A horny female can be dangerous

I tell you the reader a story of deception, something I did, which merits the title I choose for this sad escapade.
At the time I was so carried away with what I was doing, I never gave a second thought of the consequenses of my actions.
At school we were a group and a gang all rolled into one. As such we all dressed similar and apart from hair colour, there was little too differentiate one from the other.
Of course being Scandinavian girls we were closer in appearance, tall, slim, athletic, small breasted and fair to blond haired.
From a distance, we looked the part, like s****rs and we thought likewise, or so I thought, as after this escapade of mine, I had one very pissed-off friend, who to this day, is still not sure what happened that night.
We were u******e drinking, something back then was not really a problem, if you looked older you could find a place to park your bum, as nice fanny attracted men to stay and spend money.
The owner wanted us in his back street bar, we attracted punters, and in return we got pissed.
Well now you know the background as to our state of condition, we were d***k girls and I and my friend made our way back to her home, I was sl**ping over as her parents were in Corfu for one weeks semester, and we were looking for action.
I was pissed in more than one way, booze and not having some meat to play with. She did not even have a b*****r I could jump, and why? Well she drank too much, mixing her drinks and was in such a state, she needed to go home I with her.
As I had stayed there many times I knew the layout of the house, so once indoors she was up the stairs and into bed. I stripped her off to her undies and even left her stockings on, but ripped her knickers off as sl**ping with your panties is not healthy.
Making my way back down the stairs to the living room, a light from the house next door was switched-on, flooding the stairway I was decending, as our lights were still off.
I stoped in my tracks, I knew who this was, her next door neighbour was a serial flasher, fat, small dicked and large balled. We all knew, we talked about him, well she did as she was the apple of his eye, but he in return was a repulsive object of scorn.
She could be like that sometimes, all prim and proper, until you poured some wine down her throat and listened for the accent change, but even d***k she never spoke highly of him.
So how could someone so repulsive be so well described to us. She must have been looking as he flashed her, looking long enough to note the finer details, but thats girls for you, what we say and what we do are two different things.
Now me, where does all this fit into the act I commited.
Well here was I, standing on a darkened stairway, opposite a serial flasher with a desperate desire to fuck the girl next door, who now I am sure, knew she was alone for the next week or so.
Going back up into her dark bedroom I peered over to his room opposite, illuminated, curtains wide and watched, curious to see if he was indeed going to flash.
Fifteen minutes passed and nothing stired, I was getting bored, something was needed to get the ball rolling and suddenly the light went on, not the one in the room I stood, the one thats in your head, when you get an idea.
Simple, I looked like her, when seen from afar, so everything I did he would think it was her.
Bending over her I made sure she was slepping, she did not dissapoint, she was way out for the count.
Opening the curtains on her window fully, I switched her room light on, crept back down the stairway and studied his bedroom window from between the curtain rail and curtain.
I held my breath, why I dont know as I was the only one present, but it had an effect. He appeared st the window and stared straight across, darted away and returned bare chested.
Fuckinggggg Hell I thought, the dirty bastard was really doing it, and as I about to move the light opposite went out.
I could see the curtains were wide open and then I suspected he was still watching, probably from a vantage point, further into the room, and he was taking no chances of giving her a reason to close her curtains. If she thought he was out, perhaps he might see something?
Well that was now a forgone conculsion, because I was now she, and I had no clams of showing him what he wanted, just dont be too visual with my face.
Long blond hair can be usful when a girl needs to hide.
I walked back into the room and passed the window without looking left, slowly and deliberatly, waited, walked back lifting my polo-necked sweater over my head back to the window, exposing a bare back, free of bra, naked from the waist up.
Was this the most he had ever seen? Belt undone skirt dropped and as I stooped to pick it up I mentally noted, the window height might be obscuring his vision of my lower self.
Turning I walked out of the room, wearing my thong, turned on the stairway light and slowly decended, stopping at the landing window and turning ass on, to let him have an eyeful
I continued into the kitchen and noted it could be viewed from the stairway window, so I assumed he could still see me, so I casually dropped my knickers, turned full frontal and let him drink me in.
I drank a glass of water, still full frontal, I rubbed my pussy, squeezed my tits and turned both the kitchen and stairway lights out.
I needed to know if he was doing it and I was not disapointed. He had turned his light on and was standing on a chair, pumping like crazy, this I could see as I made my way to the stairway.
At the bottom of the stairs I did an unexpected thing, I opened the front door, which was at the side of the house facing his, and stepped out, naked and carefree.
I looked up and he was peering down at me, standing in the darkness, but illuminate by his room light.
Pretending not to notice him I lent against the cold wall for a moment, turned and went back inside, all the up to her bedroom. As I entered I turned the light out but stood just back from the window and watched him as got up onto the chair and continued wanking. I moved towards the window so he could clearly see I was looking at him, and I started rubbing myself so he could see I was now doing it with him.
I looked down at the sl**ping form of my friend and realsied she was in her stocking, so I stooped and removed them, then touched her between the legs. She was dry so spitting on my finger I moistened her, stood up, looked across to him, walked out and down the stairs and opened the side door, fully, left it open and walked into the darkness of the living room, and closed the door.
Eventually he came in and made his way upstairs. I waited a few minute to give him time to mount her, then I heard her. She was obviously being humped, and he was making all these strange noises, both in unison.
I went upstairs and looked in. He was on top, her legs were over his back and wide open, as he was fat. He was humping her with great effort but inside her he was as I watch with amazement at his cock sliding in and out of her.
I stood and masturbated, I came twice in rapid succession, noislessly and he came also as if to emphasise, his final thrusts almost knocked her out as her head banged off the headboard.
I went downstairs and just managed to close the door, dive naked onto the couch and pretend to be asl**p should he venture a look in.
I heard the front door close quietly, waited and went back up to the room. She was flat on her back, sound asl**p and showing a little creampie, seeping from her pussy.
I through her blanket over her and went to bed in the next room. I was awakened with a cup of coffee from her, clad in a T-shirt and no knickers.
Did I put her to bed, 'No, I lied, you went yourself', I continued.
She then went on the confess she had a wet experience, she dreamt the fat guy next door was fucking her, and she woke up so wet, there was a stain on the sheet. We laughed and I asked her, 'Did he make you cum?' He must have she said, how would I make such a mess, well I said, dont knock the guy until you try him.
She drew me a look and later on, as we left to go to town, he was standing at his door, she walked right past him without looking and I said hello and nodded.
She was on the pavement well in front and I turned to him and said, she cant remember what you did last night, best not to mantion it, just be thankful you took your chance when offered.
His mouth dropped open, I smiled and blew a kiss. What did you say to him she queried, never mind I replied, but make sure you keep the front door locked.
We laughed our heads off as went into town
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2 years ago
you are such a tease
Well more than just a tease
4 years ago
your are a very bag girl thanks just had to jack off to finish thanks
4 years ago
another great story, keep on writing
4 years ago
You are a great friend and neighbor. Great story. It made my cock hard. I may have to jerk it off.
4 years ago
I have to say one of the best stories I have tead so far
4 years ago
great story!! i got real hard!!!