Being a Cuck and MILF. For the young guys.

I know young men are masturbating to me, and in my own perverted way, I enjoy the celebratory feeling that I am providing sexual release, for my close friends and s****rs boys.
I dont regard myself as perverted, but my body, looks and demeanor, coupled with a high sexual drive and imagination, would put me in the predatory class, a tits, ass, and cunt, on two long legs, looking for boys.
Of course as with all sexual matters, we keep these traits to ourselves, only relenting once we hit on the right man, then the sparks fly and every orifice on my being, pulsates and throbs, until the male member releases their pent-up energy.
My husband, bless him, is a godsend, a CUCK that requires men to fuck me, an never-ending supply of lengths and girths, a chance to be naked with men and feel then all over me, feeling, probing, licking and caressing, surrendering my being and soul, to be inseminated, while my husband lies and listens, deriving his own pleasure from my moaning and bed squeaking.
My first encounter and his coming out, so to speak, was many years back, we were married two years and I was but a nymph in my twenties, eager and keen, already publishing online, and sending saucy photos to selected men, on their promises of sexual release, in other words, they would wank-off to my image.
I was both comfortable and excited by doing this and my husbands introduction to web-cams, for me to perform on selected men while he relieved himself as he watched, eased me into accepting his little perversion, while the opening door to CUCK status, grew wider, I realized he stopped touching me, and started to invite men over, to provide the nuptials, I craved, a marriage made in heaven some might say, but every invite was a night of teasing and innuendo, until I was possessed by the guest, and fucked to oblivion, my exasperated gasps during my many orgasms, bringing relief to my man in the next room, pounding his meat as he imagined his wife begging next door.
In the beginning he invited men who looked at me with a goddess status, men who could only imagine making love to me, I was out of their league, but he made me available to them, the first few ending in disaster, but there was no mistaking the thrill of doing it.
The first man was in his fifties, thirty one years older than I, and I was to appear more d***k than I was and tease him all the way back to our house.
Once there they drank more spirits until they were really gone, and I undressed into a sheer black nighty, clearly showing my nudity underneath it.
I was thrilled and sexually excited walking in on them, making no effort to cover up, standing in front of our guest, as he sat rooted and drinking in every curve my body showed.
I stood in front of my husband and bent over provokingly, my legs straight and my ass taught, as we kissed on the mouth, hubby instinctively squeezed my pert breasts and felt my ass, our guest watching in disbelief, until I turned and faced him, 'Goodnight kiss for you', I asked, knowing full well he was gagging for me.
I bent over him in a similar manner and f***ed my tongue into his mouth for a really wet kiss, until he got the message from my prolonged kissing, he reached up and felt my heaving breasts and protruding nipples.
As he squeezed I moaned out loud and used my tongue like a penis substitute fucking his open mouth, leaving him in no doubt, I was up for it.
My hands were around the back of his head and as broke off the passionate kissing, I held him hard against my straightening body, until his mouth rested on my pussy and his hands encircled my waist and clutched my buttocks, I gyrated slowly as his hot breath bathed my wet cunt.
I looked around at my husband, sitting with a stupefied look and bleary-eyed, slumped down on the armchair, watching transfixed but saying nothing, then I realized my nightdress was creeping up my long legs, and as I opened them slightly, his tongue was slipping between my labia and flicking my clitoris, I groaned and moaned, thrusting my hips into his face, 'Fuck me' I blurted out, and started to pull him towards the bedroom.
I knelt on the mattress waiting for him to put his cock in, but he was fumbling behind me, so I turned and say on the edge of the bed and was confronted by every woman's nightmare, a cock suffering from 'Brewers Droop', he was flaccid and I sucked on it for 30 minutes until he collapsed on top of me asl**p.
So I lay there beside a complete stranger masturbating myself to orgasm and retiring to my own bed and sl**p afterwards, awakening in the morning to find him gone.
Our second attempt was the complete opposite, he got inside and ejaculated within two strokes, so I had a pussy full of sperm, but no pleasure, that was the night I flung on my coat and walked out into the street, ready to fuck the first willing man, alas it was too late and the streets were empty.

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1 year ago
just love ur stories, the way how u write rly excites me. ur teasing stories where u dont finish the second part is a kill tho haha. just love ur sluttyness describing
1 year ago
it is nice to read a woman's view point on have a submissive/cuckold husbannd. I've been a cuckold with two ex wives and two ex-gf and always wondered what they were thinking while cuckolding me.....thanks, i hope you post more stories and experiences.....
2 years ago
A woman's perspective of the cuck sexual experience.
2 years ago
The hot woman who learns to enjoy her power over the sex drive and lust of men makes me cum for her.
3 years ago
enjoyable ... my first read of yours, but not my last ...
3 years ago
if only i were walking down the street that night! what a night it would have been great story mariel as usual
3 years ago
seems you were let down by those, cant wait to hear the stories about the guys who gave you what you needed
3 years ago