Naughty Stewardess

After a few hundred stories it becomes difficult to put a twist on a story so the reader gets off on your thoughts.
I masturbate as I write, that's a fact, so you know where I am cumming from (spelling was meant)and writing and masturbating to turn you on, makes me yearn for the Pizza boy or man to knock my front door, and relieve this built-up tension in my loins, but back to an incident in life, that bore fruit.
I had arrived at my hotel in uniform, dressed in the Ryanair colors and ill fitting attire.
During the landing procedure, while sitting at the main door, I noticed the man opposite me cast a trying to look up my skirt.
I looked elsewhere and observed everyone was peering out their respective windows, so I relaxed the tension in my thighs and opened my legs enough to let him see my stockings and knickers.
I suspect he could not see they were see-though as I was shaved, but the look on his face excited me, that he could look up at me crotch, and hopefully enjoy his hard earned fruits later that night.
Being tall, blond and Scandinavian, made me stand out, so when I was in my room I opened and unpacked my carry case, putting the contents out on the bed, which included my vibrator.
I then removed my jacket and undid the button at the back of my skirt, my eye catching the ornate knob on top of the bedpost, nice shape, I thought, another one to add to my vaginal insertion catalogue, I have humped over the years.
I had just slid the zipper when the door knocked, interrupting my sexual thoughts about the bed-knob, and a tad angered, I opened it, holding my skirt band together, to stop it dropping to my ankles, and there stood a young black guy, offering to turn my bed down.
His eyes were wide as he took in this tall lady standing in front of him, then I realized he could see my nipples, as I had left my brassiere off and the material was cheap and flimsy.
I smiled meekly and stood aside as he rushed inside and made for the bed.
I looked out the door, left then right and turned to come back inside, to see him staring at me, holding my skirt together. He had a huge smile on his face and was obviously happy to catch me in a state of undress, and I cast a look at his crotch, to see if he was excited.
I closed my room door quietly, my back against it eyeing him up and down. He was young, but old enough to perform a sex act, well most boys are by the time they are ten. (A known fact not an invitation)
I stood leaning against the door, my mouth suddenly dry, so I drew my tongue across my lips, a horny MILF eyeing a young buck, and as I eyed him up and down again, he soon caught onto my thought processes.
He turned and looked at the bed, then back to me, 'Please can I', he said, wanting to remove my articles of clothing, which consisted mainly of intimate feminine attire.
I saw my vibrator lying in full view, surely he must know what it was, and it excited me that he saw it, I smiled back at him, and nodded my consent for him to handle my underwear.
As he gathered my flimsy knickers he fondled them caressingly, his thumb running across the crotch and as he did so he looked back at me looking at him.
'Why dont you smell it', I said brazenly, now I knew we were on the same wavelength, and stood away from the door and let my skirt drop to my ankles, revealing my see-through knickers, 'Perhaps the smell in this pair will be better, and without warning peeled them off and tossed them to him.
He stood frozen to the spot as my sodden knickers hit him, 'Want to fuck me', I asked him as I bent over the foot of the bed, making myself available for his cock, now visibly swollen and pushing to get out.
His eyes traversed my long stockinged legs, my bared buttocks, now taught as I bent over, and my thick voice, ordering him to fuck me.
He moved behind me and I closed my eyes, partially in shame of offering myself to one so young, but more in praying he was developed sufficiently to do a mans job inside my fertile cunt.
he fumbled as he undressed and I began to hump air, my ass acting as if I were impaled on the bedpost, I had never known such heat and as I looked between my legs my inner thighs were flowing from my secretions, it looked as if I were urinating.
He reached forward and took hold of my long blond hair, jerking my head back, forcing me to look at the ceiling as he mounted me and began fucking.
If he felt small inside me he put that to rest as he impaled me with my own vibrator, right alongside his cock, my first double vaginal penetration, his cock going in and out and the vibrator, cruely twisting as if he was using a crow-bar to jemmy open a stubborn door.
I bit hard into the bed duvet as I orgasmed, a mixture of pleasure enf***ed with pain, and soon afterwards he stopped and left immediately.
Later as I showered I saw his seed flow down my inner legs and promptly unscrewed the shower head and pushed the hose up as far as I could put it, to flush out all traces of sperm.
It was his word against mine, but as I left the next morning, he smiled and opened the door for me, I tipped him and winked, got into the taxi and drove back to the airport, praying he would never see a copy of either the in-flight magazine or calendar.

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3 years ago
On big paragraph. Who in the fuck voted for this?
3 years ago
great encounter mariel! loved it
3 years ago
naughty girl xxx
3 years ago
Sexy memories, MarieL! ;-)P - Peter Pan
3 years ago
such a lucky guy, must have been his best work day ever
3 years ago
3 years ago
Du är bäst Marie!