Offering my ass for beach sex fun

I am a sexy woman, I know it, I have a nice and desirous body, but most of all, I like having intercourse.
Yes some said I have a sex addicted attitude and need help, so I talked to a psychiatrist, and we fucked at our first meeting, on his carpet, face up and face down, so that did not help my addiction, but gave me my daily orgasm.
I am sure you guys reading this are doing the same as I am, touching ourselves, I have two fingers inside and rubbing my clitoris with my thumb, are you pulling your foreskins over your cock-heads, yummy that felt good.
I am the second top writer of sex in here and I masturbate, like I am doing now, every time I recall past events, letting dirty old men have their wicked ways with my young body, the most memorable, being the day I had to bite hard onto my dirty knickers, the first old man cleaned his sperm with them, while his partner fucked my virgin ass, without cream, it hurt but only lasted as long as it took him to get in.
I love the Summer and the beach, I go nude and entice men to have me, or to wank for me, as there are a non stop supply of wankers on Swedish beaches and couples looking for willing girls.
'Why dont you come over', she called to me, she was wrinkled due to over exposure to the Sun over the years, whereas I was fresh and smooth, prime meat for old men.
I was naked and shaved between my legs, my little girls cunt exciting him more than her, and when I sat down beside her on her sunbed, he rose and swung his legs over his, revealing a heavy set of balls and thick cock hanging unceremoniously over the sunbeds edge.
'Have some wine', she offered, but I declined as I was not so keen on it back then.
He started to talk and at the same time touch himself, his cock thickening and his ball sack regressing, 'What do you think' he asked, and his fat wife laughed at his comment, 'You are too big for her', she teased, and put her hands on my knees and parted them to show my small tight line, that served as my entrance to heaven.
I leant back on the bed propping myself up on my elbows, showing my girly six-pack of tight stomach muscles, to their enticing effect.
His cock gradually thickened and rose, 'Open her pussy', he gruffly said to his salivating wife, she licked her finger and crudely fingered my cunt, pulling my pink petals open.
I slid forward and opened my legs fully, the old man rising and dropping to his knees between them, his wife gripping his cock and brushing my front with it, until I started to swell and lubricate, 'She's ready', his wife said excitedly, as she guided him into me with a wanking motion.
I closed my eyes as he went in feeling myself open wide, I grunted and adjusted myself to accommodate his huge size, and felling his scrotum slap against my bum, I started to cum, 'This ones too hot', laughed his wife somewhat triumphantly, 'Fuck her darling, stick it to her' she moaned and bent down and suckled on my flat breast and neck.
I was repeatedly having multiple orgasms on that little sunbed, I was glad he was struggling to have his as I wanted to lie and orgasm all day, but that came to an end when she decided I needed to give him the ultimate, and coaxed me onto my knees and offer my ass to him.
As he pushed in I let them know it hurt and resisted momentarily, until she leant her body weight on my upper back, I stopped struggling and let him enter my back passage, he orgasmed at full insertion, this was his thing, assholes, the younger the better, and mine provided him with a grade A fuck.
I went back to my towel having rejected her needs for head and left her husband to satisfy her needs, and as I watched his head bob up and down between her legs I toyed with his creampie, as it seeped from my bum.
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10 months ago
A brilliant experience,,,you have an amazing lifestyle.
2 years ago
Can't beat a tight girlie bottom xx
3 years ago
hot fun .. when are you cumming to our beach :P

lol shame that i cant afford to travel to your naked beaches..
3 years ago
How many times you lost your virgin ass baby? ,-)
3 years ago
I guess that would do it for me also, getting my cock into your tight bum.
3 years ago
yeah the good one
3 years ago
A wonderful naughty day at the beach
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
I read & I cum. Great
3 years ago
3 years ago
You've made me rock hard MarieL!!!!
3 years ago
Sounds awesome!
3 years ago
your stories always get me so turned on, loved it so hot and naughty
3 years ago
another fantastic story mariel!