I sucked my b*****rs cock in front of his friend

My b*****r's friend was an OK kind of guy and as is usual in these cases, he took a shine to me, resulting in him teasing me at every opportunity.
He would stay over and the three of us would drink too much, I would tease for the hell of it, but he never, and sometimes frustratingly, never rise to the bait.
I was never shy about my womanly attributes, and sitting showing my knickers, or wearing a t-shirt with pert nipples, was normal for me, even my b*****r remarked and would say things like I was a slut or cock teaser.
One night they both had been smoking weed as well as drinking, my b*****r asked me to fuck his friend.
'I dont think he wants too', I replied, citing his lack of libido, whenever I teased him.
'Tonight will be different', he said slurring, 'I promise you get some cock', I smiled warming to the idea.
As I sat in the living room the urge for sex grew on me, and at one point the guys caught me touching my hard nipples.
'Lets see them then', my b*****r called out, and I felt a surge of heat course through my being, I looked at his friend and asked him if he wanted to see them, his slight nodding was all the encouragement I needed, and in one swift movement, I was sitting bare breasted, fondling my hard nipples, subconsciously wanting them to be sucked.
'Go all the way', urged my b*****r, clearly excited at his s****rs brazenness, and breasts, jiggling as I tweaked my nipples and pouted my lips.
'What do you mean, Go all the way', I retorted to his request, knowing fine well he meant for me to masturbate for them.
'She friggs her Pussy every night', he said, and despite my protestations, my face turned crimson, with the revelation my b*****r could hear me masturbating.
The air and mood had decidedly turned sexual, 'Look', I said, 'I am not sitting here showing my tits, unless you show then some respect', I continued, girl speak for some sucking and fondling.
My b*****r stood up, 'Hey s*s, you in the mood for some sucking', his voice thick, 'Sure', was my reply and I sat up and slid to the end of the cushion, straightening my back to an upright position, half expecting to have my nipples sucked and chewed.
As my b*****r paced towards me I looked at his friend, he had been quiet but engrossed with my breasts, so I urged him to join me, I needed attention and I was keen to start.
My b*****r stopped aside me as I spoke with his friend, then I harmlessly turned to him smiling, we were play acting to encourage his friend to be sexually active, but as I looked up he had his cock out and was pushing it towards my open mouth.
'I thought you meant my tits', I feebly protested, my words being bludgeoned as he slid into my un-protesting mouth and his hand slide behind my head, as it bobbed up and down, then suddenly I was into it, I felt no shame or remorse, sucking on his tube as if it was the most normal thing for a s****r to do.
My b*****r bent forward and cupped my bare breasts, using them to lift me from the my sitting position, 'Just pull them down and stick it in', it made sense as I felt his friend undo and push my denims and panties down to my ankles.
My b*****r told me later he was like a dog on a bitch, just clinging on hard and making rapid humping motions, his head turned sideways and laying between my shoulder blades, as his ass pumped furiously.
Both my lovers came inside me, my b*****r thankfully releasing at the back of my throat, so swallowing was not an issue as it relieved any issues of gagging.
Either way f****y sex is more easily done, especially during those turbulent teenage years, it's free and readily available, so why not.
92% (78/7)
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7 months ago
another great short story
3 years ago
well i liked it
3 years ago
loved it, can't wait till she does her brother when he least expects it. hmmm bet she could catch him masterbating. wonder why there are not more brother/sister storys?
Great story Red. enjoy your stories and look forward to more from your creative mind.
You Rock girl
3 years ago
So like what happened with my brother and some of his friends
3 years ago
nice one
3 years ago
Sexy short story, as usual! ;-)P
Read mine as well - Peter Pan
3 years ago
wonderful story mariel i love how open u are to all forms of sex
3 years ago
I must agree, the closing sentence is soo true.
3 years ago
so perfect wish I had a naughty sister like you
3 years ago
Love it...great story...oh did I have an orgasm :)
3 years ago
short and sweet 5/10