My first chance to wear stockings

I have an auntie who was always considered glamorous, she was c***dless but used to like having both her nieces over to stay and impart her worldly way on us.
We, typically, were always rummaging through her drawers, looking for clothes to wear and shoes to put on. We were still c***dren dressing-up but she imparted the notion of stockings and garter belts, though the later, did never have the same effect as the former.
She never married and being a society girl, was never short of male friends, some whom I met and one who fucked me, the night I stayed without my cousin.
As auntie got older she became a tad distant and forgetfull, the age thing was slowly creeping-up on her, athough the night in question, was more champagne induced, than a biological deficiency.
When I turned-up the night in question for my stayover, she had completely forgot, and was having a small get-together with some friends. 'Not to worry dear', she said, 'You will feel right at home amongst this crowd' and she hurried me into the house and upstairs to a spare bedroom.
I was dressed in denims and a sleeveless top. 'Auntie, I am not dressed for a party', I stressed. She looked me up and down, and noting that we were of similar height and build, suggested I put something of hers on, as I must know all her clothes by now.
Standing in front of her mirror admiring my reflection, my heart was racing, the little oriental dress we were never allowed to touch, was hugging my nubile curves, a perfect fit and what set my pulse racing was the slit up the thigh, so sexy and so inviting.
When she came back into the room I was expecting her to ask me to choose another, but to my surprise she was equally enthusiastic that I chose it.
Surprisingly, she turned round and suggested I wear a pair of stocking, elastic stay-ups, as a garter belt would look bumpy under the silk.
'OK' I enthused, 'I'm waring my thong, so that wont show' I added. 'She stopped, turned, and said as matter of factly as you can, 'Why bother love, you are a woman now, dont, go commando it's refreshing', laughed and walked out.
WoW I though, naughty auntie, perhaps I have inherited my genes from her side of the f****y. I smiled inwardly as I kicked-off my knickers and turned admiring my profile in the mirror, noting the curvaciousness of my bottom and the flatness of my tummy.
Slipping the stockings on they felt really cool and terribly sexy. I felt so nude, naughty, and desirable all rolled into one.
The stocking tops were visable just above the seductess slit in the dress and sitting on the chair I noted just how far up my dress need to be in order to expose them.
I entered the room noting all the males were in their 50's, so compliments were being fired from all directions in rapid succession. I was a little dizzy with the admiration being fetted on me but then again I was just an adolecent girl with a rapidly maturing body, a little sexual experience, which made me think I knew it all, but most of all a strong desire for the old in-and-out mechanism, I had been enjoying since my inception that warm Summer in Spain. (Read my story on Beach Sex).
There were more women than men that night, more by one, me. I was an unexpected inclusion, and as all the ladies were double my age I spent an evening lidtening to their worldly-wise advise, non of them suspecting that this little young girl was starting to have the hots for their men.
I was having my first tastes of wine, both red and white, and a few cocktails, slipped to me by some of the men so by the end of the evening I was putty in whoevers hands were on me at the time.
Yes I was being groped, my tits were squeezed, I was kissed fully on the lips, my bum was prodded, squeezed, poked and carressed ever so lovenly, by numerous hands that night.
All of this just added to my sense of urgency and as each couple left I was panicking in my breast, that I was going to be alone and extremely disapointed.
One guy remained to stay over, my aunties current conquest, he was a big man, loud and jolly and had a way of making you feel tiny, when he engaged you in conversation.
It was now past midnight and auntie had passed-out on the sofa, snoring gently as a female does, and he was sitting on the other sofa and had just switched-on the TV.
I had been to the toilet and when I entered the room, he looked up startled. 'I thought you went to bed?' As I walked into the room the flicker on the TV caused me to look in that direction and guess what? He was on the porn channal. I smiled and said casually, 'A fuck movie', sounds like she is enjoying it, and sat down on the other side of the sofa he was on.
Crossing my legs and sliding forward on the seat, encouraged my stocking tops to come into full view, and I heard his full sharp intake of breath.
'My god' he uttered, 'How old did you say you were?' and as I looked at him he was just staring at my upper thigh and amply exposed buttock, yes it was also visibly obvious I was not waring panties.
'Are you complaning,' I challenged? 'Fuck no' baby he said, 'Lets see that little pussy you have up there'
I looked over at my aunties prone body, deeply sl**ping and oblivious, I stood up and eased the dress over my hips, turned and walked over to face him, shaved and exposed, I thrust my hips forward as he grabbed my naked buttocks and burried his face right into my crotch.
As his tongue licked my pussy, from my ass to my clitoris, I was easing the dress up and over my head and once it was off, I stood naked excepting the stockings, still standing high on my girly thighs.
'Lets fuck', I ordered, 'Put you cock up me' and to emphasize this need I was sliding onto his lap, feeling and groping for for cock.
OMG this was a fat one of tremendous girth, but thankfully for my never ending gushing, of vaginal juices, the insertion of his well lubricated knob, into me was both easy and extremely pleasurable.
We humped in silence with me grinding my pelvis into him, swallowing as much cock as I could concievily take, and when he momentarily froze to ask about my being on the Pill, I just said yes, as I was now on the point of having an orgasm and well, the consequences of my sucking his sperm up and into my fallopian tubes and fertilizing myself, was a chance that was going to happen, as there was no way I was pulling his cock out of my pussy.
When I did cum it was awsome and fullfilling experience. It was my continued experimentation with older men having me for intercourse, but most of all, when I think back on the night I realised that I started thinking about sex the minute I saw myself in stockings.
So you the reader can see a similar vien running through my stories, older men fucking me with ease and my wearing of stockings
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8 months ago
Haven't read your stories for a while as i have been in hospital but am so much better and will continue reading.
4 years ago
i am going to have to buy some stockings for lady friends to wear thx
4 years ago
Yes a women in stockings is for fucki9ng eating groping having her body enjoied thanks Mariel
4 years ago
honestly i got hard thinking about u naked in the stockings and heels amazing story
4 years ago
great story keep writing
4 years ago
Delicious, more please!
4 years ago
Hope a 58 year old with a fetish for stockings and all things frilly silky and feminine can compliment such a sexy lady.....
4 years ago
very nice loved it
4 years ago
Nice story,i love nylons and I think I always wanna fuck you with or without stockings...