss come from his semi-erect penis.
I rolled onto my back as I watched him through hooded eyes, my fathers friend pissing as I watched him, knowing his intention was to fuck me, and somehow I lay there, making no effort to stop him, then my eyes closed and I dozed off again, into a deeper sl**p.
He was standing over me naked and erect and as he leant across me, I knew I was also naked.
He leant his weight on me and his balls brushed my forehead, I looked straight up and all I could see was his heavy scrotum, my legs were up high and parted, as he hooked one leg under each armpit, I could feel his hot breath then tongue, as he performed cunnilingus on me.
He reached back and f***ed his cock into my mouth, 'Suck it you little hot cunt' and he proceeded to fuck my throat with powerful downward thrusts.
I was gagging in a sort of manner, but the drink had made my mouth and throat more subtle, as he developed a technique I adapted to and soon we were performing sex acts on each others sex organs.
He lay on top of me and started to hump me with exaggerated thrusts, I was in no state to object so lay there accommodating his libido and needs, my inner vagina being torn asunder, bruised into submission.
I fell asl**p again, only waking momentarily with a sharp pain in my anus, I was face down and remember looking at the clock, he had been fucking me for nigh on two hours, the pain abated and I fell asl**p again, as he continued to sodomize me.
I awoke with a banging on my door, it was my mother enquiring if I was going down to breakfast, I was naked and cold, and hurting from every orifice in my body.
I remembered clearly what had transpired, my fathers friend had taken advantage of me, as I was hopelessly d***k, but the strange thing was I felt no anger, instead a rush of horniness swept through me like a delayed reaction, I was now responding to the assault on me, and suddenly I needed to feel the need for him.
I was aware throughout the day he was watching and lechering after me, but strangely now he had succeeded in having his naughty way and done what he wanted I was turned-on by it and started to touch myself.
I heard my fathers loud voice outside as he chatted on his way down to breakfast and I heard him knock on Bills door, opposite mine, so I waited, looking through my peep hole for Bill to appear.
When he did I saw him look in my direction at my door, and instinctively I opened my door, still naked and incredibly horny.
The corridor was empty as dad had moved on, so I opened my door wide and stuck my head out as Bill stared in disbelief at my nakedness.
'Want to come in again Bill', and I walked back into my cabin, as Bill followed me.
I knelt on the edge of my bed, 'Just a quick doggy', I said looking at him as he eased himself out of his pants, somehow he appeared bigger then last night, and I smiled, as Bill lay both hands on my waist and slid upwards, cupping my breasts, as I reached between my legs and guided him back inside me,
We fucked for ten minutes and I fell forward on the bed, satisfied and content.
Bill picked up a towel and wiped himself before tucking back inside his pants.
'Your dad was right when he said you were fucking hot', I froze, 'I am glad he invited me along and introduced us, see you down at breakfast', and at that turned and left.
Dad had invited hid friend to get off on his daughter, never mind the thirty years or so difference, and as I sat at the table dad bent down and kissed my cheek, 'Thanks for letting Bill have some fun dear'.
'Sure dad, any-time', and somehow I meant it, as Bill looked across at me and w smiled.

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That was great. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
what a good story, thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
such an open and naughty family you have I love hearing all about what you get upto, such a turn on
3 years ago
Wow mariel the dynamics of ur family baffle and intrigue me I love reading about all of ur sorted encounters
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