Frustrated MILF and neighbors son

I stood in the kitchen in my cotton knickers and housecoat, not what some would call an appealing sight.
I just had sex and could feel the semen seeping into the cotton, I had orgasmed, but strangely felt empty, a dull ache persisted and my cunt was still in a state of perpetual excitement.
My housecoat was open, and as I looked down my front, I became excited by the sight of my exposed and rigid and nipples which looked as though they had developed a rubbery texture, as they poked out in full view of anyone caring to look in through my window, where I now brazenly stood.
'Fuck', I thought, 'I need another fucking', suddenly realizing I was humping the edge of the window ledge, the hard wooden edge gliding up and down on my molded 'Camel Toe', partly formed due to the tightness of my knickers and shaped by my incessant rubbing on the ledge.
It felt good and I moved accordingly as the feeling dictated, both palms of my hands flat on the window ledge as my ass heaved up and down against the crude woodwork.
I closed my eyes and imagined three lovers taking their turn with me from behind, I concentrated hard as the orgasm neared, my breathing quickened, almost there, and with my final push I opened my eyes to see my neighbors sons looking at me in my final push.
My eyes widened and my mouth opened as I gasped in unbelievable throes of pleasure, wave after wave of pleasure washing over me, all emanating from my cunt to my nipples, and I just stared back at him, daring not to stop the need to finish over-riding his astonishment, his presence being the catalyst for my having such a good orgasm.
I closed my housecoat and waved him over, he had seen me so I needed to assert damage limitation, I knew him well enough to know I could win him over, and as he drew near the window I beckoned him to go around to the side entrance.
I opened the door and waited until he arrived and when he did and stood framed in the doorway I asked him to come inside and close the door behind him.
'You can keep what you witnessed to yourself', I asked, using my maturity and age in an authoritarian manner.
He nodded in an understanding acknowledgement, 'Good, then its our secret', I added, and looking at his crotch, asked him if he would like me to suck his cock.
I wryish smile broke on his face and I took it as an affirmative, dropping to my knees as I told him to drop his pants, which he did somewhat hastily.
I pulled his shorts down to his ankles and put my mouth against his scrotum, opened my mouth and took everything inside.
He was smallish, so his balls and cock sat comfortably inside my mouth, as I chewed and sucked, occasionally releasing his ball sack to concentrate on his cock.
He came within minutes and I swallowed and cleaned before tucking him back inside his shorts and asking him to pull his pants up.
'Your first blow-job', I asked him, and he sheepishly smiled, 'Well there's more where that came from, plus more than that, if you keep your fucking mouth shut', I continued, and his face became serious, as the proposition sank in.
'Here', I said advancing on him, opening my housecoat and exposing my breasts, 'Feel them', and he reached up and fondled my tits, my hand guiding him over the flesh, showing him how to pluck and twist the nipples.
'Does that feel good?' He did not reply as he was engrossed in pulling the nipples, 'Here, try down here', and I pulled my knicker elastic out and guided his small hand onto my cunt, 'Mmmmmmmmm', I moaned, 'Put your fingers up me', and suddenly I was writhing on his hand as his fist was small enough to go inside.
'Make a fist', I grunted, 'Tighter baby', and I held his wrist with both my hands as I mounted and eased him inside my pussy.
'Oh fucking hell', I moaned as I wanked myself with his fisting, then I released one hand and touched his face turning it up for me to kiss him on the lips, and in doing so orgasmed blissfully.
On finishing I asked him to wash his hands in the sink and removed my knickers and stood over him as he did so.
As he dried his hands I stood naked and asked him to look me over and run his hands all over my body.
His education finished, I asked him to leave and remember our promises, kissed him lovingly on his forehead and watched him run off down the street to play with his friends.
Being a frustrated housewife does have merits but the new MILF ideology gives hope to the future male linage as being fucked by experienced women can be a pleasurable encounter

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3 years ago
great story once again, how old was the boy? xx
3 years ago
Superb as always Marie L
3 years ago
lucky young lad.. now why didn't I live across the street from you ...:P
3 years ago
where does she get these great story idea's?
once again a pleasure
3 years ago
just perfect all young men should have a hot sexy milf to teach them, a real turn on such a lucky young guy, wonder if his friends will be joining in next time
3 years ago
hi MarieL. check your messages hon. there's a nice one especially for you, along the lines of this story.
3 years ago
oh how i wish u were my neighbor mariel! haha