Masturbating society

Ever wonder why a good wank is better than a good fuck?
I was chatting one night to a group of like minded friends, and admitted I masturbated, perhaps more often than what people might regard as normal, but also admitted that I had an extremely high sex drive.
This of course pleased the many men listening and probably intimidated the women present, but they too admitted they indulged in the finger tango and using toys as substitutes.
We like the teasing, it allowed for a good build-up before release, making orgasm more intense and deep.
'Lets all undress, waist down only and have a wank', I was in the mood and wanted to see them in a different light.
One of the men jumped up, clearly excited at the prospect of seeing some of the beautiful ladies, myself included actually masturbating, and he undid his pants and showed his erection.
He was quicker than I, and there was a momentary silence, part shock and part awe.
'Ok, now me', and I dropped my skirt and knickers, stepping out of them and showing my hairy snatch, rubbing between my lips.
Soon one by one they undressed and everyone of the ten people present were sitting in their places stroking and rubbing their privates.
The rules were simple and straight forward, no one touches another, just look and wank.
The first guy to shoot was sitting between to girls, their thighs were touching his thighs and their heat was evident as they frigged their pussies beside him, his sperm hitting one girl, triggering her to cum, and soon they were all cumming, myself included.
It was brilliant we all laughed at out uninhibited sexual outlet and admitted it was the best thing we had done.
I drew up a list with basic rules and formed a wankers society that night.
Soon after we were meeting at each others house, having a few drinks followed with a good wank, no sexual contact no penetrative sex and no touching intimately.
Of course that rule was relaxed as I had a one on one 'Wank-off' bet. Everyone say naked from the waist down wanking while I and another man stood in the circle and wanked to see who came first.
I bent forward and held my mouth close to his cock, actually breathing on it, then my tongue accidently touched it, but as I kept my mouth open we decreed it was not penetrative, so he rubbed against my outstretched tongue and conveniently shot into my open mouth, he won and I swallowed his load.
Eventually we relaxed the rules and allowed each other to stimulate each of us, the girls being given head while the men wanked, all orgasms must be attained by wanking.
I have posted some self and aided stimulation wanks and they are awaiting clearance, so when they appear I hope you will have a wank to them, and perhaps we can meet and stimulate each other in person, instead of doing it on Skype or Yahoo, tell me where you live or your phone number, send it private message and I will get back.
Please enjoy
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3 years ago
done it
3 years ago
I know exactly what you mean. there is an adult theater by my house and i love going there. I think i spend more time watching the other guys jerking their cocks than i do watching the movie
3 years ago
Someone PLEASE start one of these clubs near me. I want to join.
3 years ago
When is your next party ??....I may be available.
3 years ago
That does sound amazing. I wish I lived near you.
3 years ago
I totally love it.
3 years ago
well, xhamster IS a masturbating society
3 years ago
i wish i lived near you id love to wank with you in person but i wouldnt turn down a c2c either
3 years ago
nice story, i think i'll decline the invite
3 years ago
Great prospect! Look forward to see the flicks.
3 years ago
Need to find a club like this close to me.
3 years ago
I would really love to join this wanking society mariel
3 years ago
theres nothing like a good wank, slowly teasing and building up till you explode, sounds like a fun club to be in, very hot and naughty
3 years ago
Damn, that sounds like a lot of fun. I love to wank especially in the shower. That soap is such a whore.