My Nephew Caught me Masturbating

I stretched out on the sofa in knickers and soft woolen top, enjoying the fabric as it brushed my nipples into a hardening that contrasted the warm softness of the material.
I touched them and felt excited, a sort of eroticism swept through my being, as tried to imagine a stranger doing it and the feed-back from my hardening, made me ache deeper down as I shifted and felt for the ultimate relief.
Closing my eyes and warming to my naughtiness as I touched myself, my thoughts drifting to my meeting of three men in the hotel bar.
After one drink I sensed their need of me and I felt giddy with the idea of all three men nude, erect and desperate to take their turn in possessing me, one mounting and the other two standing, stroking and desirous, I would watch them as they prepared their manhood's for insertion, my nakedness gratifying their desirous watching as their friend worked his to fruition, releasing his sperm deep inside my warm body, to be loved and nurtured, drawn-in deeper and held, until the next mounted and mixed it into a frenzy, trying to replace with his testicular contents.
I heaved as he thrust, adding my own backward movement, gliding down his oiled shaft, my bottom smacking against his scrotum, my breasts bouncing with the shock of the sudden smack, I reveled in my nakedness, my brazenness as I openly copulated with strangers, a wicked smile breaking out on my lips, as his finger pried open my anus, I looked back at him, 'Come on do it, stick it in my asshole'.
The first hot wave swept across me then another, a cry escaped my lips, I was in the throes of a full orgasm, the men were doing it for me, my fantasy always triggered this wondrous feeling, three men fucking me simultaneously, such a dirty scenario and I laughed within as the hot flush subsided, my wet fingers slipping from my pussy, my knickers halfway down my long thighs, my bared breasts exposed beneath the woolen top, my young nephew, John, standing in the open doorway, mouth open and witnessing his aunties secret loving, his erection straining against his pants, he had been witnessing some very adult, a woman releasing her pent-up needs, thank god we were alone, I eased my panties off and asked to to approach me.
'Take your penis out John', I said it slowly, firmly and warmly, stoking the back of his thigh, under his shorts, my wetness tracing a line, these warm secretions, generated withing my vaginal canal, now smearing such a young boy leg, 'Do you love your aunty?' He nodded as the last vestiges of innocence dissipated with his clothing and I pulled him on top of me, reached down and shamelessly eased him inside, convincing myself he needed to learn, he was smallish but I could feel him inside me, my long nails digging into his soft buttocks, my powerful legs rising and crossing his slim waist, he was mine and I started to hump, closing my eyes yet again, only this time it was my nephews cock exciting my womanhood and not my fingers, they were too busy holding my prize, this felt so good, 'Fuck me', I hissed and I started to convulse, I was having an orgasm with my beloved nephew, and as I peered through my hooded eyes at his contorted features, I felt warmth and compassion, I started kissing him all around his face and neck, as my hands, legs and internal vagina held him firmly in place, I let my inner workings caress his small cock, I fucked him without moving, his head collapsing between my warm soft breasts, his ejaculate siphoned deeper inside.
I stroked the side of his face as he laid within the protective cocoon, 'I love you too', I meant it, having claimed his virginity, I just hoped my s****r would never have to know, so I choose my next words carefully, as I explained what we just did.
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1 year ago
wished story had been a little longer to get me from start to finish
3 years ago
3 years ago
You are so sensual and erotic! I love your stories. Every time I read or reread one my cock gets super hard in my panties! I would love for someone to see us masturbating together! Tris
3 years ago
hehehe lucky boy..
3 years ago
a sweet and hot story
3 years ago
Fuck that was hot!
3 years ago
A very well written story...
3 years ago
great story so hot!
3 years ago
Great Story. It really draws you in and makes your own imagination run wild
3 years ago
your the most amazing and sexy woman there ever was, loved ever minute of it so hot and naughty
3 years ago
Your my favorite on this site marieL! Your stories are wonderful
3 years ago
Lovely love lesson for young John and his Johnny ,-)
3 years ago
ur so naughty mariel! oh how i wish u were there to educate me in my early days of sex
3 years ago
nice I need an aunt like that