The day I lost my Virginity in the Park.

He sat on the bench looking uncomfortable, I sensed he was doing something he shouldn't, but he was looking around him nervously then straight at me, his hand jerking inside his coat.
I knew what he was doing, I had seen my b*****rs do it, so I was not shocked, only surprised even flattered that I was his inspiration, mind I was sitting down and my legs were open.
I moved to the edge of the roundabout and placed both legs on the ground, all the time looking straight at him, my lips parting in a warm and genuine smile, I was enjoying I was pleasing him, never once thinking it to be bad, and as I looked he nodded, then looked at my legs.
I knew instinctively what he was implying, he wanted to see between my legs again, the very thing that was pleasing him, so I smiled at my new friend and opened them, wider than what could be considered decent, hiking my hem up, emboldened by the fact we were alone and I was feeling warm and nice down there.
As I looked his coat parted and I saw him, he was bigger than my b*****rs and the more I looked at him jerking up and down, the more mesmerized and warm I became.
Suddenly it made sense, I felt his need as it developed inside me and I reached down and pulled my panties to the side, revealing me vagina, that seemed to dive him harder as he half rose and grunted, white liquid shooting from the end of his big man.
We were separated by 20 feet or so and as he shot I was touching myself feeling feelings I never knew existed, bur excited me.
I was wet and open and somehow I knew this is where he wanted to be, so I lay back on the wooden roundabout and raised my legs and closed my eyes.
He touched my gently, running his finger along my wet vagina, and eased inside, there was a sharp pain then incredible pleasure, wave after wave washing through my body, I lay sobbing, pulling my knees closer to my body as my extremities were fully exposed to his caresses.
His penis was strengthening and hardening again and now he was laying it between my lips, that felt really good and I raised my buttocks higher, and as he went inside me I felt credulous he could put it in as it was big, but it was such a wonderful feeling and before long I was having stronger feelings than when he used his finger.
When he left me I felt empty as his feeling was so full and I sat up on the roundabout watching him walk away without looking back.
Suddenly my b*****r appeared, calling on me to come home and I got up letting my skirt fall into place, my knickers still lying on the wooden floor, crumpled and disposed off during my loss of virginity.
Looking back over the years it is the best sex I experienced full of surrender and feeling, with awakening in both the emotional and physical sense.
I hooked my arm through my b*****rs and we walked back, 'Have you had sex with a woman' I asked him, he looked at me surprised at his little s****rs question, 'When your older you will know', was his silly answer, I smiled, I knew he what he did each night pleased him with the same feelings just experienced, perhaps now I knew I might slid in beside him and help him too.
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2 years ago
so senual erotic
2 years ago
such a hot, simple, and amazing story...loved this story
2 years ago
So hot
3 years ago
what a sweet story
3 years ago
another great story mariel!
3 years ago
your the most amazing woman so hot and naughty, bet theres many more stories like that
3 years ago
Everyone in your life should be grateful to know you.
3 years ago
very nice story.
3 years ago
pretty darn good
3 years ago
3 years ago
nice story,